What Rides Can Babies Ride at Universal Orlando? 14 Fun Options

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando -

When it comes to figuring out what rides can babies get on at Universal Orlando, it’s far different than, say, Disney World. Both of its theme parks are more catered to kiddos ages three and up, mainly. But, there are still things you can do when you visit. From playgrounds to live shows, here are the best things to do at Universal Orlando with babies.

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - Woody Woodpecker's kidZone
Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone at Universal Studios Florida

What Rides Can Babies Ride at Universal Orlando?

Look, I’m going to be honest right from the get go. Universal Orlando is popular for two things: Wizarding World of Harry Potter and its coasters. Having written that, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your little ones to the park – they’re still going to have fun.

I do, though, think you’ll find some fun things to do in this post below, so feel free to keep it as a reference when planning your park days.

Want the scoop on the coolest rides in the parks? Here are the 20 best rides at Universal Orlando Resort.

What Age Do You Have to Pay for a Universal Orlando Ticket?

Universal Orlando considered children under the age of 3 years old small, so you won’t have to purchase a park ticket or Universal Orlando Annual Pass for them, happily. Once they’re over the age of three, it’s children-priced park tickets until they turn 10.

How Does Rider Swap Work?

To make it the simplest I possibly can, one parent rides with their family while one waits in a rider swap waiting room after they’ve gone through the queue. Once finished, the parents literally swap places so the second parent can ride with their family. So, the parents ride once, the kiddos get to ride twice. That’s a win-win.

Additionally, the second parent rider and kids go straight to the front of the line for the second time through.

Universal Orlando Stroller Policy

Quickly before we get into the rides for babies, let’s talk about the stroller policy for Universal Orlando. Different from Disney World’s stroller policy, Universal doesn’t have a maximum size. Additionally, you can either bring your own stroller or rent one at Guest Services in both parks.

Universal Orlando with Babies and Small Kids – Universal Studios Florida

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - Hogwarts Express
Hogwarts Express Queue at Universal Orlando

Hogwarts Express

There’s one ride for babies in Universal Studios that you never have to worry about a height requirement for – Hogwarts Express. A way to get back and forth from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure, the trip has different scenery depending on which way you’re going.

From the time you board to the time guests begin to exit, it’s roughly 10-15 minutes. There’s room in each cabin area for 6-8 people depending on size.

Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - KidZone
Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone at Universal Orlando

At Universal Studios Florida, Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone is going to be your friend. If you’re looking at the official Universal Studios Florida map, it’s located in the east part of the park, it’s all about younger kiddos having fun. Here are the top picks in this part of the park:

Animal Actors on Location

An adorable live show with actual movie and television animal stars. The show is filled with video segments, audience interactions, and live sections. You’ll spy birds, cats, and dogs trained for the big screen.

Curious George Goes to Town playspace
Curious George Goes to Town playspace

Curious George Goes to Town

An outdoor playground with larger than life decor from the animated show, it’s ideal on hot, humid days as it offers several water play areas. Make sure to check out the Man with the Yellow Hat’s Ball Factory for fun with throwable balls.

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - Nuthouse Coaster
Nuthouse Coaster

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster

For a first coaster, the Nuthouse Coaster is an ideal choice. Made for kiddos 36 inches and taller, kids under 48 inches will need an adult to supervise them on the ride. There are no big drops, but it is adorably fun.

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - Fievel's Playland
Fievel’s Playland

Fievel’s Playland

An American Tail was one of my favorite movies as a child, so there’s a soft spot in my heart for Feivel. Based on both movies (An American Tail & Fievel Goes West), there are plenty of interactive areas to keep them occupied. The ground is softened with playground-type padding so it’s safer for trips and falls.

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - meet SpongeBob
SpongeBob Squarepants Store

Meet SpongeBob Squarepants & Friends

If you have SpongeBob fans in your traveling party, meeting him and his friends is a must do. We’ve had the pleasure for giggling with Patrick Star and Squidward and the photos always turn out adorable. Just behind them is a fun gift shop with a hidden area to check out.

Kang & Kodos’ Twirl N’ Hurl

Located in Springfield: The Home of The Simpsons area of the park, Twirl N’ Hurl is a slow-revolving ride that, at max, goes 13 MPH. It has an alien theme and you can’t miss it – look for the giant, one-eyed creature.

Superstar Parade

If you like seeing plenty of Universal characters all at once, the Superstar Parade is the way to go. Running a few times a day (check the wait times for the exact times), it’ filled with popular animated characters. But, if you want a one-off float, hang around near The Transformers – sometimes one will stop and kiddos can interact with the characters and dancers.

Universal Orlando with Babies and Small Kids- Islands of Adventure

There are no rides at Universal Orlando resort for children that ride on their parents’ laps, but there still are some cool things to do including play spots. Here’s an Islands of Adventure map if you need it.

In addition to the below, keep an eye out for character meet and greets, especially near the restaurant Mythos and Seuss Landing.

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - Seuss Landing
Cat in the Hat meet and greet

Seuss Landing

Where is Seuss Landing located? If you know the park, Seuss Landing is located between Port of Entry and Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade.

Like Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone will be your BFF at Universal Studios, Seuss Landing will be it at Islands of Adventure. So immersive in its theming, the land was made for small children.

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando -  Caro-Seuss-el
Caro-Seuss-el entrance


Think Dr. Seuss meets a carousel menagerie. It’s filled with characters that only the book wiz could have thought up and each one is interactive. Honestly, it’s made for kiddos but my adult daughter and I take a trip on it each visit to the park. Kiddos under 48 inches will need to ride with an adult.

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando - One fish, Two fish ride
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

A “you might get wet ride” depending on how close you pay attention to the rhyme, think Dumbo at Magic Kingdom meets giant fish. During the afternoon, it does get pretty hot riding as it’s in full sun. Kiddos under 48 inches will need to ride with an adult.

If I Ran the Zoo

Straight for the Universal Orlando website, because there’s no better way to write it: “Step into the wacky habitats of bizarre creatures in this play area inspired by Gerald McGrew’s unusual zoo. Slide down tunnels in Zomba-ma-tant, catch a Natch in a cave in Kartoom, or trap beasts in the wet play area. But beware the Scraggle Foot Mulligatawny—unless you like getting sneezed on.”

In a nutshell, it’s a cute playspace and walkthrough area.

Camp Jurassic

For many of us without younger children, Jurassic Park has one ride that you can only try during a handful of special events. It also has one of the best coasters in the park – Velocicoaster. But, there are some fun things to do while you’re waiting for the older kids to get their thrill on. Camp Jurassic, in the center of the Jurassic Park land area, is a great spot for younger kids.

Pteranadon Flyers

With a Minimum Height of 36” and Max height of 56”, Pteranadon Flyers hits that sweet spot for preschoolers up to elementary school children. You get into a swinging chair-style ride and “fly” around Camp Jurassic while those of us without younger kids look up an awe and want to ride it in the worst way.

Exploration Fun

Kids and their adults can explore dark caves and amber mines, climb ropes and nets, and even shoot water guns.

Jurassic Park Discovery Center

This part of Jurassic Park land in Islands of Adventure is where I love to wait while my family goes on Velocicoaster. It has dino fossils and a fun path to check out facts about them. It tends to be pretty quiet, so I can see hanging out in the air conditioning for a nice respite a good thing.

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