Should You Stay at a Rosen Hotel? A Full Rosen Hotel Review

Rosen Hotel Review: Rosen LBV fountain

There are 8 Rosen properties in the Orlando area, many of which you may not have heard about. Spanning from the Universal Orlando to Walt Disney World areas, the properties tend to be highly rated. But, are they worth staying at? Should you stay at a Rosen Hotel? Here’s my Rosen Hotel review. 

Rosen Hotel Review: Rosen LBV exterior
Rosen LBV back exterior

I adore hotel and resort hopping when I’m in the Orlando area. Not only does it give me a chance to check out the benefits of each property, it allows me to get the fell of each area and what’s around. 

On my last visit to Orlando, I stayed at two Rosen properties: Rosen Inn closest to Universal and Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista. Each had its own look and feel, style, and proximity to theme parks. I’ll delve into that in a minute. 

For reference, five of the eight Rosen properties are located on International Drive. And for even more reference, here’s a link to the Rosen Hotels Orlando map. One, the Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista, is less than a mile from Disney Springs. Rosen Inn on I-Drive is the closest property to Universal Orlando. So, I stayed at both as I write about theme parks a ton. 


What’s the Value of Staying at a Rosen Hotel?

Rosen Hotel Review: Rosen LBV banana plantation and garden
Rosen INN Lake Buena Vista

Firstly, let me write that staying on-property at theme park resorts has its benefits. You’ll get early access to the parks and shuttle service. But, there’s a huge increase in price for that luxury. If you’re driving yourself the parks and plan on exploring the area, staying offsite can be lucrative. 

rosen inn lbv splash pad
Splash pad at Rosen Lake Buena Vista

Keep in mind that there are different price tiers to the Rosen Hotel line. Rosen Inn LBV, in my opinion, is comparable to the All-Stars and Value resorts at Walt Disney World. Rosen Inn near Universal is a level higher in the fact that the rooms are indoor access while LBV has outdoor access. LBV also has a super adorable splash pad for younger kiddos. 

If you want a feeling of security, you got it. Each Rosen property has a gated entrance that requires a hotel pass to access. I had to show it each time I drove on the property. 

What Are the Rosen Hotel Freebies?

Rosen Inn near Universal guest room
Rosen Inn closest to Universal guest room.

Look, I get it. You’ll be spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars visiting Orlando attractions and theme parks. Add in dining and the cost definitely adds up. 

Rosen Hotels pride themselves on offering several highly beneficial free things. First, there’s no cost for wifi. At both properties we visited, the wifi worked very well. 

Second, there’s no parking fee. In the past couple of years, even Walt Disney World (WDW) has started to charge for resort parking. 

And lastly, there’s no resort fee. Correct, WDW doesn’t charge one, either, but most resorts in the Orlando do and it’s a pretty hefty one. 


Sanitary & Safety Measures

Rosen INN LBV side pool
Rosen INN LBV left wing pool

Right now, a major part of traveling involves staying safe. So, what do Rosen Hotels do to keep us safe? At both properties I visited, temperature screenings were done daily. I was given a wristband with the appropriate daily color so I only had to have it checked once a day. 

Additionally, the rooms are highly sanitized with each guest checkout. Housekeeping with only enter your room if you request it, which I’m very pleased about. I was able to order fresh towels, coffee, and toiletries when needed and they were left on my room door. 

Rosen Hotel Review: Sanitized Coffee maker
Sanitized Coffee maker.

My rooms didn’t smell weird and were downright spotless. Additionally, the coffee maker in each room was sanitized and wrapped in plastic for cleanliness. 



I have absolutely nothing bad to say about any of the Rosen staff, honestly. Each was very kind, always met me with a cheery disposition, and were very helpful. 


Rosen Hotel Dining

Both properties that I visited offer a mini market to grab snacks and drinks. As each room has its own microwave, small, heatable meals are also available for purchase. 

Honestly, I can’t write about the dining as I didn’t experience any in-house restaurants. Due to the pandemic, most were closed or only open on weekends. I can’t wait for that to change so I can add to this Rosen Hotel review. 


Inn a Nutshell

Rosen Hotel Review: Rosen LBV patio
Rosen LBV back patio area.

Would I stay at a Rosen Hotel again? In a hot minute. Not only were the rooms super clean and spacious, the beds were really comfy. We had no problems with our neighbors and I felt safe with the gated entrance. 

Honestly, I plan on visiting all of the Rosen properties to check them out and review. After all, you really can’t beat affordable hotels in Orlando!

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