Complete Nolah Evolution Mattress Review: Honest Opinion and Photos

Nolah Evolution cover

The Nolah Evolution 15″ mattress has been given multiple awards for its comfort, but how good is it when you already love your mattress? Here’s my full Nolah Evolution review featuring unboxing and sleeping experience. 

Nolah Evolution Review King Mattress
Nolah Evolution roughly two hours after unboxing.

Disclosure: I was graciously given product for the purpose of this Nolah Evolution review. All opinions are my own!

Nolah Evolution – The Basics

Nolah Evolution Mattress review
Photo courtesy of Nolah.


Technically, there is nothing basic about the Nolah Evolution. With a 15″ height, it packs in both AirFoamICE™ to keep you cool and patented HDMax™ eco coils to keep the firmness right in that middle-of-the-road sweet spot. 

Additionally, it’s surrounded by a cooling ArcticTex™ Cover that helps even the hottest of folks stay comfortable. As a gal that tends to run hot, I did notice a cooling effect when lying in bed. Having written that, my husband is the opposite and it didn’t affect his sleep at all. 

When talking Nolah mattress pricing, the Evolution is the most expensive of its three top models. Having written that, it’s a good combination of both memory foam and coils that make the mattress a worthy investment. 

Being good for the planet, it ‘s made with CertiPUR-US® certified foam made without ozone depleters, heavy metals, and chemical fire-retardant. Translation? It’s good on you and mother Earth. 


What Type of Sleepers Benefit from the Nolah Evolution?

If you’re a side or back sleeper (or a combination of the two), the Evolution is a good choice. When sleeping, I generally start on my side and end up on my back, so test driving this one was ideal. 

And, yes, the Evolution was comfy both ways, honestly. I even tried it sleeping on my stomach and it was firm enough to not squish my mouth and nose. I’ve always had that phobia where I think the cover is going to go up into my nose at night (irrational, I know), and Evolution quelled that. 


Nolah Evolution Unboxing

Nolah Evolution unwrapping
Plastic wrapping on our Nolah Evolution. Yep, we recycled it!

The official website claims that the Nolah Evolution can be unboxed in under 15 minutes. This statement rang true for us, for sure. We have a king Nolah Evolution, so having two adults to pull the vacuum-sealed mattress out of the box and lift it onto the base was a fine way to unbox as it weighs roughly 149 pounds. 

Once on the base, we carefully cut the plastic off the package and watched the magic of inflation. While it did feel like we could sleep on it after an hour or two, if given an ideal way, I’d wait for at least 6 hours to really get the feel, a day if possible. 


What about Motion Transfer?

Compared to a full foam mattress, there is more motion transfer than I was used to. Was that a problem? Nope. I did notice my husband move around once or twice, but he tends to do a bouncing gator roll to get comfy. Yeah, it’s his thing. 

Our previous mattress was full foam so it did take a night or two to get used to the motion. Again, not a problem for us.


Nolah Warranty

All Nolah Mattresses have a lifetime warranty. Now, that doesn’t mean you can take it outside and set fire to it and expect a replacement. It covers normal wear and tear. 

Additionally, the company gives a 120 night in-home trial for its mattresses in case you’re on the fence about keeping it. 


In a Nutshell

If you’re a back/side sleeper, I’d definitely recommend the Nolah Evolution. It has an ideal balance of firmness combined with plush comfort and doesn’t require a box spring, just a flat base. Of course, you can buy one if you feel like having a higher mattress, but it’s definitely not necessary. 

If you’re concerned about setup and old mattress removal, Nolah does offer the service starting at $125. and if you’re worried about getting a stain or spill, you can purchase a mattress cover from the company as well. 

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