10 Things I’ll NEVER Forget to Take to Disney World Again

Packing for Disney at Halloween

Do you always forget to pack something in your suitcase when you travel? For me, there’s always something different that I forget to pack on every trip, GAH. I’ve made a list of the important things I’ll never forget to take to Disney World again so you can make sure to pack them. 

10 things never to forget to pack for a Disney World vacation. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

When I start packing for Disney World, I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll forgot something. One trip I forgot underwear. Underwear! On another, my swimsuit. And, while these may seem obvious, it got me thinking about items I’ll never forget to pack again. Here’s my list of must-packs to help with your packing. 

Curious what not to bring on your Disney vacation? Here are 8 things never to pack for Disney World. 

1. An Extension Cord

In many of the Disney World resorts, especially the Disney Value Resorts, outlets are at a premium. And, for the first couple of visits, I really wished I’d have brought an extension cord to help remedy the situation. At this point, I’ve bought one specifically to keep in my suitcase and end up using it on every trip. So, do yourself a favor and purchase one for your resort room. 

If you do forget, scour the resort room for outlets and make the most of them. And and FYI, many Value Resort rooms are getting a nice overhaul – and that includes plenty of outlets/USB chargers. 

We love Value Resorts at Disney World. Here’s why. 

2. Sunscreen

Things I'll never forget to take to Disney World: sunscreen
Pack all the sunscreen – more than you think you’ll need.

Ahh, I used to love suntans. But, no more for this gal. These days, I’m very adamant about protecting my, and my family’s skin from the harmful Central Florida rays.

I’m not here to preach, but even on cloudy days you can get sun damage, so put plenty in your suitcase to use at the pool, in the parks, and anytime you’re outdoors. 

If you so forget, you can always purchase sunscreen at a Disney gift shop but you’ll be paying a premium price. If you’re road tripping, you can head to the local Walmart or Target and pick some up.

Or, if you’re an Amazon Prime Pantry member, use Amazon Prime Now to get it the same day you order. You’ll have to be at your resort to pick it up (they won’t hold it for you), but you’ll receive a two-hour window for arrival. 

3. Comfortable Shoes

Things I'll never forget to take to Disney World: comfortable shoes
Make sure to break in your shoes before you visit a Disney World theme park.

I know, this one may seem obvious, but on my first Disney family vacation I chose fashion over function. Sure, my shoes were super cute, but I paid the price. I ended up with blisters and hurting feet after the first park day.

Please, PLEASE, wear comfy shoes when you tour the theme parks. You’ll thank your feet and back. And make sure the kiddos have comfy shoes, too. Break them in ahead of time and make sure they can accommodate a little bit of feet swelling. 

4. Sunglasses

Things I'll never forget to take to Disney World: Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a must-pack when visiting Disney World.

This just happened on my last trip to Walt Disney World. We recently purchased a new car and I forgot to move my favorite sunglasses into it for the road trip. The first thing I bought on Disney property was a pair of sunglasses. The Florida sun is brutal on eyes!

So, throw a pair of sunglasses into your purse, bag, or suitcase. You’ll be very happy you did. 

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5. Hand Sanitizer

This goes double if you’re visiting during cold and flu season. You can but small bottles in the gift shops but they are pretty expensive. If you can, get one that has a carabiner on it so it can clip just about anywhere. We hang ours on the outside of my daughter’s park bag for convenience. 

4. Laundry Detergent Pods

Things I'll never forget to take to Disney World: laundry detergent pods
Laundry detergent is a great item to pack when going to Disney World for larger loads or to wash clothing in your sink.

I love doing laundry on our last day at a Disney World Resort. It’s one less task to do when I get home. 

If you’re driving to Disney World you have a little bit of wiggle room here (aka liquid laundry detergent), but for convenience’s sake, put a pod or two in your suitcase. Keep them in a sealed bag in case they burst.  Have them handy in case of spills, sweaty clothes, or other needs. And, trust me, they do come in handy. 

Of course, if you forget you can purchase powdered detergent at the Resort laundry areas. 

6. Flip Flops

Things I'll never forget to take to Disney World: flip flops
Flip flops: great for around the resort, not so great in the theme parks.

Pack a pair of flip flops not for the theme parks, but for the pool areas. The hotter the Disney Day, the hotter the sidewalks and cement, especially around the pool area. They’re handy to throw on before or after a swim and to walk up to the lobby or restaurant areas, too. 

If you forget, of course you can use your shoes you came in. As a substitute, the WDW Resort gift shops do sell flip flops. Again, they come at a premium price.

7. A Light Jacket

Things I'll never forget to take to Disney World: jacket
A light jacket is probably all you’ll need for a Disney World vacation. Make sure to check the forecast before you leave to make sure. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

It doesn’t take too long for this Northern gal to acclimatize to Central Florida temperatures. So, these days I always pack a light jacket, even if the temps are hotter than what I’m used to. 

A light jacket does the trick at rope drop or when the sun goes down. It’s also good for keeping the sun off your skin. I know, Mama Bear talking. 

On chilly mornings, Disney gift shops will roll out jackets to buy in case you forget. 

Planning a visit to Disney? Here are top special events worth planning your trip around. 

8. Tweezers

Things I'll never forget to take to Disney World: tweezers
Tweezers are good for everything from stray hairs to splinters.

Super easy to pack, when I forgot to pack them I missed them terribly. Sure, we all know what they’re good for, so I won’t go into that. But, I have used mine on countless occasions on vacations, so they’re a must-pack. 

9. A Belt

Keep a belt in your suitcase just in case – clothing tends to stretch in the hot, Florida sun.

You think your shorts fit then, compliments of humid, Florida days, they start to stretch. I really dislike constantly hiking the waist of mine up, so I actually bought a belt to keep in my suitcase at all times. 

10. A Small Fan

I’m all about white noise when sleeping in a WDW Resort, and a small fan does the trick.

Yeah, white noise machines don’t work for me, so a small fan is the business. Mine is only a few inches across, but it helps to keep me cool at night (for some reason the Disney Resort rooms always get hot) and to block out exterior noises. 

Packing for a vacation to Walt Disney World? Here are 10 things never to forget to take to Disney World! #Disney #FamilyTravel #DisneyPacking #WDW #DisneyTips #DisneyHacks #Orlando #Florida

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