The 5 Best Pools at Disney World Resorts

Coronado Springs Resort pool

I wouldn’t slight anyone a bit if he headed to Walt Disney World without dipping his feet in a pool. We’ve done it several times. But, sometimes the Disney World pools are so inviting that you have to throw on your swimsuit and jump in! Here are our winners for the five best pools at Disney World and why you need to check them out!

Looks for the best pools at Walt Disney World? Here's our top five favorite WDW pools based on location, features, and fun!

We love all of the main pools at Disney World resorts, don’t get my family wrong. Each offers hourly activities as well as theming that fits each resort beautifully. You won’t have to take room towels to the pool areas, either: there’s plenty of fresh ones inside the pool area gates.

There’s also adjacent kiddie pool/play areas that are close by the main pools as well. And, while we could go on and on about each resort’s main pool area and why it’s the business, we had to narrow it down to the five best pools at  Disney World. Okay, five and a bonus.

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House

I’m lucky in the fact I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House a couple of times. The Uzima Springs pool offers a zero depth entry, a twisty 67-feet long water slide, and plenty of seating.

In fact, it’s one of the only pools that DVC members can’t pool hop to because it’s so popular. At night, the ambiance is simply stunning, too. Only steps away is a nearby bar and refreshment area.

Lost City of Cibola Pool at Coronado Springs Resort
The massive Lost City of Cibola pool at Coronado Springs Resort. Photo credit: Karyn Locke

Coronado Springs Resort

It’s all about a tribute to Mexican pyramids. The Lost City of Cibola Pool has not only a 123-foot long waterslide but a 50- foot Mesoamerican pyramid with streaming water. The best part? Kids (and adults!) can climb up the pyramid to a safe level and play in the water.

The Dig Site is also home to two 12-person spa pools. Adults will revel in the largest hot tub on all of Walt Disney World resort properties. With room for 22 adults you won’t have to wait your turn for a relaxing seat.

And while you over 21 years of age adults are at it and feel like enjoying a cold beer or cocktail, Siesta’s Pool Bar is only a few steps away from the main pool and the hot tub.

Polynesian Village Resort

The Polynesian Village Resort’s main pool area is notably titled Lava Pool. Its main feature was built to look like a volcano with a waterfall, and its 142-feet long waterslide is a definite perk to staying on property.

Like many of the other deluxe resort main pool areas, the pool starts with a zero depth entry area that offers a similar slope to a beach. There’s also a decent-size outdoor spa (aka hot tub) for adults.

What I’m loving about this pool is the hourly activities. Every time I’ve ever walked by Lava Pool it’s filled with kiddos that are having a ball.

Grand Floridian Resort

There’s 111,261 gallons of water in Grand Floridian Resort’s main pool, Beach Pool. While I haven’t counted it, I’m taking WDW’s word for it.  What’s the big draw at this pool? Actually, it’s nearby: the aquatic play area.

It’s exactly what I would have wanted to play in when I was little and its main feature, a giant dump bucket, is the big draw.

Again, you’ll see similar main pool features including zero-depth entry and waterfalls, but the view from the walking bridge gives you a chance to snap some fun family pics.

Caribbean Beach Resort's Fuentes Del Morro Pool area.
Caribbean Beach Resort’s Fuentes Del Morro Pool area. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

Caribbean Beach Resort

Fuentes Del Morro (translation: fountains of the snout or hills!) is the main pool area’s name. Located near the dining hub of the resort, Old Port Royale, the pool was the major draw for our stay last spring.

The main features are a couple of waterslides, some water cannons, and an outdoor spa (hot tub), and we loved the hourly activities.

Disney's Art of Animation Big Blue Pool. Photo Credit: WDW News
Disney’s Art of Animation Big Blue Pool. Photo Credit: WDW News

Special Mention

Sure, you get what you pay for at Disney World in regards to its resorts’ pools and features. But there’s no way to not mention Art of Animation’s main pool area, The Big Blue Pool.

Taking a cue from Disney movies featuring water characters (think Finding Nemo), the pool is the largest on all of WDW property – 308,527 gallons to be exact.  Swim under water (and this is why the special mention) and you’ll be able to hear popular Disney songs!

What’s your fave pool at Walt Disney World Resort? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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