Bradley Hotel Secrets: 8 Heartwarming Things You Didn’t Know

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The Bradley Hotel in Fort Wayne is the latest boutique hotel to hit the spotlight. For fans of the. Vera Bradley empire, the hotel is an extension of the colorful patterned accessories. It’s a way to be immersed in the lifestyle, too. But did you know about The Bradley Hotel secrets? Here’s a fun peek at the details that make the property unique.

Birdie's rooftop lounge at The Bradley
Birdie’s in The Bradley

Bradley Hotel Secrets

This past week was the second time I had the pleasure of exploring The. Bradley Hotel. So, instead of just oohing and aahing over the vibe and look of the property, I really wanted to dig into the details. Here are 8 fun things I found out in my exploring.

Bradley Hotel Secrets – Foxy Lady

bradley hotel secrets - fox touches
A solo fox in room 216

When Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, the owner of the Vera Bradley label, was considering a name for The Bradley, it originally was going to be Fox on Main in honor of her mother, Vera Fox Bradley. There were going to be foxes in all forms throughout the hotel and the decor would focus on the wild animal.

But, not wanting to jump through trademark hoops, the name was officially changed to The Bradley. However, there is one single fox to be found inside the quaint property.

So, instead of the adorable brass rabbit hook inside every guest room door, there’s one brass fox paired with a rabbit in room 216. That room is also the prototype room for the hotel as well, so you’ll find a slight edit and decor.

A Salute to Grandma Barbara

bradley hotel secrets - wooden birdcages at Birdie's
Wooden birdcages at Birdie’s

On the fifth floor sits Birdie’s Rooftop Bar. Its decor is laidback with wicker and rattan, making you feel like you’re on a southern Florida lanai sipping drinks. Look at the entrance and you’ll find wooden birdcages; look around the room and you’ll spy plenty of birds in the decor.

The birds, along with the name, were not a fluke. Barbara BB was given the name Birdie by her grandchildren who continue to call her the adorable title. So, Birdie’s is a salute to both her being a grandmother and her love of the south.

Bradley Hotel Secrets – Uniquely Patterned

bradley hotel secrets - women's bathroom wallpaper print
Women’s bathroom wallpaper in the lobby

Flanking the walls in The Bradley, you won’t find popular handbag patterns – each wall covering is unique to the property. And while the colors and styles are highly appealing, you won’t be able to take them home with you.

bradley hotel secrets - exclusive merch pattern
Exclusive Vera Bradley pattern at The Bradley Hotel

But there is good news. The women’s bathroom in the lobby has a gorgeous peony pattern that has an almost replicated pattern that can only be bought at the front desk. So, if you’re in Fort Wayne, make sure to pop into The Bradley if you want a special piece.

Ice Is Nice, But Saving the Planet Is Better

The Bradley doesn’t have ice machines for a pretty nice reason: it saves water and energy by not having one on every floor.

Instead, you’ll find chilled small coolers with already-filled ice to grab and go. There’s also a water filler station in the same place.

Bradley Hotel Secrets – Manly Bonding

bradley hotel secrets - cane pattern wallpaper
Men’s bathroom cane-patterned wallpaper

If you know Vera Bradley patterns, you know they’re very girly in nature. They reflect colors and themes that we all recognize, for sure.

But, check out the men’s bathroom off the main lobby. Not frilly or girly in any way, the wall covering is a plain hunter green background with colorful walking sticks in a grid. Topped with dog and bird heads, keep looking and you’ll find gloved hands holding keys as well. The walking stick pattern is an homage to her late husband and his love of collecting walking sticks.

And if you really want a treat, check into the suites. There’s one with a horse theme – complete with saddle!

(Free)dom Biking

bradley hotel secrets - free bike usage
Complimentary bike use at The Bradley

Fort Wayne definitely prides itself on having transportation option available for everyone, including pay-per-minute bikes and electric scooters.

But if you stay at The Bradley, check the airlock for complimentary leisure bikes and helmets to use while touring around the city. Complete with wicker basket in the front to hold your goodies, it’s a lovely complimentary perk of being a guest.

Bradley Hotel Secrets – One Art Wonder

bradley hotel secrets - Barbara's art piece
Barbara BB’s personal art piece in the lobby

The hotel reflects not only Barbara’s love of her brand but her love of Fort Wayne. Throughout the property you’ll be able to spy pieces from the city’s local artists, many of which are rotated every few months.

But there’s one piece from Barbara’s private collection in the lobby. Sitting behind the guest services stand is a giant, colorful piece that belongs to the female mastermind – she graciously loaned it to the hotel for all to spy.

The Suite Life

And lastly, I couldn’t write this Easter egg of a post without mentioning the suites, 7 of which Barbara designed herself. The other 2 were designed by Katie Durant, so you’ll see her love of horses and rodeos in the decor.

A really cool fact about the Pendleton Suite (440): It was called Pendleton as there’s both a city called that in Oregon and Indiana. The tie to Oregon? It’s the fifth largest rodeo in the country making its details even that much more sweet.

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