9 Extra Romantic Places in Buffalo for Couples

romantic things for couples to do in Buffalo NY

Buffalo, NY, is one of those cities that grows on me more and more with each visit. For us, each visit is offering more and more things to do and romantic places in Buffalo. Last month, Mr. Locke and I road tripped to the Queen City to check out more fun and food and we had a ball! From water excursions to architectural wonders, here are 9 romantic things to do in Buffalo for couples. 

Romantic places in Buffalo for couples - canalside and Buffalo harbor

Disclosure: I was graciously hosted by the folks at Visit Buffalo Niagara to give you the scoop on what makes it an ideal spot for couples. All opinions are my own!


Want the scoop on our last visit to Buffalo? Here’s what we enjoyed, and more of what we recommend for couples in Buffalo, NY!


Romantic Places in Buffalo: Have a Picnic on the Shore

romantic things for couples to do in Buffalo NY Wilkenson Point
Grab a picnic lunch and hit Wilkeson Point for a gorgeous view of the water.

If there’s a place I’m going to dream about in Buffalo, it’s Wilkeson Point at the Outer Harbor. A 15-acre park and public space, it’s an ideal spot to grab some lunch and simple just be. The water is ridiculously calming and beautiful and the view just as lovely. 

Add in the fact that it tends to smell like Cheerios compliments of the nearby cereal plant and it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Romantic Places in Buffalo: Take a Spin on An Historical Carousel

things to do in buffalo for couples romantic places in Buffalo Canalside Carousel
The Buffalo Heritage Carousel is so charming – it really ups the romance factor!

You don’t need to visit the zoo to see such a menagerie, simply take a spin on the Buffalo Heritage Carousel at Canalside. Nearly 100 years old, the fully restored carousel recently came back to Buffalo and is housed in an historic building. 

You can take a spin from 11am – 7pm daily. 

Romantic Places in Buffalo: Paddle Around Hoyt Lake

Hoyt Lake is pretty anytime of year, but add in a flamingo paddle boat to the mix and the romance factor skyrockets! Sure, it’s quirky and a bit silly, but there’s nothing like paddling around on a gorgeous lake to make you smile & giggle. 


Romantic Places in Buffalo: Take a Self-Guided Art Tour

things to do in buffalo for couples romantic places in Buffalo Burchfield Penney art center
Beautiful wall art at Burchfield Penney Art Center.

If you’re a couple that loves museums, walking around and spying famous art pieces at Burchfield Penney Art Center is right up your street. The only museum dedicated to showcasing artists from Western New York, the museum offers over 20 annual exhibitions. 


Romantic Places in Buffalo: Check Out Some Local Music Talent

The longest running open mic joint in Buffalo, Nietzsche’s is THE spot for music lovers looking to expand their favorite styles. You can catch both local and regional acts that include everything for acoustic to burlesque. Open everyday at noon and running until 2am, it’s a no-frills scene that puts talent in the spotlight. 


Romantic Places in Buffalo: Enjoy Each Other’s Company While Taking A Mansion of a Walking Tour

Delaware Avenue Mansions Tour with Explore Buffalo
Make a pit stop at the fountain on your walking tour of Delaware Avenue Mansions.

Architecture inspires me to change up my home. It also lets my mind wander as to the lives the owners have had through the years. Delaware Avenue Mansions Tour with Explore Buffalo allowed us to do exactly that. A two-hour tour, it highlights the prominent architectural masterpieces along the street and delves into the history, sometimes hilarious, sometimes downright cool. 

And if you love jazz thing, you’ll definitely want to partake in Jazz Tuesdays at The Mansion. Weather permitting, you can dine on appetizers, sip a cocktail or two, or simply enjoy some talented artists playing what they love. 


Romantic Places in Buffalo: See Lake Erie from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Point of View

things to do in buffalo for couples romantic places in Buffalo Graycliff Estate
Graycliff Estate, just outside of Buffalo proper.

Another gorgeous artcitectural tour is just outside of Buffalo proper in Derby. Graycliff Estate, designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright, was the summer home of a prominent Buffalo family, The Martins. After they passed in the 1950’s, it was sold to a group of Hungarian priests who changed the property to suit their needs. 

Fast forward to the Graycliff Conservancy and the mid-1990’s. Teeming with hope, they asked the public to help save the estate and it’s now well on its way back to the original state. What we loved about our tour was walking around the gardens and learning about the history of the family’s matriarch and why this home became a labor of love for her. 


Romantic Places in Buffalo: Relax with a Massage in an Historical Hotel

things to do in buffalo for couples romantic places in Buffalo The Harlow Spa massage
Harlow spa at The Curtiss: so calm and relaxing.

The Curtiss has become one of our favorite hotels in Buffalo for good reason. Not only historical, its modern touches (our guest room had a steam room in the shower!), was an ideal place for a couple’s getaway. 

And whether you’re staying at The Curtiss or not, getting a relaxing massage in its spa, The Harlow, is the ultimate in pampering. With dimmed lights, all of the stress leaves your body and you can forget about the world and focus on each other for an hour. 

Massage not your thing? I had a hydrofacial during my visit and my skin has never looked better. Using a state-of-the-art “magic wand”, it uses liquid to both clean and hydrate your skin no matter what your skin type is. 


Romantic Places in Buffalo: Float Down the Canal 

romantic things for couples to do in Buffalo NY Buffalo River History Tour
A water ride is always romantic, especially when it’s on the canal!

Walking along Canalside, we couldn’t help but notice all of the water activities. You can paddle board, kayak, and boat in the calm water. But what we, as a couple, found super fun was an historical tour. Buffalo River History Tours has a two-hour tour that highlights both the canal and what sits on it, but the harbor as well. 

romantic things for couples to do in Buffalo NY Buffalo

It was calming and super relaxing and we had a choice of either sitting at a table inside or heading upstairs to the sundeck. 

If you're looking for romantic things to do in Buffalo, NY, for couples, there ar eplenty! From gorgeous river cruises to carousel rides to gorgeous lake views, here are my top picks! #IntheBUF #BuffaloNY #ILoveNY #couplestravel #couplesgetaway

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