Renovatio’s East Liverpool Review: Food, Service, and Ambiance

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool

Opening weekend, Renovatio’s was kind enough to squeeze us in for a review of the new East Liverpool restaurant. And, happily, we were able to try a little bit of everything. From food to service to theming, here’s our Renovatio’s Taproom & Restaurant review!

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool
Pizza oven and vault door at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Disclosure: All photos for this review are ours and the words written are my honest opinion. 

Where is Renovatio’s?

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool

If you’re not familiar with Downtown East Liverpool, Renovatio’s is located right on the main drag. Occupying the former Potters Savings & Trust Co. building, it sits on the corner of Fifth Street and Washington. 


Renovatio’s Menu

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool Craft Brew menu
Craft Brew Menu at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

If you’re looking for the Renovatio’s menu online, there is a link but it’s yet to be updated. But, visiting firsthand, I can tell you this: it does have some fun takes on traditional pub food. 

You’ll find everything from burgers to salads to wings. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by its craft beer menu. There will be a few swap outs, but we heard that many of them will be staying put. Additionally, many of the beers are from the Ohio craft brew scene as well. 



Theming & Ambiance

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool Bar area
Central bar at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Using the beauty of the former bank, there’s plenty of marble and pillars, which I enjoy. Seating is around the outside perimeter of the restaurant with a giant, four-sided bar in the center. Televisions are bar side for folks that want to check them out and have a beer. 

If you want a bird’s eye view, ask if the upper balcony is open. It really is lovely to look from above. It’s a good place to check out the giant panels showcasing prominent East Liverpool views. 


Renovatio’s Menu Standouts

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool Appetizers brie
Mead battered brie at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

Honestly, we didn’t have a bad dish when we visited, so that’s impressive in itself. But, if I had to put a gold star on an appetizer menu item, it’s the Mead Battered Brie Bites. Not only is the plating beautiful, the dish itself is a fun combination of sweet and savory. It’s crunchy battered brie topped with a berry sauce/compote and it’s worth ordering. 

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

As for entrees, If you like pan pizza-style crust, go for one of its oven-baked pizzas. I enjoy a traditional Margherita and it didn’t disappoint. My advice is to eat it as soon as it gets out of the oven or the crust can lose its crispiness. 

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool Angus Burger and fries
Bourbon bacon angus Burger and fries at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Mr. Locke ordered the Angus burger and he really enjoyed it as well. 

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool Wings
Honey Citron Mustard wings at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

As for the wings, we’ve never seen a honey citron mustard sauce apart from here, so we ordered them. The sauce was delicious, on the sweet side, and the wings were thoroughly cooked. I wish the skin would have been a little crispier, though. 

Renovatio's Review East Liverpool Dessert
Berry Cheesecake at Renovatio’s. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Let’s talk dessert. If you like cheesecake, go for the berry style. The cake was light and fresh and the berry topping delicious. I did hear that there’s an apple dessert that’s baked in the pizza oven, but it was completely sold out when we visited. 


In a Nutshell

Renovatio's sign

Renovatio’s is definitely a restaurant that this city needs, for sure. The service was excellent, the food delicious, and the overall ambiance beautiful. There are bottles of hand sanitizer on each table, which made me happy. Tables are spaced apart for physical distancing and the employees wear masks. 

We’ll definitely be returning. 

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4 Thoughts to “Renovatio’s East Liverpool Review: Food, Service, and Ambiance”

  1. Anonymous

    We sat beside you the evening you were there. And it seemed you two were the only ones that mattered that night because our experience was NOT good at all. From warm wine to being out of the first 3 things we ordered. And then completely receiving the wrong entree so one of us ate the other did not. And what we did get was not good. They treated you good how nice would have been nice if all the other customers mattered as much. Very sad.

    1. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Did you speak to management about it? Was it resolved?

      Thanks – Karyn

  2. Anonymous

    No social distancing at bar. Seating should be spaced out. No masks

  3. Anonymous

    Shhhhhhhh. Pretty sure you are the only person left that cares about social distance.

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