Novilla Bliss Mattress Review: Affordable and Comfortable

novilla mattress review - 10 inch king

We love writing mattress review on Sand and Snow. Our latest test drive: Novilla Bliss 10-inch mattress in king. An online mattress company, Novilla is newer to the memory foam mattress community but that doesn’t make it any less of a company. Here’s our full review of the 10-inch Novilla Bliss mattress king review including pricing, unboxing, and comfort level.

novilla mattress review - plastic opener
Novilla Bliss Mattress cover – unzips for cleaning.

Disclosure: We received a Novilla Mattress ( Bliss 10-inch) complimentary to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!


Novilla Bliss Mattress: The Basics

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The Novilla Bliss 10″ Memory Foam Mattress  is very affordable, for one thing. Coming in at $429.99 at the time this post was written, it’s one of the more affordable online memory foam mattresses. Its top layer is made from bamboo rayon fiber and the mattress itself has four layers of foam. A benefit to the cover is that it’s able to be zipped off to wash if necessary. 

If you’re a hot sleeper (I know I am), you’ll enjoy the cooling gel memory foam top layer. I do notice a comfort level that I don’t have with my previous memory foam mattress, honestly. My husband is just the opposite and I haven’t heard him complain about being too cold, either. I’m the type ot throw the blankets on and off throughout the night and thea’s definitely lulled. 

For this mattress, Novilla offers a 30 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty with free shipping and free returns. So, if you give it a try and are not happy, you’re able to return it before the 30 day trial. And if there’s an issue with your mattress within 10 years of purchase, all you need do is contact the company. 


Novilla Bliss Unboxing

novilla mattress review - unboxing

The shipping and unboxing was super simple. It comes in a tall box that we opened at the top, turned over, and pulled the mattress out of.  Then, we carried it to our bed frame, used the enclosed opener to zip through the plastic, and it it unfold naturally. 

novilla mattress review - three hours after unboxing
Three hours after unboxing.

It immediately began to inflate and took about 12 hours to be able to sleep on properly. For mine, it was fully inflated in under 24 hours but we did sleep on it that night with no problems. Yes, it was still a little squishy but it was firm enough for a good night’s sleep. 

novilla mattress review - plastic opener
Enclosed plastic opener and information packet.

I know for me, I’m always curious about scent when unboxing a mattress. Yes, I did notice a light scent but it was nothing funky and dissipated quickly. It’s CERTI-PUR, eco-friendly, and organic, so no worries there. 

If I had to give a time amount that there was a scent, I think it was about an hour. If you have sensitivity, make sure you open it in a well ventilated room. 

Novilla Bliss Mattress: Comfort

novilla mattress review - two hours after unboxing
Two hours after unboxing.

My previous mattress was a few inches thicker, so I wasn’t sure how comfortable the Novilla Bliss would be. I tend to start out sleeping on my side and end up on my back, and this mattress gives me no issues at all. Given the accolade of “Best Mattress for Side Sleepers” it does the job well. I notice no limbs falling asleep or pressure point issues.

As for movement and motion, I don’t notice when my husband rolls over or gets out of bed unless he makes noise. Additionally, we can watch television in bed in the evening and I can be on my laptop, he on his, and there’s no movement when we’re typing. 

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