Disney on a Budget: Seven Tips to Save Money Before You Hit the Parks

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Finding ways to save at Walt Disney World is as easy as surfing the web and putting in a little bit of effort before you leave the house. You’ll find plenty of info (hey, even I wrote a post about my top 11 free things AT WDW!), but there are a few ways to save you some cash before you even leave for your WDW trip! Ready for some serious savings? Here’s our seven super simple tips for planning a Disney on a budget vacation.

Ordered Bottled Water Have it Delivered to Your Resort

It’s a no-brainer to keep hydrated while in the parks (and away from the parks. And anytime, come to think of it.), so if you’re not up for grabbing free glasses of ice water while you’re there, you can save some serious cash by ordering a case or two of bottled water to use while you’re visiting. We tend to road trip to Florida so it’s a snap to buy a couple of cases and travel with them. Flying in? There are several companies that will deliver cases of water to your resort room- and that will save you a ton of cash as bottles of water in the parks run right around $2.50 a piece.  We love using Amazon Prime

Purchase Disney Gifts Ahead of Time

Have a Dollar Tree or other dollar store near the house? Start looking for Disney items as you as you lock down your dates and pile them away to take them with you. Wee ones will love new toys everyday on vacation and you’ll love the super-discounted price. Feel free to use them as incentive or ration them over the course of your stay. 

Order Food and Other Supplies- and Have them Delivered

Here’s another great deal: if you like saving money on food, place an order with an online grocer (again, Amazon Prime or Garden Grocer), and have your groceries delivered straight to your resort. Garden Grocer gives discounts depending on how close to your visit you order as well.

Purchase Batteries Before You Leave

Batteries are definitely overpriced in any theme park, so purchase a bulk pack of batteries and stuff them in your suitcase. Keep in mind: the batteries aren’t just for cameras. If you have kids that love electronics or light wands, you’ll be looking for batteries before you know it. 

We all want to save money on Disney world vacations, right? Here's the best ways to save money at Disney World before you even hit the parks!

Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

Planning a road trip to Walt Disney World? Many grocery stores offer fuel perks for purchasing gift cards- including Disney gift cards. I like to buy them when there’s a double fuel perks offer- and that’s a free tank of gas. Target also runs some decent gift card promotions as does Sam’s Club. 

Schedule a Visit During Off Season

If you aren’t a fan of crowds or Central Florida summer heat, the off-season is for you. Not only is the weather more temperate (hey, we’re northern folk and I melt at any temp over 74 degrees), but you’ll save on room rates, dining, and Disney loves creating packages with ticket or dining plan savings. Peak times of year include all major holidays and the days that surround them, spring break, and all summer. We love visiting right after the spring break crowds leave or in late October. 

Disney Visa Perks

If you have a Disney Visa, you’ll score some serious perks at the parks. Show it at any on-property Disney store and you’ll automatically save 10% off a $50 or more purchase. Head to EPCOT and you’ll score a free 5×7 photo at the Disney Visa Meet and Greet at Future World West right beside the Imagination Pavilion from 1-7pm. You can also head to the exclusive Disney Visa Star Wars Imperial Meet ‘N Greet at Star Wars Launch Bay from 1-4pm at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Consider Purchasing an Annual Pass

Planning on visiting the parks more than 11 days in a 12-month period? Purchasing an annual pass will pay for itself as opposed to buying separate theme park tickets. You’ll also get free parking, dining discounts, discounts on in-store purchases, and some pretty decent savings off the regular resort room rates.

Looking for ways to save money at Disney BEFORE you even hit the parks? Here's 7 super easy ways!

Did I miss your favorite tip? Let me know in the comment section below! There’s also more free at Disney on TravelingMom!

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