Off the Beaten Path Travel: 14 Ohio Hidden Gems

Places you won't believe exist in Ohio The Wilds Off the beaten path Ohio

go Living in Ohio has its advantages. One, the state is only about six hours wide via road trip so you can allow plenty of time for pit stops. Two, being a Midwestern state has its benefits (no extreme weather conditions!). And three? There’s plenty of hidden gems. Once you stray way from the major cities, there’s plenty of off the beaten path Ohio attractions to discover. Here’s 14 Ohio hidden gems you need to check out when visiting the Buckeye State. 1. and 2. So Creepy It’s Downright Cool If…

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Seven Places You Won’t Believe Exist in Ohio

Places you won't believe exist in Ohio

side effects of lasix for dog Ohio has something for everyone. Seriously. Love the beach? We’ve got them. Love American history? Check. Love checking out movie locations? Done. Here’s seven places you won’t believe exist in Ohio – but totally do.    Think about every movie or television show you’ve seen. Now, think about how many of the characters hail from the Midwest, especially Ohio. Maybe it’s because we live in Ohio and always catch the reference to the Buckeye State, but it’s a very common scenario. Leave it to Beaver ‘s very own Ward Cleaver was a…

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