Disney Wish Details: 12 Things We Can’t Wait for

Disney Wish details

The Disney Wish, Disney’s latest cruise ship to date, will set sail on its maiden voyage next summer. But today, Disney Cruise Line (DCL) gave us even more details about the massive, state-of-the-art cruise ship. Here’s everything we know so far about Disney Wish details.

The Grand Hall on Disney Wish.
The Grand Hall on Disney Wish. Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney Wish Theme

Already announced a couple of weeks ago (but a quick recap), Disney Wish has the theme of a floating Disney Castle. A bronze Cinderella statue will greet guests in the Grand Hall. To add to the magic, a giant wishing star will dangle from the chandelier. 

Until then, the Disney Magic will be sailing from the U.K. this summer.


Minnie Mouse Is at the Helm – and Bow

Captain Minnie, complete in a sleek red and white sailing suit, will be on board as the captain for Disney Wish. And, to really drive home her importance, Minnie’s also on a plaque on the bow. 


What Will Disney Wish State Rooms Be Like?

Disney Wish State Rooms
Disney Wish State Rooms. Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line.

Storybook inspired, the state rooms on Disney Wish will have custom artwork combined with elegant details. Using Disney characters as inspiration, each has a luxurious feel. 

Most of the staterooms have an ocean view (yay!) and offer several storage options so you’re not tripping over your luggage. The concierge experience will be expanded and offer more premium accommodation than on previous ships.

Aurora Royal Suite on Disney Wish
Aurora Royal Suite on Disney Wish. Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line.

As for suites, two-story Royal Suites may be booked. Each suite has a grand staircase!


Immersive Worlds on Board


Just like the Disney theme parks, Disney Wish will offer immersive experiences. From Frozen to Marvel Super Heroes to Star Wars and Mickey & Minnie, guests will be able to be enchanted by the on board experiences. 


AquaMouse: The First Ever Attraction at Sea

AquaMouse on-board attraction on Disney Wish.
AquaMouse on-board attraction on Disney Wish. Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line

A feature I definitely can’t wait for is AquaMouse. The first ever attraction at sea, it offers an original storyline with a Mickey & Minnie shorts look & feel. With a brand new excursion company called Port Misadventures, those that dig some waterslide-style excitement will be the first guests to venture to Mermaid Lagoon. 


Disney Wish Family Restaurants

Arendelle Restaurant on Disney Wish
Arendelle Restaurant on Disney Wish. Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Three new dining concepts will be unveiled:

  • Arendelle – A Frozen-themed restaurant, characters will perform while you eat. 
  • 1932 – Named for the first year that Walt Disney Studios was created, the menu will be California infusion
  • Worlds of Marvel – An Avengers technology showcase, it’s a Marvel cinematic adventure. 


Dedicated Space for Adults

Going with true DCL fashion, there’s a dedicated space for adults. From the screenshot, it looks to be at the stern (back) of the ship and includes a pool, hot tubs, lounge chairs, and dining tables.


Littles Toy Story Splash Zone!

New for Disney Cruise Line, Toy Story Splash Zone will be ideal for the littles. With larger-than-life Toy Story characters, there are two slides in a splash pad & water play area. 


Disney Wish Entertainment

Musicals, fireworks, and characters at sea. All part of a Disney Cruise, sure, but Disney Wish has increased the fun. “Entertainment environments” will immerse cruisers like never before.

From the Walt Disney Theater inspired by a magical forest to the tiered seating, it will be ideal for musical productions including Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular. The musical will be reimagined for the Disney Wish and will be performed nightly along with other shows. 

Two original shows that are in development stages for Disney Wish have been teased but, sadly, no names were announced. Also, three new entertainment venues, including the Grand Hall Stage at the heart of the ship, guests can show up for theatrical surprises throughout their stay.  

Also announced:

  • Luna – Entertainment will evolve from day to night
  • Hero Zone – A futuristic arena where active play meets imagination

Standby for more information – when it becomes available I’ll add it here. 


Kids-Only Spaces

Disney Oceaneers Club
Disney’s Oceaneer Club Fairytale Hall. Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney Wish is promising something for kiddos of every age. Today’s announcement featured Disney’s Oceaneer Club. Never seen on a DCL ship before, it offers a secret entrance via slide from the Grand Hall! No worries if you don’t dig the tube slides: there’s also a dedicated door entrance. 

For kids ages 3-12, a visit to the Club allows exploration into Walt Disney Imagineering. Additionally, kids can become part of a fairy tale or train along with Marvel Super Heroes. A DCL favorite, Marvel Super Hero Academy will be right on the cruise ship.  A “high tech Avengers headquarters”, recruits will be able to train right with super heroes. 

Kiddos will also be able to choose their favorite suit to really ramp up the immersive experience. From the video clip I watched, using a MagicBand will allow them to pick. 

Also at the Oceaneer Club, kids can enter Rapunzel’s Art Studio in Fairytale Hall. They’ll be able to read stories with Belle, perfect their icy powers with Elsa, and additional experiences.

And lastly, an interactive lab gives insight into what it takes to make Disney magic. 


Adult Storied Spaces with a Disney Twist

Disney Wish Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge
Disney Wish Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Whether you’re a fan of the Resistance or the First Order, the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge will be the spot to beeline to. Never seen before on DCL, the immersion takes place from the moment you walk inside. It’s there you’ll board a luxury space ship to take in a spacey view of Tatooine, Mustafar, and Batuu and sip creative cocktails. 

Also on the ship are “sophisticated spaces for adults”. Named a “suite of adult exclusive dining experiences”, each will be inspired by “Beauty and the Beast”. In The Rose, a hip cocktail lounge, the next stop is the reimagined Palo Steakhouse. Inspired by Cogsworth, the menu will be refined and sophisticated.

And the last stop? Enchant√©. Themed after Lumiere, it’s the ultimate of culinary experiences. With a three-star Michelin chef menu, both the food and setting will be decadently spectacular. 

As for relaxation, adults can head to QuietCove, an adult-only outdoor space, or Senses Spa. 

A Clean Cruise

For Disney Wish and all further Disney Cruise ships to be built, each will run on liquified natural gas, one of the cleanest, and most efficient, burning fuels on the water. 


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