The Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2021

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so you know what that means – it’s time to find a gift for Dad. And whether he’s artsy, outdoorsy, quirky, or downright traditional, we’ve got you covered this year. From products you’ve never thought of to items to enjoy family time, here are our top picks for Father’s Day 2021 gifts!

Epic Father's Day Gifts

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If you’re looking for anytime gifts for Mom, check out our guide. 

Enjoy Each Step

Father's Day Gifts 2021

If Dad loves walking and hiking but doesn’t love the foot pain that goes with them, let him drive a pair of KURU Footwear shoes. Innovative in the fact that each pair molds to the owner’s feet, they ease both back and foot pain. And I’m not just writing what the website states: Mr. Locke has wide feet and immediately noticed a difference in his comfort level when wearing them. 

Price – Mens Quantum Wide $145

Water, Water Everywhere – and Plenty to Drink

Father's Day gifts 2021
Does dad need a little help staying properly hydrated during his workouts and throughout the day? Then the 1/2 gallon HydroJug is exactly what he needs. Dads who live an active, healthy lifestyle and make fitness a part of their daily routine will love the fact that they don’t have to constantly refill.
You can also customize each HydroJug with a colorful sleeve that features convenient pockets to carry essentials like your phone.
Price – HydroJug $19.99
              HydroJug Sleeve $19.99

An Heirloom You’ll Never Want to Part with

Heirloom digital books allows you to create custom video books to send to someone you love. It’s fast & easy and ideal for Father’s Day when you can’t be there in person to celebrate. Making a book is super simple, too. Create a video, edit it, and upload. Decide on the book cover, add in the shipping info, and you’re good to go!

Price: $49 with free shipping


No Fluff Slimming

SLIMXLIFT isn’t just another slimming cream. Its organic revolutionary formula was designed to burn body fat. It absorbs into the skin and burns fat, Blocking cellulite formation. It also reduces the size of fat cells by temporarily dehydrating them both safely & effectively. No fluff, No bs.

Price – $59.95

The Comfiest Sheets. No Kidding.

If you want a sheet set that you use, wash, an immediately put back on the bed, check out the 400 thread count, 100% long-staple cotton FIX linens. We consider ourselves linen snots and, I’m telling you, these sheets are the softest, comfiest sheets I’ve ever slept in. These sheets make me want to take all of my other sheets donate them. No kidding. 

Price: King sheets – $98

Crystal Clear Customization

Father's Day gifts 2021
If Dad loves a good nightcap and you love beautiful glass pieces, it’s a win-win with this etched crystal clear glass decanter from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. It holds 26 ounces of whiskey or bourbon and is as beautiful as it is sturdy. 
Price – $59.99 includes free engraving

Far Out 3-D

Lately, families have been looking for quality ways to spend time together and puzzles are right at the top. 3-D puzzles from Cloudberries not only offer pretty scenes, put on the provided glasses and they seem to come to life. By the way, they’re not your usual puzzles built from the bottom up, but anaglyph jigsaws that use a stereoscopic effect to make images pop out and come to life!
Price – $21.99 per puzzle

Oh, Mommie!

Father's Day gifts 2021

If Dad loves spending time in the kitchen, he’ll definitely want to try these tasty sauces from oo’mämē. Each layers flavors and textures on a foundation of Integrity umami, the Fifth Taste, with a backbone of chile heat. This line of all natural, gluten-free, low sodium products celebrates incredible flavors from around the world. 

Price – Chile Crisp Sampler Pack $36.00

Keep That Grill Clean!

Father's Day gifts 2021
The Kingsford GrillMate Grill Cleaner is a durable grill brush that features replaceable, non-metallic scrubbing pads in place of traditional wire bristles, eliminating the risk of bristles sticking to the grill and potentially making their way into food.
It’s safe to use on both cast iron and stainless steel grates, and is designed for use on all types of grills including charcoal, gas, ceramic, pellet, barrel, smokers, Infrared and more. 
Price – $10.84 on amazon. Prime Members get free delivery

For the Love of State!

Father's Day gifts 2021
The perfect gift this Father’s Day? A gift that’s not expensive, but one that tugs at the heartstrings. A hand-embroidered heart map from Sadie & June for a place that is special to dad. Or a connecting hearts map for the fathers missing their children who can’t be together.
Price – $24.99 and up

LEGO of My Book!

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021
LEGO® With Dad is the ultimate guide to utilizing your bricks to make creative new projects. No expensive new sets required! With detailed instructions on the basic building techniques as well as more advanced and complex builds, this book is perfect for parents and kids all skill levels.
Price – $34.95 for print and eBook bundle. 

Affordable Recipes for Dad

The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook

If Dad’s a fan of cooking with Aldi products(we sure are, especially the candles!), the Unofficial ALDI Cookbook is ideal for him. Taking cues from the best and most-used Aldi products, there are delish recipes from healthy appetizers to comfort food. 

Price: $17.95

He’s So Punny

In my house, there’s a fun competition between my teen daughter and my husband on who can outpun the other. So, the second The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes arrived my daughter grabbed it and started studying! 

Price: $12.95

Communication Assistance

Father's Day gifts 2021
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve your relationship with your husband, even if it’s amazing. Better Topics is a card game for couples dedicated to the success of their relationship. Each round, one player plays a question card, and their partner answers as best as they can.
Price $34.95 for the complete collection

Dad’s Never Jerk-y

Father's Day Gifts 2021
If Dad likes jerky and loves trying new tastes and flavors, Vegky Mushroom Jerky is 100% plant based and is minimally processed.It’s also vegan, made from sustainably grown non-GMO mushrooms and does not contain any saturated fats. Best part? The meaty texture will leave you wondering if this is really a mushroom. 
Price – $6.99 per package. Amazon Prime Members get free shipping. 

Handsome AF

Father's Day Gifts 2021
Surprise dad with this Gentleman’s trio, which arrives in a fun gift bag. The Creamy Shave soap will leave dad with a shave so clean he’ll be stroking his face (and maybe his ego) for days. The Hair Texture Paste will give him all the hold and style his heart desires without the grease or crunch, and he can lock in the moisture with the citrus and mahogany scented Hand Rescue.
The products are all cruelty-free, vegetarian/vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and free of any harmful ingredients.
Price – $66

Baseball Card Cards

Father's Day Gifts 2021
If Dad loves collecting baseball cards, he’ll dig the fact that these greeting cards are made from old school 80’s and 90’s real ones. You can choose the team, the occasion (Yep, there are Father’s Day styles) and get ready to hear him talk about the good old days of baseball. Again. 
Price – $10

(Foot)Note to Self

Father's Day gifts 2021 Great dad socks
Maybe you don’t remember to tell Dad how amazing he is everyday, but every time he puts his feet up on the coffee table will jog your memory. Notes to Self socks come with positive affirmations including “Great Dad” and “Strong” and are super comfy so he can wear them everyday. 
Price – $14.99 per pair

Not-So-Sweaty Tees

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021

The Sweat Relief Company makes unique t-shirts for men and women that incorporate mini-towels to combat annoying sweat during workouts. 

The kangaroo pocket-style is a best seller,  eco-friendly tee, and comes with a mini-towel to remove sweat.  The pocket is made of terrycloth for drying sweaty hands.  The tee is ideal for running, walking, hiking, the elliptical, treadmill, cycle,  weightlifting and all other sweaty activities – plus it comes in ladies styles, too. 
Price – $20 with free shipping

Moon (Knife) 

Gift your dad who loves to cook a new knife this Father’s Day! This lightweight, carbon steel Moon Knife (named for its round shape) allows for a longer cut. The light, thin blade was traditionally used for cutting pork in the markets; it even cuts through bone. It’s a dream for cutting through meat and bone, as well as hard-skinned fruit (like watermelon). 
Price: $70

Ghosted Cocktails

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021

If Dad’s a tequila fan, Ghost Blanco Spicy is 100% agave tequila that get its spice (and its name) from ghost peppers. Using just a trace amount to get a perfect level of heat, it won’t overpower his cocktails. Created especially for spicy margaritas, it’s great in a bloody Maria or spicy Paloma, too.

Price – $33.99


Ayurvedic Copper Hydration

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021
Keep Dad hydrated with this hand-crafted water bottle from Copper H2O. In addition to the environmental benefits of a reusable water bottle and the aesthetic qualities of this bottle, recent studies have shown that copper is naturally anti-bacterial, which makes copper water bottles ideal for an active lifestyle.
Price: Starts at $34.50

Blind Wine?

Father's Day Gifts 2021
Sommify is the perfect gift for the dad who likes to cook and host parties or the dad who wants to show off his wine knowledge to his friends. Whether he’s new to wine or a seasoned wine professional, Sommify will teach you how to blind taste like a Sommelier. And, it’s the only blind wine tasting board game currently on the market.
Price – $49.99 on Amazon and free delivery for Prime Members

Sports Fan Dad 

Father's Day Gifts 2021
I’ll bet Dad has never seen anything like this…word artist Dan Duffy meticulously hand writes tiny letters and numbers to create unique gifts of art in his Art of Words prints. Put one up in the home or office, and it’ll be a guaranteed conversation piece for anyone who sees it! 
Prices – Unframed starting at $49.99

Kitchen Stickin’

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Painter’s tape is used in professional kitchens to keep refrigerators, freezers, and pantries organized and well maintained. But it’s always been a hassle for people to use at home. Now, there’s a tape dispenser from Kitchen Stickin’designed specifically for the home kitchen. It keeps a roll of painter’s tape and a Sharpie always available at arm’s reach, yet up and out of the way.

With it, dads can label containers, seal bags and boxes, tape things up and more. Plus, dads who like to keep their kitchens organized and reduce clutter can free up space in their drawers by throwing out all the chip clips that are jamming them up.

Price – $19.99


Fixer Upper Helpers

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021

For the dad who loves his car – RYOBI just launched a line of automotive tools including the HP Compact 2-Tool Kit.  Both compact size and light weight the tools are ideal for tight spots and overhead applications. Additionally, its 18V ONE+ HP Technology delivers up to 1,700 in-lbs. of torque with the impact driver and 400 in-lbs. with the drill/driver. Translation? more power, easier on the hands and arms. 

Price – $179


So Not Geeky

Father's Day Gifts 2021

This is the all-in-one tool for Dad. It’s time to think outside the toolbox with the Geekey. This expertly combined go-to tool is the size of a key and fully equipped with more than 16+ functions to help you tackle those common, everyday problems. And don’t let its size fool you – this award-winning work of art and engineering is crafted out of a solid chunk of 420 Stainless Steel to take on big and “tough as nails” jobs.

Price – $26.99


Not Shark Bait!

Father's Day Gifts 2021
How about some proven shark repellent technology and embed it in affordable, attractive jewelry for your next day at the beach? You’ve heard that sharks can smell blood in the water for long distances. They can also sense tiny electrical fields. “Tiny” like five one-billionths of a volt.

Shark OFF’s electrochemical technology dissolves in the water and gives off about 1.5 volts of electricity. When curious sharks approach, they come into contact with the field and BOLT. 

Price – $29.95 and up

Soaped Up & Groomed

Dad will appreciate the gift of the best cleansing and shaving soap found at Sea Witch Botanicals. Their organic soap with activated charcoal is made for hair, beards and bare skin! The charcoal works great for combating odors, stripping away oils, and giving a deep clean. Whether on your skin or hair, be sure to moisturize after use.

Price: $8

King of the Comfy Throne

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021

Okay, hear me out on this one. When you gotta go, you and Dad want some comfort, right? So why not give him the recliner of toilet seats, TruComfort. It will never leave you with that “square hinder” feeling that those skimpy models inflict on your nether regions. It’s the ideal addition to your master bath suite, and the perfect companion for your Man Cave bathroom.

Fully featured and super easy to install, this resilient plastic toilet seat resists wear, chips and stains. Fits all manufacturers’ elongated toilet bowls.

Price – $44.95 at Home Depot


Vacuum in the Kitchen, Please

Father's Day Gifts 2021

BBQ-loving Dad? Marinating hack! Lasting Freshness vacuum seal containers make it possible to marinate any food in minutes instead of hours. The brand’s vacuum seal food storage system is a game-changer in many ways and one of my favorites is its ability to deliciously marinate my meals.

Quick, easy, and practical. With the stacking system, you don’t need a lot of room in your kitchen pantry either to keep them on hand.

Price – Sets start at $24


East Some Toast Before You Drink!

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Before You Drink gummies from Toast! are a great Father’s Day gift, particularly for the dad in your life that likes to indulge from time to time.  They’re a candy-quality gummy bear, except unlike other gummies they restore key nutrients and support your liver so you can celebrate and still feel great, powered by clinical science and natural ingredients. 

Price – $39.99 per pack


Coffee Trüth 

Father's Day Gifts 2021

This Father’s Day, trücup low-acid coffee wants dad to feel appreciated for the goofiness of his dad jokes, his willingness to help with car troubles and his ability to drink copious amounts of coffee. trücup is thankful for all dads—from the dads who worked on the frontlines during the pandemic, the stay-at-home caretakers, and all the dads working from home.  

Plus, he’ll get a kick out of the trücup roasts named after 70’s and 80’s rock songs like Born to be Mild, Stuck in the Middle, & Heart of Bold.

Price – 48 Count Single-Serve Cups  $39.95


Pocket Chic

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Does Dad need a little style pick-me-up? Rugged yet still refined, Mister Burlap pocket squares come in a variety of cool colors and with their own protective storage case. Now, all you need to do is find the place for him to wear it. 

Price – $14.95 on Etsy


Pretty Peepers

Father's Day Gifts 2021

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s important to start thinking about all the dads and father figures in our lives. Peepers believes your Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, and/or favorite cousin deserves to be looking dapper and timeless on Father’s Day.

Its many styles and designs are a perfect statement piece to any outfit and would be a perfect gift for any father both young and old.

Price – Starts at $19.99


Styled Hair Perfection

Father's Day Gifts 2021

MASAMI is clean premium haircare line with a Japanese ocean botanical for massive hydration. Dads love the styling cream, which is non-greasy, non-sticky and smells amazing with its fresh, clean scent. Vegan & cruelty free, the packaging, as well as the product, is worth every penny. 

Price – Mekabu Styling Creme $36


Health & Ancestry DNA

Father's Day Gifts 2021

A truly unique gift for all Dads for Father’s Day is a kit from CRI Genetics that provides the best in at-home DNA testing for ancestry and health, for dads who want health reports tailored to their DNA and to find out where their ancestors came from.

CRI Genetics food sensitivity report was named ‘most accurate’ as well – ideal for Dads that want to know what they can and can’t eat. 

Price – Ancestry Test $99, Ancestry & Health $199


Buffalo! Leather

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Does Dad dig products with an unusual take? Moonster has gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) buffalo leather toiletry bags that are as stylish as they are practical. With two additional storage compartments, a one handle, double zipper style, and water resistant lining, the bag is perfect for everything he needs on the go. 

Price – $32.95


A Duffle Must

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Does Dad need a sturdy, all-purpose bag that can get him to the airport, gym, or sports event with ease? The Muscle Duffle from Groovy Guy Gifts works for anything, whether for overnight, travel, gym, work or sports. This tough bag features one large exterior pocket with a flap and 2 zipper side pockets.  It has leather accents brass closures. 

Price – $79.99. Includes free personalization and shipping


Hades Without the Heat

Best Father's Day Gifts 2021

Hades joggers from Jed North are perfect for every occasion, literally. From lounging around to hard workouts, they can become the comfy staple for Dad’s  wardrobe. With a simple and classic design and unbelievably soft material, comfort combines with functionality. And with a drawstring and two front zipper pockets, they’re stylish and highly practical. 

Price – $40


Buttered Beards?

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Help dad keep his prized beard healthy and looking good with Wild Willies! As the fastest growing men’s grooming brand in America, Wild Willies is authentically a manly brand passionate about providing products that promote stronger, healthier, and better-looking hair and skin while encouraging every man to tell his personal story through his own unique style. 

Prices – Beard Butter $11.99

               Beard Elixir $14.99


A Personal Scribe

Father's Day Gifts 2021

MobiScribe Origin was designed for those who need a streamlined method to write, draw, store, and organize their ideas and thoughts, promoting enhanced creativity and increased productivity while simultaneously helping the environment by going paperless.

It’s the perfect gift for Dads that like to jot down their thoughts, doodle, or create without the hassle of finding paper. 

Price – $239


To Shroom or Not to Shroom?

Father's Day Gifts 2021

One thing fathers universally hate is clogged drains. It’s a hassle to clear and it can lead to costly plumber bills. Juka Innovations has two cool innovative drain products  the TubShroom & the Kitchen SinkShroom that offer drain protection and help prevent clogged drains before they occur. 

Prices: TubShroom $12.99

              Kitchen SinkShroom $12.99


Because Dad’s Skin Needs Love, Too

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Free of palm oil that’s proven to be destructive to the planet, Peet Bros. soaps and lotions are filled with ingredients that are good for his skin with all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, hemp oil and CBD.

These products are more moisturizing without the harmful palm oil fillers because the best possible soap and lotions for your skin, should also be the best possible soap and lotion for the planet. 

Price – Individual Bars Start at $6

            10 Ounce Lotion $12


Dad’s On the Sauce Again!

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Maple Craft Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup is ideal for dads who love to eat! Our family-friendly Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup has a rich, soft, complex character with subtle hints of smoke, fruit & oak, with buttery-smooth vanilla & caramel undertones. 

Price – $12.99 per bottle


Socks Made for Him

Father's Day Gifts 2021

If Dad has a difficult time finding socks that fit well, Kane may just turn into his go-to style. With whole sizes from 7-17, it’s not a one size fits all sock. Add. in the fact that each pair is super comfy, well made with quality materials, and good looking and you’ve got the trinity of great socks. 

Price – Starts at $6.20 per pair


Stand Straight and Wear Silly Socks

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Who says Dad can’t lift weights AND look cool at the same time? Jed North has a solution to both, happily. Its funky socks come in all kinds of cool colors and styles and are right on trend with pop culture. As for the back supporter and posture corrector, it’s ideal for dads that like lifting weights and keeping proper posture. 

Prices – Socks $2 per pair

               Back Supporter $24


Waves Cooler Than the Ocean

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Dads can now lay down their waves in style! Wave Glyder smooths down wavy hair with its innovative brush made for today’s dad. Designed similar to a boogie board, you’ll be catching waves and turning heads. 

The innovative one-of-its-kind smoothing brush was designed by a barber who knows a thing or two about creating amazing textured waves – no need for that old smoothing pad any longer!

Price – $19.99


No Gruffly Bear Beard for Dad

Father's Day Gifts 2021

The Mr Bear Family offers grooming products for beard, skin, shaving, and tattoo aftercare. All products are vegan-friendly and produced in small batches in Gothenburg, Sweden. Not sure what to choose? The Beard Kit has a little bit of everything he needs to keep facial in tow. 


Jot Down Your Response

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Many dads are turning to CBD to treat nagging issues, but they’re not quite sure which products to use or in what quantities. The CBD Jotter from Goldleaf helps Dad track his responses to CBD to make sure he’s getting the best health outcome possible. And who wouldn’t want that for their father?

Price – $19.99

A Saucy Kitchen

Elda's Sauces


Elda’s Kitchen makes cooking and grilling more delicious and easier, incorporating bonding and a touch of nostalgia with its classic small batch, artisan recipes based on 1950’s kitchen culture.

Each of these three sauces are jam packed with flavorful ingredient combinations meant to compliment any kind of cuisine. Another cool fact: Elda’s Kitchen prides itself on offering a wide variety of sauces inspired by different regions of the world including but not limited to Ginger Teriyaki, Jamaican Jerk and Kentucky Bourbon, so feel free to widen Dad’s palette!

Help for Our Military and a Dang Good Cup of Coffee

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Here’s a caffeine boost with Hope For The Warriors Coffee for Dad. Not only does the coffee get your morning (or afternoon) started but the purchase of each box of coffee gives back to military families in need. Available K-Cup blends include donut shop, morning and dark roast.

Price – 42 Count Box $14.99 and free shipping for Amazon Prime Members


Be Your Dad’s Wingman

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Okay, hear me out. Socks and underwear are common gifts, but what if fresh, new pairs came every season? At IAMYOURWINGMAN, Dad won’t have to have the hassle of hitting the shops for new underwear and socks and, according to my husband, that’s a brilliant time saver. 

Price – $19.97 every three months. Use the code 50%SANDANDORSNOW for %50 iff the first delivery. 


Nitty Gritty BBQ

Father's Day Gifts 2021

Pure Grit BBQ is a collection of BBQ essentials featuring BBQ Sauce, The Hot Stuff and The Rub – produced and packaged in small batches in New York City. The Pure Grit BBQ sauce, the hot stuff and the rub are available in specialty stores and Pure Grit BBQ’s website along with recipes. 

Price – BBQ Kit $36


Fit for Fit Dads

Father's Day Gifts 2021


Specifically designed for muscular/athletic guys, The TAPERED fit shirt is intricately designed by leading tailors and industry experts. The design will emphasize the male V taper and give a sharp streamlined look, avoiding the need for additional tailoring. 
Price – $77.84 at time of price conversion from British Sterling Pounds


Tied Together

Father’s Day and ties go together like peanut butter and jelly. Straight from The Suit Depot I give you the Arthur Black Premium Silk tie. Classic and great for all occasions, these silk ties are affordable and a closet staple. 

Price – $24.99 each

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