Five Great Reasons to Visit Downtown Sandusky, Ohio

When I used to think of Sandusky, Ohio, two words came to mind: Cedar Point. It was the spot where all of my friends would head the day after prom and the spot where roller coasters rule. After visiting Downtown Sandusky for a blogger’s trip, I now realize there’s so much more to Sandusky than coasters. Here’s five great reasons to visit Downtown Sandusky on your next visit to Lake Erie Shores!

5. Boy with the Boot Statue

At one time, The Boy with the Boot Statue was the official symbol of Sandusky. Having survived a tornado and vandals, the original statue was given a nice, safe home in City Hall on Meigs Street. The cast iron replica is safe and sound in front of the county courthouse, and although folks used to believe that the statue represented a young boy that had just pulled a boot out of Lake Erie, the truth is that it’s the youngster’s own boot he’s collecting fountain water in.

4. Sandusky Floral Clock

>When you drive through Downtown Sandusky, you can’t help but notice the gorgeous flower clock. With real working hands telling the actual time, its date is changed out daily. Not only is it beautiful, but its a great spot for a family photo- and you won’t even have to put a date stamp on it!

3. Merry Go Round Museum

I know I’m a sucker for an ornate carousel and horses and I never pass up an opportunity to take a ride on one. The Merry Go Round Museum in Sandusky is an awesome spot to learn the history of carousel horses, their styles, and what goes into making one. Each visitor gets a chance to take a spin on the indoor carousel. The hardest part? Choosing which carousel animal to ride on! For a more details on The Merry Go Round museum, check out my blog post dedicated to it here.

2. Food

Downtown Sandusky is going through a period of regrowth where old buildings are being gutted, spiffed up, and turned into new businesses and restaurants. We discovered three great spots to dine, grab a snack, or simply hang out and grab a drink. Zinc Brasserie is a French-inspired, upscale restaurant with delicious Steak Frites and ice wine from local wineries. If you’re downtown and looking for a hip spot to hang out, watch a game, or grab a beer, check out Small City Taphouse. With fresh, made-to-order handrolled sushi and well over 15 beers on tap, it’s a fun, laid-back spot. Volstead Bar is a throwback to early 20th Century speakeasies with old-school classic mixed drinks, dark lighting, and great service. It’s history is amazing and it’s ambiance even more.

1. Water

A walk through Downtown Sandusky just wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the water, aka Lake Erie. The views from the docks and beach area are breathtaking,and if you really have your sights on Cedar Point, well, you can always see it from the shore.

And now the technical stuff: I was hosted by Lake Erie Shores and Islands to bring you fine folks the scoop on Downtown Sandusky. They certainly didn’t ask me to state a particular point of view, and my opinions are all my own.

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