Old Man’s Cave: The Story Behind the Name

Old Man's Cave Upper Falls

source site As a gal that likes to research, I looked up Old Man’s Cave on the internet to find out more about it before we headed to Hocking Hills. There are many fables, stories, and legends that surround the naming of the cave and I, a travel writer that wanted to know the truth behind the legend, was excited to have the pleasure of meeting Naturalist Pat from Hocking Hills State Park on a recent visit to the area. Just as we were heading down the trail to Old Man’s Cave,…


Seven Places You Won’t Believe Exist in Ohio

Places you won't believe exist in Ohio

follow url Ohio has something for everyone. Seriously. Love the beach? We’ve got them. Love American history? Check. Love checking out movie locations? Done. Here’s seven places you won’t believe exist in Ohio – but totally do.    Think about every movie or television show you’ve seen. Now, think about how many of the characters hail from the Midwest, especially Ohio. Maybe it’s because we live in Ohio and always catch the reference to the Buckeye State, but it’s a very common scenario. Leave it to Beaver ‘s very own Ward Cleaver was a…


Caves Worthy of a Hike in Hocking Hills

source url Two separate trips to Hocking Hills. Two separate visits to two separate caves, each one as beautiful as the other in its own way. Both have waterfalls when it’s rained, both have picturesque views worthy of framing. Both have hiking and walking trails surrounding each. If you’ve never visited, here’s the scoop on what makes Ash Cave and Old Man’s Cave worthy of a visit and why you need to make a visit to each. Ash Cave On our very first visit to Ash Cave, we couldn’t have picked a more…