The Most Underrated Experiences at Disney World

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For my family, everything and anything is game when it comes to WDW but it is easy to push things aside and head for what’s most popular. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, too, but there’s plenty of things that you really should give a go at least once. Here’s our top list of underrated experiences at Disney World.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

The Classics in Magic Kingdom

While everyone is fast-walking to Seven Dwarfs or Space Mountain, take your time and head for the classic rides: Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a small world, Carousel of Progress, and the like. I adore them all, but it’s the connection to Walt and Roy Disney that gets me choked up when I’m checking them out.

Woody at All-Star Movies Resort

Taking a Day Off to Spend at Your Resort

Our first family trip to WDW we learned very quickly just how exhausting a visit can be. Honestly, I don’t remember much about the visit other than smiling a ton and the exhaustion.

Taking a day mid-visit can do wonders for your attitude and health. It not only lets you take advantage of the wonderful on-property (or off-property) resort that you’ve paid to be a guest at, but it gives everyone a chance to regroup and recharge.

If the kiddos like to hang out near the Walt Disney World make sure to check the activities schedule for hourly fun in and around the pool area. Our fave? Movies Under the Stars!

Minnie Mouse Roy Disney bench

Midday Breaks

Don’t think taking a full day away from the parks is for you? Ok, let’s chat about midday breaks, then. There’s something to be said about leaving the parks during the heat of the day (and peak crowd level) to take a rest back at the resort. My family likes to swim, nap, and then get cleaned up for dinner. We’re refreshed and ready to roll for the rest of the afternoon and night.

Taking Advantage of All of Those Disney Channels

I know, you’re visiting Walt Disney World to VISIT the parks. I get it. But, while you’re getting ready in the mornings or for bed at night, flip through all of those Disney channels that are on your television. They’re packed with information. They’re fun and entertaining. And the best part? They help my family plan what to do in the parks and when.

Sure, we love the popular attractions and experiences as much as the next guy, but don't discount these underrated experiences for your next trip to Walt Disney World. Here's why you need to add them to your next WDW vacation now!

Castmembers Are People, too!

There’s plenty of times when we smile and wave at castmembers and our interaction ends at that. But, have you ever had the chance to really stop and chat with them? They are so knowledgeable and have amazing stories about the parks, visitors, facts – you name it. We’ve had the best conversations with Disney castmembers that I’ll never forget and hold dear.

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