Coffee Gifts for Pittsburgh Lovers

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers

Looking for a fun gift for someone that adores both coffee and The Burgh? From cool, sport-themed mugs to items with fun details that remind you of the city, here are awesome coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers that will keep you smiling – and caffeinated. 


Truth? Every time I visit Pittsburgh proper I always have that inner monologue of “why am I not here more?”. When I see scenes on the tele or online of gorgeous, Pittsburgh days and skies, I miss that view. And I’m sure I’m not alone. The city has everything to offer its visitors and locals – and that includes cool, hip coffee spots. So, for the times you can’t make it into the city, or days you want a reminder of the time you had in it, here are some fun coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers. 


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Sure, there are plenty of cool coffee shops in Pittsburgh that you can swing by and grab your favorite drink. But, for those times you can’t get to them, or simply want a reminder of Pittsburgh every time you take a sip, here are some fun choices. 

Got Yinz Coffee?

Coffee gifts: pittsburghese coffee mug


Pittsburghese is the local dialect. And, whether you like how it sounds or not, there’s no denying its uniqueness. So why not take a lesson in Yinzer with your morning Joe? This 11 ounce  Pittsburghese mug has many of the words and phrases that Pittsburghers use on a daily basis, making it a fun choice. 


Let’s Go Pens!

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers: pittsburgh penguins coffee mug


Sometimes you simply need a classic mug with a Penguins logo on it. This one holds 15 ounces of your favorite coffee, is made of ceramic, and has “Penguins” written on the handle. Now, if only it had a speaker with “Let’s Go Pens!” that would holler every time you picked it up. Or not. 


Penguins Coffee Maker

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers: pittsburgh penguins coffee maker

Yeah, it’s a thing. A personal coffee maker for dorm rooms, work desks, and small kitchens, this Pittsburgh Penguins coffee maker makes a single cup at a time. With a reusable filter, it’s one touch and done. 

Cozy Coffee

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers: steelers coffee cozy
Photo from CreativeLizzieBee Etsy shop.

Instead of popping a throw-away coffee cup sleeve to spare your hand, consider a Pittsburgh Steelers coffee cup cozy. One, it’s reusable. Two, you can throw it on your wrist until you use it and pretend like you have a hand-knitted sweatband for a 70’s throwback when the Steelers were in their prime. 


Pittsburgh Coffee Table Book

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers: Pittsburgh then and now coffee table book

When you’re tired of watching the sports report, pick up this beautiful Pittsburgh coffee table book and start flipping. “Pittsburgh Then and Now” gives insight through gorgeous photos of how our big city has grown and thrived through the years. And it’s not only pretty, it will let you brush up on your Pittsburgh facts. 


When the Team Goes Hot & Cold

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers: pittsburgh steelers tervis tumbler

…you can,too. Tervis is a super popular coffee mug brand and this 20 ounce Pittsburgh Steelers insulated mug will keep your hot drinks steaming for up to eight hours. Like iced coffee? You’ve got up to 24 hours of chilly, too. And if that wasn’t enough to sell you, it’s BPA free and has a lifetime guarantee. 


Anywhere, But Mainly Pittsburgh

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers: I'd rather be in Pittsburgh coffee mug

For the days when you’d rather be in the Steel City, this super cute “I’d Rather Be in Pittsburgh” mug will let the co-workers or your family know your intentions clearly. Made from ceramic with UV protection, it holds 11 ounces of your favorite beverage.  It’s also microwave and dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended. 


Because, Mister Rogers

coffee gifts for Pittsburgh lovers: world according to Mister Rogers book

Look, we all need inspiration and happy thoughts right now and our hometown hero, Fred Rogers is my go-to for both. He taught us how to tie our shoes and how to deal with our emotions. But, as adults, he can still give proper advice for trying times. “The World According to Mister Rogers” is 208 pages full of anecdotes and insights straight form his TV show, interviews, and letters. Put it on your side table for mornings where you need a little positive affirmation. 

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  1. Anonymous

    This product seems like some of the best souvenirs a local yinzer needs! I have just started school in Pittsburgh and I absolutely love it! can’t wait to gift some of these things for my family and myself!! Especially Mister Rodgers, I love his show and movie! Love how it ties into the history of Pittsburgh.

  2. Delilah

    My entire family and I are from Pittsburgh and these are absolutely perfect! I absolutely love the Mister Rogers book and the mugs. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Ammar

    I love the Pittsburgh coffee table book! I’ve basically lived in Pittsburgh for my entire life and to see how Pittsburgh was before I was born is really fascinating. Thank you for the recommendation!

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