Spring Valley Cottages – A Full, Honest Review

spring valley cottages full review the bluebird exterior

If you’re visiting Shenandoah County, VA, and are looking for a unique place to stay, Spring Valley Cottages is it. With a melding of both urban and rural touches (and all of the creature comforts you need), they make our short list for the best places to stay. Here’s my Spring Valley Cottages full review to help you plan your stay.

spring valley cottages full review the bluebird sunrise
The Bluebird Cottage at sunrise

Spring Valley Cottages Full Review

I’ve had the pleasure of staying in several unique lodging locations. I’ve spent the night in a converted caboose in Hocking Hills, OH, plenty of B&Bs, and even a room with a full size boat on the ceiling in Biloxi, MS.

And they’ve all been amazing compliments of the location and amenities. This past week, a road trip to Shenandoah County, VA, gave me a reason to stay in The Bluebird, the largest of the four Spring Valley Cottages, with my daughter.

Here’s what we loved, what we liked, and what you need to know about them, especially The Bluebird.

Spring Valley Cottages – The Basics

spring valley cottages full review the bluebird kitchen living dining area
Living/Dining/Kitchen area in The Bluebird

Located just up the hill from Woodbine Farm Market (incredible deli and dessert counter, by the way), all four cabins sit on a pretty hill overlooking the apple orchard. For The Bluebird Cottage, we had both a front and back porch with seating to use anytime we liked.

We also had satellite television with complimentary Netflix (thank you!) which we definitely used.

We received a confirmation email before we checked in listing everything we needed to know about our stay. It had our keyless entry keypad code, directions, and additional information.

What I really loved about that email was the fact it told us what we needed to do for checkout. We stripped the bed linens & towels and put them in a laundry basket for the cleaners. We ran the dishwasher with our soiled dishes right before we left as instructed. Lastly, we took out the garbage and tidied up.

Spring Valley Cottages – The Bluebird

spring valley cottages full review the bluebird master bedroom
Downstairs master bedroom

This section of the review will talk specifically about the cottage we stayed in for our visit. The Bluebird has a downstairs bedroom with ensuite bathroom, and that’s the room I stayed in. The bed was really comfortable (memory foam mattress) and the room decorated in soft colors.

An upstairs loft with another full bed was where my daughter stayed. She loved the privacy and two windows to watch the sunrise and sunset.

spring valley cottages full review the bluebird loft
The Bluebird Loft area

To the right of the full kitchen (complete with all cooking items you’d need) is another full bath. Seriously, it’s more than my house has, so we were in bathroom heaven!

As for sitting areas, there’s a dining table with two benches and a small couch area across from the flatscreen tele on the wall.

What We Loved

I’m used to hearing traffic at night and during the day, so having nothing but the sounds of nature around me was highly refreshing. The other cabins are far enough away from each other where you don’t feel intrusive to other guests, too.

As for the cottage itself, it’s very quiet. While we did have Netflix on some of the time, it was nice to simply sit in the quiet and listen to the birds tweet. I really enjoyed the rocking chairs on the front porch to watch the morning sunrise over the mountains. In the morning, a group of adorable deer would play in the front parking area and it was just lovely.

spring valley cottages full review the bluebird front porch
Front porch

In a Nutshell

Would I stay at the Spring Valley Cottages again? In a hot minute, yes. I loved everything about our stay, the interior decor and the pretty porches.

I also really loved the fact that we were able to cook full meals if we wanted to or heat up leftovers. The cottage was immaculately clean and we felt right at home.

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