10 Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana Right Now

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana right now

If you’re like I am, you can’t get enough of Amish wares and food. And when it comes to Amish things to do in Shipshewana, IN, the list is long. So, where do you start narrowing down the best of? Right here! From authentic Amish buggy rides to plays and, of course, food, here are 10 things to do in Shipshewana right now.

Blue Gate Theater Vintage Car

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana Right Now

I adore the city of Shipshewana. While there’s only around 650 actual residents, hit the city on a bustling day and you’ll think otherwise. It’s got a little bit of everything we love when it comes to homemade Amish goods and the food is absolutely tops.

If you need your Indiana bearings, Shipshewana is about three hours north of Indianapolis if you’re driving. And happily, plenty of that travel is via highway.

Having spent some time in Shipshewana, I learned all about the best of the city and where you should check out when you visit. Here are the things that made my short list.

Eat at An Amish Home

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana - Hoosier Banquets homemade meal
Hoosier Banquets

This past April, I had the pleasure of having a traditional meal at an Amish home with Hoosier Banquets. Yeah, you read that right. Still in Shipshewana, IN, it’s only a few minutes away from the city proper.

Honestly, I didn’t even think that was an option, but it’s true. I along with a few writer friends, sat around a table and enjoyed all of the dishes that the Amish are known for including noodles, chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn from the family’s garden, and pie.

Spending a couple of hours dining there was a moment I’ll never forget, nor would I want to. You will need to call to make a reservation – just an FYI.

Where: Hoosier Banquets

Address: 6335 W 200 N, Shipshewana, IN 46565

Phone: 260-336-8533

Ride in An Amish Buggy

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana - Amish buggy ride
Try a buggy ride

I really, really wanted to ride in an Amish buggy during my last visit, but it was still kind of off-season. However, with spring and early summer in full swing, you should have no trouble finding one.

The pricing is very affordable (the one I saw was $6 per ride), and if there’s no one at the stand, you’ll have to call and leave a message.

Check Out Handmade Leather Pieces

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana - Silver Star Leather
Silver Star Leather

Silver Star Leather is one of those shops where you walk in and know exactly what you’re in for. Made by hand using old school methods, I loved watching belt making and embossing.

Of course, belts at Silver Star are hugely popular, but there are plenty more styles to choose from including gorgeous handbags and smaller pieces.

Try Some Popcorn

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana - Yoder Popcorn
Yoder Popcorn

Yoder Popcorn is, hands down, the most famous of the popcorn for sale in the area. It’s so popular, in fact, it even has its own store dedicated to the brand.

When you step inside, it smells like a movie theater, so get ready to taste test some freshly-popped kernels.

Taste Test Homemade Jam

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana  - Mandy's Harvest Butters
Mandy’s Harvest Fruit Butters

During my visit, I took a Backroads Tour of the area and met the owner and creator of Mandy’s Harvest. Creating fruit butters and spreads, I adored seeing Red Raspberry Butter being poured into the hot jars and sealed.

Mandy’s Harvest is sold online and in local markets, so keep an eye out for the delicious addition to your homemade rolls.

Eat Your Body Weight at An Amish Buffet

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana - Blue Gate Restaurant Buffet
Blue Gate Restaurant’s Famous Buffet

Blue Gate Restaurant has been on the top of my list for favorite restaurants for a few years now. It’s there you can either order off the menu or really dig into all things Amish food at the buffet.

Filled with all of the home cooking you could possibly want, if you still have room there’s a full pie bar to top off dinner. My pick is the Indiana State Pie – Sugar Cream.

Watch an Amish-Themed Play

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana  - Blue Gate Shows and Musicals
Blue Gate Performing Arts Center

Blue Gate Theater sits above the famous Blue Gate Restaurant, so it’s an ideal way to spend a couple of hours. The plays and musicals are created for the theater, so you can expect amazing actors and catchy tunes.

I caught “Half-Stitched The Musical” on my last night in town and I wasn’t disappointed. The cast was stunning, the music touching, and the length of the musical just right.

Go to An Amish Market

Dutch Country Market

There are several great country markets in and around Shipshewana, so it’s really easy to pick up some goodies for the trip home. I, personally, visited Dutch Country Market and loved the selection of homemade food and wares.

Listen to the Beautiful Sounds of Wind Chimes

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana - Lambright Country Chimes
Lambright Country Chimes

Another stop on my Amish Backroads tour was Lambright Country Chimes. Since 2006, the small, family run company has been hand making wind chimes and I had the privilege of trying my hands at putting a set together.

The chimes come in all sizes and can be customized for your own particular style.

Check Out Handmade Wooden Baskets

things to do in Shipshewana - Teaberry wood products
Gorgeous Teaberry Baskets

In my neck of the woods, Longaberger Baskets were the hotness. In Shipshewana, it’s all about Teaberry. Cut out and pieced together by hand, the baskets are super sturdy and just beautiful.

If you’d like something smaller to take home, the company makes handmade animal puzzles and nativities as well.

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