10 Natural Beauty Products for 2021 to Start the New Year Right

natural beauty products for 2021

2020 has been one heck of a year, so why not grab some natural beauty products for 2021 to start the new year off right? For this lady, I’m all about finding my happy place for the coming year, so I’m happy to share with you my new favorite products that not only give me a sense of “ahh”, they’re super useful and make my life easier. 


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I don’t even have to tell you how hard 2020 has been for all of us. I mean, I’ve spent more time in my pajamas this year than ever before and my couch cushion has seen more of my… nevermind. 

So 2021 is going to be different for me. I’m going to really start taking care of myself, exercise more, and travel as long as it’s safe. And in my travel suitcase will be a few of my new favorite products to make my life easier. Here are my suggestions. 


Natural Beauty Products for 2021: Tress Organix Hair Care

natural beauty products for 2021 Tress Organix

I received a sample of Tress Organix Smoothing Silk Creme and Moisturizing Deep Bliss Conditioner and feel in love with the scents and how they make my hair feel. If you want a cool backstory, creator Pam Trice came up with the all-natural products after her daughter had some major hair loss from chemical treatments. 

Created for all hair textures, I really, really love the Silk Creme. I get major tangles in the back of my long hair in the winter (hello, scarves!) and the product helps a ton by smoothing the cuticle. 


Biodegradable Hair Ties

natural beauty products for 2021 terra ties

How many times have you had a hair elastic around your wrist and lost it? For me, I couldn’t even count. Then I get to thinking about where it went and how it can only add to the waste problem. 

That’s where terra ties come in. A pack of 27, not only are the ties eco-friendly, the packaging is as well. Beast part? The hair ties easily break down in the compost pile. 


Natural Beauty Products for 2021: Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

natural beauty products for 2021 reusable makeup remover pads

For the past couple of years, I’ve been adding in one earth-friendly product to my daily routine at a time and lately it’s been taking out disposable beauty tools and products. Odoxia has a 15 pack of reusable Makeup Remover Pads that are organic and natural. They come in a mesh laundry bag, so all you need to do is pop them in the washer and dryer.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

natural beauty products for 2021 Schmidt's deodorant

I’ver asked for recommendations from my friends about all-natural deodorant and have tried probably a dozen brands. But, when it comes to the one that works best  for me right now, it’s Schmidt’s. They have several beautifully-scented styles but the Coconut Pineapple style  is the standout for me. It reminds me of a beach vacation – something I definitely need pronto!

If you haven’t used all-natural deodorant before, it will be a change. I had to reapply a couple of times throughout the day until my body got used to it. Now, I’m good to go. 


Natural Beauty Products for 2021: Hairlove Nourish + Repair Serum

natural beauty products for 2021 GOOD Essentials & Hairlove

Want/need an all-in-one product for hair, skin, and nails with zero scent? Enter Hairlove Nourish + Repair. Made from 100% organic argan oil, it smooths split ends, nourishes brittle nails and minimizes stretch marks. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the price tag is far less than what you’ll see in the beauty stores. At $24.95 for a 2 fl ounce bottle, it’s a steal because a little goes a long way. Add in the fact that it will save a ton of space in your travel beauty bag and it’s a no brainer. 


Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm

natural beauty products for 2021 Honest lip balm

What goes on the lips, goes into the body for me. So, I’ve been getting more and more into natural, organic beauty products. Honest Beauty has a vegan line of Tinted Lip Balm and the shades are natural and very pretty. 


GOOD Essentials Hand Sanitizer and Face Mist

natural beauty products for 2021 GOOD Essentials & Hairlove

Truth? I haven’t left my house without a bottle of hand sanitizer for years. But this year, it’s a whole new ballgame and a constant use when not in my home along with my cloth mask. And another truth, my hands are showing the signs, especially this winter. My dry, cracked skin is the result. 

GOOD Essentials has two super good products for this year: Rosemary + Lavender Hand Sanitizer and Face + Mask Aromatherapy Mist. Its sanitizer not only smells like I’ve just come out of a spa but the face mist is ideal for spraying on my mask for an instant calmness. 


Natural Beauty Products for 2021: CBD Living

natural beauty products for 2021 CBD Living

I’m all about natural products, so I’ve been trying out a few from CBD Living. Its Calming Body Lotion is scent free, and super moisturizing, its Cherry Lip Balm hydrates my lips with a nice, light touch of flavor, and its coconut Scented Salve is great for cracked hands and feet. 

But if you really want to try out its stellar product, go for the CBD Living Spray Tincture. With zero flavor it can be taken under the tongue or added to a beverage.

Of course, please do your research on the benefits of CBD oil ahead of time and check your prescriptions for side effects and interactions. 


Aqua Elegante Organic Essential Oil Bath Bombs

natural beauty products for 2021 Aqua Elegante bath bombs

The tub is my nighttime happy place. It’s where I get to spend 20 minutes watching beauty tutorials on YouTube (no kidding!) and the place to calm down from the day’s stressors. 

And I’m a sucker for a good bath bomb. Enter Aqua Elegante’s vegan soap bath bombs. With a choice of 12 large or 24 medium bath bombs, the scents have 10 times the essential oil found in other bath bombs. Additionally, each has extra shea butter to moisturize the skin. 


Natural Beauty Products for 2021: Coco & Co. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

natural beauty products for 2021 COCO & Co virgin coconut oil

Raw coconut oil is the way to go for beauty uses and Coco & Co. has a great deal on its Organic Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for use on hair and skin. Guaranteed to not go rancid, store it in your fridge and use to calm and smooth dry skin and hair. 


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