How to Get Empty Diagon Alley Photos

how to take empty Diagon Alley photos in Universal Orlando

There’s something particularly magical about empty theme park photos. Not only do they give you a true look at the park’s details, they’re nearly impossible to score. But this gal? I was able to take an empty Diagon Alley photo in Universal Orlando twice. Here are my tips for getting them.

how to take empty Diagon Alley photos in Universal Orlando


Sure, the hustle and bustle of Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley definitely makes the land seem more real. But on the super rare occasion that you can walk into the area and find it calm and desolate is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here’s how to take empty Diagon Alley photos using my best suggestions. 


Arrive at the Entrance Gate Early. And I Mean Early. 

The best tip I can give you is to be at the front of the line at a turnstile. Even if means waiting an hour until the park opens, it gives you the advantage. Have your ticket and ID ready to scan as well so there’s no holdup. 


Have Your Camera Ready to Shoot

While you’re waiting for rope drop (park opening) adjust the settings on your camera and cell phone. You’ll probably have only a few seconds to get THE shot, so take as many as you can in that time frame. 

how to take empty Diagon Alley photos in Universal Orlando

Additionally, if you want a solo shot of yourself and are with friends/family, have their cameras ready to go as well. 


Make Sure You Know Exactly Which Path to Take

Knowing the path you want to take before you start fast walking has a definite benefit. Again, while you’re waiting for rope drop, take a look at the Universal Studios Orlando map and get your bearings. 

What has worked for me is walking by Transformers and following the water on my right side. The entrance to Diagon Alley is hidden, so look for the English telephone booth and make a left into the hidden brick wall. If you hit Grimmauld Place, you’ve gone too far. 

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Walk Quickly

Theme parks frown upon running to get to an attraction, so walk as quickly as you can. I fast walked both times to Diagon Alley to get my morning shots. 


Wait Until Park Closing

If you’re not a morning person, linger around the area and try to be that last guest out of Diagon Alley for the night. With all of the storefront lit up, the photos are gorgeous. 



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