Must Try Interactive Experiences in Pandora – The World of Avatar

Floating Mountains in The Valley of Mo'ara in Pandora - The World of Avatar Maybe you didn’t get FastPass+ selections for Pandora – The World of Avatar. Or maybe both attractions are closed – that just happened to us. So, what else is there to do beyond the rides in Pandora? Here’s our fave interactive experiences in Pandora – The World of Avatar to make the most of your visit.

follow site Looking for things to do beyond the attractions? Here's our fave interactive experiences in Pandora - The World of Avatar!

follow link As I type, I’m sitting in our Walt Disney World Resort room thinking about our morning at Animal Kingdom. Excited for Extra Magic Hours, we hit the park entrance at 7am. We then waited at the turnstiles until 7:40am where we were stopped in front of the Tree of Life. It was about 10 minutes later that we were told both attractions in Pandora – The World of Avatar were broken. Boo! With a giant, collective sigh from the whole crowd, we waited until the official rope drop to leave the queue. It’s now past lunchtime and, checking My Disney Experience, both are still broken. Here’s what you can do for interactive experiences in Pandora – The World of Avatar beyond the rides and attractions.

see url interactive experiences in Pandora - The World of Avatar: ACE Tour Guide

A Lesson in Flora and Fauna with an ACE Tour While we were secretly hoping that the rides would miraculously open, we took a free guided tour from a guide from Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE). Fun and humorous, he lead us around Pandora pointing out flowers and plants.

see During this time he also gave us the scoop on interactive flowers and giant trees. I discovered so many hidden parts including pods that, when touched, cause Mo’ara insects to chirp.

see The tour lasted about 10 minutes and I highly suggest taking one even if you are planning to go for the attractions only.

go here interactive experiences in Pandora - The World of Avatar: Drum Ceremony

Swotu Wayä Drum Ceremony

Ceneric Clomid Online Beginning about an hour after park opening (aka rope drop!), the Swotu Wayä Drum Ceremony is a fun way to get off your feet (or get on your feet if you want to dance to the rhythm!) and listen to three local drummers call a banshee with music. It lasts for about 10 minutes and we learned some native Na’vi language. The drummers got the crowd involved with hand instruments and drums built into the surroundings.

You don’t have to participate, but it’s even more fun if you do. The drum ceremony is at the top of the hour, so check the times guide as it may change depending on weather and other factors.

interactive experiences in Pandora - The World of Avatar: Sagittarium

Sagittarium Squirts

On our trip around Pandora with an ACE tour guide, we discovered three cute aquatic creatures called Sagittarium. Not only do they move and follow movements, they squirt giant streams of water when there’s fast arm movements nearby.

The fun part: some will squirt five feet or so across their water area onto unsuspecting visitors. Time it right and you’ll definitely get a laugh.

interactive experiences in Pandora - The World of Avatar: Wilderness Explorers

Wilderness Explorer Stations

I honestly didn’t expect Wilderness Stations in Pandora – The World of Avatar, but there are two. One is just as you’re walking over the bridge into the land. The other is close to Satu’li Canteen.

But they do make sense. Mo’ara is big on conservation and kids and adults will learn about it and how to preserve the land. LOVE that!

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