The Truing of The Ring at Bedford Springs

Truing of The Ring bedford springs
Truing of The Ring bedford springs
On a recent visit to Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA, I learned a great deal about early 19th Century history and culture. Not only was the town of Bedford the headquarters for George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, but Bedford Springs Resort was the spot where the upper crust of society would head  for relaxation, healing, and general pleasantries. Many a bride was married in Bedford during the 19th Century, and many a bride tested out their brand new ring on the wavy glass windows to check for authenticity!


Truing of The Ring signature scratches on glass
Ok, so now that you know what they did, let’s fill you in on why they did it. In 1867, a huge diamond mine was discovered in Cape Colony, South Africa. This discovery lead to a giant influx in the diamond market, and their affordability was no longer just for royalty or the extremely wealthy. Women desired diamonds in their wedding bands, and the fiances happy to please their brides-to-be, purchased engagement rings and bands with diamonds for them. 
glass etchings
To test their new husband’s truthfulness and adoration, a new bride would try out her new ring on the glass panels of  Bedford Springs’ windows by writing her new name with the diamond on her finger, hence the “truing” of the ring. 
Truing of The Ring historical signatures Truing of The Ring
Some brides merely made an etching on the glass, while others chose to write full sentences! As you can see in the above photo, Mrs. Millie Swartzwilder was more than happy to keep on writing. 
Truing of The Ring bedford springs
Not only did my daughter and I get to see a piece of history, but we also loved checking out the style of writing that the 19th Century was so famous for. I found it very charming that a bride, so happy to be married, would try out her new name or title with her new band. I’m sure her husband stood proud at her side smiling, knowing that he was a true husband with an authentic diamond. 
Which makes me wonder: where there any brides that came away from a glass window disappointed??
Disclosure: And now the technical stuff: I was hosted by Omni Bedford Springs Resort to bring you fine folks the scoop on their gorgeous resort. They certainly didn’t ask me to state a particular point of view, and my opinions are all my own.
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