Liberty Magic Is Back and Sensational Like Before!

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Last weekend, my family and I had the pleasure of checking out Liberty Magic and its first month back since, well, you know what. This season promises to be as magnificently magical as previous ones with a few fun added events thrown in. Here’s the scoop on the 2021-2022 Liberty Magic Season with Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. 

liberty magic Zoltar
Molly with the Amazing Zoltar Machine. Remember “Big”?

We love covering Pittsburgh Cultural Trust events. This year, it’s doing a great job of easing into the swing of things including live shows and events, and we were lucky enough to receive media tickets for Liberty Magic last weekend staring Chris Capehart, a master magician. His close-up skills are absolutely jaw dropping and he dumbfounded me with his tricks. 

Liberty Magic 2021-2022 Season

This season, Liberty Magic has some return magicians as well as some new shows announced:

  • Chris Capehart: Journey of the Master – October 6-29
  • Todd Robins: Haunted Deceptions – October 30-31
  • Jade: A Woman’s Touch – November 3-28
  • Siegfried Tieber: Sixty-Seven Keys – December 1-January 22
  • The Evasons: Second Sight – January 5-30
  • Eric Jones: Immaculate Deception – February 2-27
  • Jon Tai: Road Signs – March 2-April 3
liberty magic Chris Capehart
Master magician and all-around nice guy, Chris Capehart.

To date, we’ve seen Chris Capehart and Eric Jones and again, I can’t stress how brilliant these men are as magicians. If you add on the VIP Skeleton Key ticket, you’ll have a chance for some really up close magic. If you can swing it, I highly recommend it. Mr. Capehart taught us a card trick that works every time. So, that’s one trick I know now. Ha!

We’ll also be attending the Todd Robins’ show on October 30th and it promises to be astounding. 

And if you’re kicking yourself for missing the first season of Liberty Magic, a few of that season’s performers are coming back this season. 

Liberty Magic: The Magicians

liberty magic VIP Skeleton key ticket
VIP Skeleton Key Room ticket.

Above I listed the magicians that will be performing this season, but really didn’t go into detail about the shows. Each is unique to the others in the fact that all magicians are unique in their performances. You’ll find humor and with beautifully placed into the performances and their backstories many times.

And while, again, each magician has his/her/their own show, you can bet that each one will be an hour or more. Add in the VIP Skeleton Key and you’re looking at at least 90 minutes of magical coolness. 

But combine all three of those aspects and it’s the trinity of a great magic show. The time flies by when your in your seat and, honestly, I never want the shows to end. 

And before I forget, each magic show that I’ve attended places a high standard of audience participation and inclusion. If you’re in the front row or near the center aisle, you can pretty much assume you’ll be called upon at some point. The front row chairs are the hot seats, for sure. 

FYI: Before You Attend a Liberty Magic Show

At this time, face masks covering the mouth and nose are still required to attend Liberty Magic Shows. Additionally, you’ll need to show proof of vaccination by either bringing in your shot record or taking a photo of it. It will need to have your name on it for verification as well. You’ll also need to show proper identification (driver’s license or state ID card) with a name that matches your vaccination record. 

Lastly, there’s no BYOB situation this season, either. So, stay hydrated and grab some water before you enter. 

For more info and to purchase tickets (not an affiliate link) head here

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