Which Disney Character Warehouse Is Better?

disney character warehouse

For guests visiting Walt Disney World, shopping goes right along with dining and attractions. And when it comes to Disney shopping, I know it can put a dent in your wallet. But for those of us that have done a little digging, there are two places to score some major deals for officially licensed Disney products: Disney Character Warehouses. But which Disney Character Warehouse is better? Here’s the information to help you decide. 


Disney Character Warehouse Locations

There are two locations for Disney Character Warehouses (DCW), both only a couple of miles away from major theme parks. Both are located in Orlando Premium Outlets, a mecca for upscale shopping. also known as the Disney Outlet Store, each has a benefit. 

Here are the addresses for both DCWs:

Disney Character Warehouse Near Disney Springs: 8200 Vineland Ave #1252, Orlando, FL 32821

Disney Character Warehouse Near Universal Orlando Resort–  4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

What Does the DCW Sell?

A little bit of everything Disney, honestly. We’ve purchased items from Disneyland in California, Tokyo Disney, and Shanghai Disney. What you will find is overstock and holiday items plentiful. Most of the items have been taken off the shelves in the theme parks and sold here, so you won’t find many current items. 

Having written that, there are occasions when I’ll spy a new item and jump on it. 

At this time, there’s no way to shop the Disney Outlets online. However, there are companies that visit the warehouses daily and charge a minimum plus shipping to send items to your house. 

When Did the Disney Character Warehouse Reopen?

For many months, DCWs were closed. Mid-September, and under strict guidance, both locations reopened with a much smaller capacity. 


Disney Character Warehouse Virtual Queue

Upon reopening, DCW has instituted a virtual queue. What this means is that once you arrive, you’ll sign up for it using your smartphone. After you’ve given a castmember your phone number, you’ll receive a first text. When it’s your time to enter, you’ll receive another text. 

For the second text, you’ll have 15 minutes to return to the actual queue to grab your spot in line. You will have to wait a few minutes to enter the store once you’re checked in, so be prepared. 

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Pros and Coins of Each DCW

From visiting both locations several times, here are my takeaways:

Disney Character Warehouse near Disney Springs Much busier over the location on I-Drive. Additionally, I find product sells much quicker than the other location. A benefit of this location is that this one is quite a bit larger than the other. 


Disney Character Warehouse Near Universal – This location, I find, has much more parking. I’ve never had to circle the lot looking for a spot. Additionally, as it’s not near Disney World, it tends to be less crowded. And with the less crowding comes the ability to score better deals. Just my two cents. 


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