Gold Strike Resort Stay Well Rooms Full Review

gold strike stay well rooms two queen

If you’ve never heard about Gold Strike Casino Resort, it’s time you did. Filled with comfortable rooms (including the Stay Well floor), it’s a fun getaway for a night or two. So, why should you go, then? Here’s my full Gold Strike Resort review featuring its Fresh by Stay Well room floor.

fresh by Stay Well two queen room

Disclosure: I was graciously hosted by the folks at Gold Strike Casino Resort to give you the scoop on what you can expect when you visit. All opinions are my own!

Gold Strike Resort Review and Details

gold strike stay well rooms
Gold Strike Resort exterior

Gold Strike Casino Resort, located in Tunica, MS, may not have been on your short list of places to stay – until now. The property, while it seems like it’s out in the middle of nowhere, is actually close to several larger Mississippi cities. 

For example, if you were already in Vicksburg, you’d have about a 3-hour drive north to get to the city. I recently took that route on a road trip and it was a very calm, easy drive. 

Say you’re near Biloxi – you’d be driving about 5 1/2 hours north to get to Gold Strike. Sure, there are amazing casinos and resorts on the Gulf Coast, but Tunica is a fun pit stop if you’re headed up north and want to relax for a night. 

Gold Strike Casino Full Review

The Basics

While there is nothing basic about the casino & resort, here’s a few stats to get started. The property has 1,110 guest rooms, each offering two queen or one king bed. If you want a little extra space, there are suites as well. 

One of six casino resorts in Tunica, this MGM Resorts property offers free parking and wifi, two of the three trinity of freebies that I love (breakfast being the third).

Gold Strike Casino Resort Fresh by Stay Well Rooms

gold strike stay well rooms fresh by stay well 22nd floor
Fresh by Stay Well rooms at Gold Strike

The main purpose of my visit was to check out its hypoallergenic rooms, as I’d heard so much about them while at another MGM Resorts property, Beau Rivage.

Created with absolute comfort in mind, the hypoallergenic rooms are all located on the 22nd floor of the property. As soon as I got off the elevator, I noticed that there was a lack of scent – only fresh, clean air. 

gold strike stay well rooms air purifier
Air purifier in Stay Well rooms

Once inside my two queen room, again, nary a lingering smell or odor at all. As soon as I peeked  at the corner near the window I understood why: each room has its own air purifier. I’m used to having one in my bedroom at home, so having one in this room was lovely. 

As for the cleaning, the rooms have an advanced cleaning protocol. Translation? UV lighting and non-toxic cleaners are used throughout the floor.

gold strike stay well rooms chlorine remover in shower
Shower infuser

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a shower infuser to reduce chlorine in the bath water, an aromatherapy unit, and free access to Cleveland Clinic’s online sleep, stress, and nutrition programs. 

So, with all of the extra care to make sure our room was clean, did it make any difference? Absolutely. Generally speaking, I wake up with a stuffy nose in hotel and resort rooms. This room? Nada. 

Fresh by Stay Well Rooms Price

Taking a quick peek at the online reservation calendar, a nightly rate for a Fresh by Stay Well room starts at $139 plus a $15 resort fee and taxes. For reference, and using the same night, a standard room is $129 plus the same resort fee. So, for an upcharge of $10, you can get a Fresh by Stay Well room. 

My husband has severe allergies, so he often suffers in resort rooms, especially with cleaning products, smoke, linens, etc. Would I pay an extra $10 per night to help him breathe easier? In a hot minute, I would. 

In a Nutshell

Would I stay in a super clean Gold Strike Resort room again? Honestly, I think if I ever did have the pleasure of checking out the property, it would be the only kind of room I’d stay in. It really was a noticeable difference on the 22nd floor as to the air quality and comfort level for me and my daughter who also has allergies.

As for the property itself, I found it spotless. The elevator banks were quick and efficient, the dining options plentiful (we ate at Buffet Americana), and the Spa amazing (check out the video above for the full scoop).

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