10 Fun Reasons to Visit SeaWorld With Younger Children

SeaWorld with younger children: manatees

I love taking my family to Orlando, FL, a super popular vacation destination for families. While most theme parks and attractions are geared towards both adults and kids, SeaWorld is an especially great choice for parents with children between the ages of 2 and 8. Here are 10 reasons to visit SeaWorld with younger children on your next family vacation.

SeaWorld with younger children: animal conservation and rehabilitation
Remember visiting SeaWorld when you were a kid? It’s even better than it was back then.

When I was a kid, my family used to make an almost-yearly summer visit to Ohio. On almost every visit, we’d pack up the family car and head to Aurora, Ohio (closer to Cleveland but a short drive to Sandusky, Ohio) for a day trip to SeaWorld. And, yes, I was young, but I still have memorable moments from our visits. The pearl divers, the water shows, and of course, the orcas. 

My father ended up retiring in Ohio after his military stint and, even as an adult, a visit to SeaWorld became a yearly event. Yes, I adore theme parks. But put animals in the theme park mix and I’m even happier. Here are my fave reasons to take the kiddos to SeaWorld on your next family vacation. 

1. Unique Animal Encounters

It’s a well-known fact that most children love animals! And, if I’m being honest, I think adults love them just as much. Much of SeaWorld is a zoo and an aquarium combined, with unique species you can’t find in many other locations. Young children can enjoy up-close encounters with a variety of amazing animals while visiting the park.

2. Affordable Extras

Whether you want to pet and feed a dolphin or eat dinner next to orca whales, SeaWorld offers a lot of exciting upgrades that can make the day extra special for your young ones – and for a much cheaper price than other local theme park extras.

3. Focus on Animal Rescue & Conservation

A trip to SeaWorld is an inspiring way to teach kids to care for the animals and habitats of our world. Much of the park focuses on caring for injured and endangered species and taking better care of our planet. And teaching kids eco-responsibility is a good thing. 

SeaWorld with younger children: penguins
Adorable penguins at SeaWorld.

4. Sesame Street

Aww, Sesame Street. It was one of my favorite t.v. shows as a kid. Opening in March 2019, the new Sesame Street section of the park will feature your kids’ favorite classic characters with lots of rides, shows, and events geared towards little ones. This includes the award-winning Sesame Street Party Parade. Even restaurants, shops, and snack bars are designed to immerse your family in the world of Sesame Street.

5. Educational Opportunities

Little ones have curious minds and love learning new things. At SeaWorld, there is much to learn about our environment as you explore the park and meet the animals and their caregivers. The park actually specializes in educational programs. Learning through having fun is my favorite way!

6. A Break From Scarier Themes

While there are plenty of thrill rides for the older ones in your group, at SeaWorld, you won’t find the villains, monsters, or themed worlds that can be frightening for young children, even if they are just passing by. This can offer a much-needed break for the more sensitive little ones in your family.

7. Electric Ocean

Summer nights are especially exciting for younger children as the park features electrifying firework, fountain, and lighting displays and special evening shows. Your smaller kids can enjoy a dance party geared towards the whole family, with a live DJ!

SeaWorld with younger children: dolphin show
Love the dolphin show at SeaWorld!

8. Aquatica

The USA’s number one water park, Aquatica, is affiliated with SeaWorld. It features numerous attractions that are a blast for little ones and is also a Certified Autism Center. Booking a package through a local resort (check out westgatereservations.com) can give you the chance to visit both of these parks during your visit to Orlando. Parents can appreciate the sensory guides and quiet room to help them plan a fun-filled day that doesn’t overwhelm their young children.

9. Inspirational Grown-ups

The Behind-the-Scenes tours give little ones a chance to learn about an exciting career in rescuing or caring for animals, sometimes for the first time. The experience of witnessing a professional in action can make a huge, positive impact on kids and their dreams for the future.

10. Rides & Shows

Of course, SeaWorld has plenty of entertainment and attractions that are fun for the entire family to enjoy together, from the very young to the most senior in your group. Smaller children may especially enjoy the Sea Carousel, the Flamingo Paddle Boats, and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

SeaWorld is certainly a must-see location that should be at the top of your list when visiting the Orlando area, especially if you’re traveling with young children. You’ll have the opportunity to build memories with your smaller kids that can last a lifetime.


Disclosure: This post was made possible by the fine folks at Valued Voice. All opinions are my own!

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