The BEST Hack for Disney World’s Quick Service Restaurants I’ve Learned Yet!

Bao Buns at Sat'uli Canteen in Disney's Animal Kingdom

When it comes to dining at Walt Disney World, there’s pros and cons to both table service and counter service. Sure, Table Service gets you a guaranteed dining slot, but it does come at a pretty hefty price. And while Quick Service dining is just that, when there’s high crowd levels or peak dining times, you may be waiting for longer than you’d like. On a recent trip to WDW this month, I discovered the BEST tip for counter service dining – and it’s as simple as using your smartphone. Here’s my new favorite Disney World dining hack for Quick Service restaurants to avoid waiting in line.

Step 1. Head to My Disney Experience App and Click on Your Avatar

My Disney Experience Quick Service Quick Service restaurants with My Disney Experience App

Mine’s Daisy Duck. Once you’ve clicked a new screen will pop up with eight options. Look for “Order Food” and click on that.

Step 2. Scroll Through Until You Find the Restaurant You Want

My Disney Experience Quick Service Quick Service restaurants Sat'uli Canteen

I’m using Satu’li Canteen at Pandora – The World of Avatar for an example for two reasons. First, it’s always busy. Second, the food is amazing so the photos are pretty. Not all of the QS restaurants are available yet but there’s definitely plenty to choose from. At the time this post was written, there’s only one for Disney Springs: D-Luxe Burger.

Step 3. Order Your Food

My Disney Experience Quick Service Quick Service restaurants

It’s pretty much a cake walk from here. Scroll through the available menu, add items, remove them, and add sides including desserts and drinks. Once you’ve locked down your order, you’ll want to click on “View My Order” at the bottom of the screen to verify your order is correct.

My Disney Experience Quick Service Restaurant ordering steps

Then, click on “Review Order Summary” to place your order. You’ll have to make sure your notifications for My Disney Experience are turned on as you’ll receive alerts about your order.

Step 4. When You Arrive, Confirm

With the notifications comes the app’s ability to know where you are. We received a notification that we were at Satu’li Canteen and to click to prepare our order.

The QS restaurants that have Mobile Ordering have dedicated lines as well. When we visited, I was never more than two people away from the front of the line, a nice change from the crowded queues.

Ready to eat at Walt Disney World but not ready for the long lines? Here's the best hack for saving time in line at Disney World Quick Service restaurants!

Tips for Quick Service Mobile Ordering

Update: As of January 31, 2018, mobile ordering is officially available with the Disney Dining Plan! I’ve left the original post here for reference. 

As of now, the only way to pay for mobile ordering is with a credit card. Mr. Locke likes to use a dedicated credit card for our trips that we pay off immediately so we linked it to our MDE accounts before we left. If you’re planning on using Mobile Ordering, add your credit card info ahead of time to save to trouble.

If you’re an Annual Passholder and want to take advantage of dining discounts, there’s no way to do that with Mobile Ordering. For now, you’ll have to wait in line to get the discount.

We ordered our food early enough that we could let the order sit. There’s no rush to pick up your order – it will wait for you to let the app know that you’re ready to eat.

Make sure you have notifications enabled on the MDE app. You’ll be notified that your order is ready to go, saving plenty of time in line.

Have you used the MDE app to order WDW counter service food? How was your experience? Please let us know in the comment section below!

Ready to eat at Walt Disney World but not ready for the long lines? Here's the best hack for saving time in line at Disney World Quick Service restaurants!

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8 Thoughts to “The BEST Hack for Disney World’s Quick Service Restaurants I’ve Learned Yet!”

  1. Michael Smith

    Wish I would have seen this earlier. We were there in December and it would have been handy. Thank you for the information and will use it on our next trip.

  2. Anonymous

    Can you use mobile ordering if you are using the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan?

    1. PegP

      When Disney first rolled this out, you couldn’t. But now it’s taken off, you can use a debit card, credit card, or your Disney Dining plan.

  3. Anonymous

    I realize this is an old article, but I would add, especially for popular snack things, like the Dole Whip, look at the Mobile pickup line BEFORE you pay. This one got us at Disneyland last week. Our first day at DL, we did it with no problems. The second time, we ended up waiting in a line for 15 minutes in a super confusing line. At DL, the line for Dole Whips is in the super tiny courtyard where people wait to go see Enchanted Tiki Room. So, it was pretty awful. The regular line would have been easier.

  4. Jbailey

    Does this work with Disney gift cards linked to your account?

  5. Paul Truman

    Thanks for the info. We just came back home from our WDW vacation and used it a few times. Think we actually had it down to a science on the last day. Put our order together while we were in que for a ride. Then when we exited the ride, we told the app we were ready. Walked into Electric Umbrella and our food was just going on the tray. Found a seat and chowed down. Were back enjoying the park in no time.

  6. Nancy

    how do you turn on notifications on mydisneyexperience app???

  7. janeen madison

    Can you use the ap if you have food allergies? Does it let you explain allergies? I have an unusual allergy.

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