The Gorgeous Granville Inn – Honest Full Review

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The Granville Inn in Granville, Ohio, has a beautifully historical exterior with interior modern touches, and its melding of both makes for a great combination. But does it live up to the local hype for luxury and service? Here’s my full review including video and photos.

Covered parking area at Granville Inn for loading/unloading luggage.

Granville Inn Full Review

I’ve been in the Granville, Ohio, area a few times covering holiday and winter events, but this last visit was the first time I was able to check out the famous Granville Inn. A celebratory haven for locals in the area, it’s a Select Registry property that brings travelers from all over to rest their heads and dine.

But is it really as good as it’s made out to be? I wanted to see for myself. Here’s what I discovered during my visit.

Granville Inn – The Basics

King room sitting area

Here’s the quick backstory on Granville Inn. At almost 100 years old (in 2024), the property has the upper two stories for guest rooms but they’re not in the style you’d think. As soon as I walked up the staircase from the first floor, I was met with a modern look and color palette. Having undergone a renovation recently, each is highly calming and gives off an air of luxury.

If you’re looking to hold a grand party, the ballroom is the place to book. Still offering the classic look and style of the property, it’s bright and pretty.

Outside are a couple of sitting areas (one near the restaurant, one near the carriage house) that’s ideal for sunny, central Ohio days. I really love the idea of the car port where I was able to pull up and unload my daughter’s and my luggage if we need to.

Also, there is an elevator to the upper levels if you don’t want to walk up and down the staircase.


King bed room at Granville Inn

I absolutely loved our room. A king guest room on the second floor, it had a pretty view of the main street and overlooked the front yard and outdoor patio. The closet was giant and offered two plush robes, the bathroom was small but had everything we needed (a stand up shower/no tub) and there was a comfy chair with an ottoman in the corner.

What I really wish it had was a mini fridge to store leftovers from dinner but, since it was only one night, I’m not complaining.

The king bed was really comfortable as were the many pillows on it. And I have to comment on the sheets – so crisp and cozy.


The day we checked in was a special day for the hotel – it was the first time the dining room was serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner since, well, you know. A little perseverance goes a long way.

Dining room area

Dining is upscale, but still offers a laidback feel. You’ll find entrees on the dinner menu such as filets, seafood, and mushroom ravioli. For lunch, it’s burgers and the like. As for breakfast, you can go light or really dig into heartier plates.

And if you enjoy a cocktail or two, there are several signature styles on the Granville Inn menu – Midnight in Granville is lovely with vanilla vodka, amaretto, kahula, and cold brew espresso.


Infused water in the lobby

You won’t find a pool or fitness center, but you will find some small touches that add up in a quick way. In the lobby there are always infused water and a bowl of apples for a snack. On each floor, you’ll find Keurig machines and plenty of K-Cups along with a small business center.

Keurig Machines on each floor.

Guests also enjoy free parking, free wifi, and cable television.

What’s Around the Granville Inn?

If you enjoy light walks, only a couple of blocks down the street is Downtown Granville. The most adorable, quaint city, it’s filled with mom and pop shops, non-chain dining options, and brewpubs.

Additionally, it’s only about a 30-minute drive to Columbus, Ohio, if you’d like to check out the state capitol.

In a Nutshell

Would I stay at Granville Inn again? Absolutely. I enjoyed everything about our stay from the guest room to the bed to the staff. If you love historical properties, give Granville Inn a go. It has a super convenient location to both the quaint downtown area and Columbus proper, so you’ve got the best of both worlds within 30 minutes.

As for a family stay, I can see it working with family dynamics of all types. And while it’s not a resort style of lodging, there’s still enough around to take the kiddos for a walk, check out Dawes Arboretum (just down the road), or hit some shops.

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