Four Hotel Alternatives that Just Make Sense for Families

Grand Floridian Water This post is sponsored by one of my favorite hotel alternatives, Vacatia. All opinions are my own, but they definitely make sense so please keep reading! We love a fab hotel just as much as the next family, but there are times when we want more: more beds, and more room to move, ya know? It’s times like these when we start looking beyond the classic hotel room and to hotel alternatives that are just as cost-effective and affordable. Here’s our top four that will make you think twice before…

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10 Perks of DVC Membership at Walt Disney World You May Not Know

Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom

buy prednisone online wihtout a prescription Owning a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership is a trip “home” each time members check-in to a Walt Disney World Resort. Owners not only get deluxe rooms with gorgeous views and first dibs on reserving stays during peak times, but there’s also perks that aren’t so widely known including discounts on dining, shows, and attractions. Want the scoop on the 10 best extra perks of being a DVC member? Free Laundry Probably my favorite of all is the ability to wash and dry clothes- for free! Each DVC resort has…

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