Easy Halloween Smoke Bomb Photo Tips

purple smoke bomb pumpkin

If you’re anything like I am, each Halloween you’re seeing more and more pumpkin smoke bomb photos online and social media. So, this year I wanted to create my own Halloween photo shoot and, I think, it turned out beautifully. What’s my secret? It’s a combination of secrets, actually. Here are easy Halloween smoke bomb photo tips so you can have the spooky images of your dreams, too. 

purple smoke bomb image


Order Colored Smoke Bombs Early. I Mean Early!

Halloween smoke bomb photo


I started thinking about a Halloween smoke bomb photo shoot this August. And, not knowing how long it would take to ship smoke bombs, I began researching then and there. 

And, it turns out that was a good idea. I ordered purple and teal colored smoke bombs from Amazon (affiliate link) in August with a ship date of late September. That was a decent turn around time, in my eyes. But, with shipping held up, I didn’t receive mine until the second week of October. Sure, I was in a bit of a panic but was assured they’d arrive on time. 

So, my tip is to order super early. Like, order now for next year if you have to. 


Line Up Your Shot Before You Light the Smoke Bomb

editing colored smoke bomb photos

While my daughter, aka model, was getting ready, I went outside in our yard to look for the best possible spots for photos. I didn’t want houses in the shots, nor fences, and wanted them to look like we were in the woods, so knowing where to stand ahead of time is ideal


Halloween Smoke Bomb Photo Tip: Choose a Day with No Wind

teal jack-o-lantern smoke bomb photo


To get the highest level of smoke concentration, check the weather for windless days and go with it. Even a light breeze will really blow the smoke around and desaturate the color.

Also, I kept the lid on my jack-o-lantern. I didn’t want a tower of smoke straight in her face. Yuck. 

60 Seconds of Shooting Time Per Smoke Bomb – Make the Most of it

Each smoke bomb that I ordered had roughly a minute of smoking time. Knowing this, I talked through the poses I wanted before I lit it up. 


Move Around Your Subject Not the Other Way Around

Colored smoke bomb Halloween photos

I had my daughter stand relatively still and I did all of the foot work. This way, our signals weren’t crossed and I could adjust for my camera only. If you’re moving and they’re moving, that’s twice as long to get THE shot. 

Once the Smoke Bomb Dies, Take More Photos

colored smoke bomb photo edited

The colored smoke bombs make the pumpkin look old and creepy, so we went with it and took some no-need-to-hustle shots. 

Edit, Edit, Edit

colored smoke bomb photo black and white

Once you have all of the photos you think you’ll need, use several different styles for each shot. Take the image above, for example. The original shot is just above it. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I edited both ways. And, I’ll be able to use to both styles eventually, too. 

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