Pompeii: The Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center: Kid-Friendly?

Pompeii: The Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center hanging and sitting lamps

Pompeii: The Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center is downright fascinating. Showcasing actual pieces from the city that was covered by volcanic ash, it’s not only historically wonderful, it’s history that highlights a bustling city and its people. But is it kid-friendly? Here’s the scoop. 

Pompeii: The Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center

Disclosure: We attended media day for Pompeii: The Exhibition to give you the scoop. All opinions are my own!

I’m one of the lucky ones. My daughter has always been fascinated in world history. Of course, having passionate world history teachers didn’t hurt. So, when asked if she wanted to visit Carnegie Science Center (CSC) to check out its latest temporary exhibit, I didn’t even get the full sentence out of my mouth before she gave me a yes!

As a teen, she’s read about Pompeii and the tragedy surrounding the city over 2,000 years ago when ash rained down from Vesuvius. So, she was already chomping at the bit to see some of the discovered pieces in real life. But what about younger kiddos? Will they find it interesting or not? And what about the scare factor? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Pompeii: The Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center gold bracelets
Gold snake bracelets on exhibit in Pompeii: The Exhibition.

Pompeii: The Exhibition In a Nutshell

Using a timed ticket style of entry, Pompeii: The Exhibition has several rooms that beautifully flow into each other. The rooms use low light but the exhibit pieces are beautifully lit in in glass containers, so there’s no worries about small hands touching priceless works of art. You’ll find everything from jars to gold jewelry to mosaics – all beautifully preserved. 

Pompeii: The Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center Aphrodite
Aphrodite statue

You’ll also find some statues that are unclothed, too. Truth? As a young girl I remembered giggling at that style when I toured museums but they are beautiful and depict a time in history when it was not frowned upon. 

But what I loved most were the storytelling elements throughout. To meld the exhibit pieces together, large banners hang from the walls and highlight what the pieces were used for and how the residents of Pompeii used them in daily life. 

The music throughout is demure as well and the spaces aren’t crowded to allow for physical distancing. Masks are required for guests when inside CSC, and that goes for the exhibit as well. 

Pompeii: The Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center mosaic
A close up of the intricate mosaic tile.

Is Pompeii: The Exhibition Scary?

A good question, for sure. For the most part, no. But there is a 5-minute show that’s pretty intense and showcases Mount Vesuvius erupting. During the show there’s fog and floor rumbling with some pretty high volume levels. Of course, you can ask to bypass this portion. 


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