Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 and Exciting Updates

Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 behind the scenes

This past week, I took a hard hat tour to check out Kennywood Park opening Day 2022 updates compliments of the folks at the park to find out everything we need to know. I found out what’s new for this year, what’s coming back (hint: it’s a jumping good time!), and what’s changed for the better. Here’s the scoop.

Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 Noah's Ark

If you love Kennywood Park as much as I do, you’ll love checking out my hard hat tour and behind the scenes peek for Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022. Thanks for reading!

Kennywood Park Opening Dates for 2022 

Announced yesterday, the official Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 is April 16th if you’re a season passholder. If you’re not, it will be April 17th. 

For the past several seasons, Kennywood has opened later, but it’s back to opening on Easter Weekend this year. Let’s hope for a warm, sunny day. 

Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 front entrance update
Artist rendering of the new Kennywood Park entrance for 2022.

What’s New for Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022?

There are plenty of new things to talk about for this theme park season. First, the entire park is practically getting a painted face lift. I noticed it as soon as I hit the turnstiles. And speaking of them, you’ll notice a change in the way the ticket booths look. No longer will there be side windows – we’ll be waiting in line at the front of each booth, making it much easier to queue up for the security scanners – also improved, by the way. 

The entrance to the park will be getting a big, beautiful carousel horse made specially for the circular flower garden, there will be a brick path leading up to it, and parking will be improved as well. 

Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 tunnel brick work
Hand painting bricks on the tunnel and exterior.

Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 – Updates

Again, plenty to talk about. Let’s start with the famous tunnel. No longer will it be dingy, my friends. I watched folks hand painting bricks along the side walls and where you exit the tunnel. 

Kandy Kaleidoscope (the sweets shop when you first enter) received a complete renovation including moving guest lockers over by the Bumper Cars. It will be a grab and go style of service where we’ll choose our selections, add them to a bag, and then pay at the register. That’s changed from the customer service folks having to pull them from the display, making it quicker to grab your fudge. 

The Cottage Restrooms (across from The Old Mill) will get a set of front center steps so there will be multiple ways to enter. I know, a small update but it will save some steps by not having to walk around the building to enter. 

Next to The Cottage Restrooms, the Gift Shop is getting overhauled and will include 125th Anniversary merchandise. 

Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 thunderbolt repainted
A fresh coat of paint on Thunderbolt.

Kennywood Park Opening Day 2022 – Rides!

There’s no way to not write about this one first: Kangaroo is coming back! Yep, the Kennywood classic ride is getting a new track and new, 20×60-foot back mural with jumping light kangaroos, but the ride itself will be the same. It will, however, be easier to load and unload for smaller kiddos. 

Both Phantom’s revenge and Thunderbolt are getting fresh coats of paint as I type. Next up will be of Jack Rabbit and Racer. 

The Old Mill is getting a super cool queue update and a pretty archway to walk under while entering. Keeping in theme with the original version, it’s going to be perfect. 

What Else?

Parkside Cafe in the center of the park will be receiving more registers to make it faster to pay for food and will now have a beer service window on the right side of the building. 

2022 Kennywood Park Festivals

Kennywood festivals will be running from the first day of theme park opening until the last day of the season:

  • Swing into Spring – Weekends April 16 – May 22
  • Bites and Pints Food & Drink Festival – Thursday – Sunday May 26 – June 26
  • Celebrate America – Daily including fireworks – July 1-4
  • Summer’s On! – Daily July 5 – 31
  • Fall Fantasy – Daily August 6 – 21
  • Phantom Fall Fest – Select Dates September 23 – October 30
  • Holiday Lights – Select Dates November 18  – January 1


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