CBMe Beauty Review: My Honest Experience

CBMe Beauty review full product line

Denise Richards recently launched a new line of skincare, CBMe Beauty. Vegan and cruelty free, the line offers four products for face and neck. Sure, it sounds like an amazing line, but does it live up to the claims? Additionally, is it worth the cost? Here’s my honest CBMe Beauty review including product photos and pricing. 


Disclosure: I was graciously given the full product line of CBMe Beauty to test drive. In no way does this sway my opinion or review. 


CBMe Beauty: What It’s About

In a nutshell, CBMe Beauty products use a combination of natural hemp oil and patented peptides to provide skin nourishment. The peptides used in the line are patented, so the line is offering a unique way to use them. 

Also, as I wrote above, the line is both vegan and cruelty free – and that’s definitely something I can get on board with. 

Let’s talk about hemp oil for a sec. A rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, hemp seed is a great addition to the beauty line in the fact that it can moisturize dry skin without clogging pores. It also claims to balance out oily skin. It also has the ability to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin so, along with the peptides, it’s a double whammy in the moisturizing department. 

But the question really is, do the CBMe Beauty products work? Here’s my experience.

My Experience with CBMe Beauty

First, I have to write that each product CBMe Beauty line has very little, to no, scent at all. I’m not a fan of highly-perfumed skincare – personally, I think it’s unnecessary. I’d rather beauty lines put additional, good-for-my-skin ingredients in it instead. 

Also, even though the line is made with hemp seed oil, it’s not super greasy. My skin changes from season to season (dry in winter, less dry with oily patches in summer), so I want products that work throughout the year. 

As for the plastic packaging, I really do enjoy it. It’s understated and clean. Honestly, I like a good glass bottle, but for travel I’m all about non-breakables. 

Next, my breakdown of each product in the CBMe Beauty line.

CBMe Beauty Advanced Eye Therapy $39.95

CBMe Beauty review advanced eye therapy
CBMe Beauty Advanced Eye Therapy

If I had to pick a standout from the CBMe Beauty line, it’s the Advanced Eye Therapy. I literally only need a half a pump for both eyes compliments of the super creamy, rich texture. There’s a very light, almost earthy scent compliments of the hemp seed oil and it didn’t cause my eyes to burn, happily. Also, I’m able to use it underneath my makeup and haven’t noticed any slippage or greasiness, either.

The recommendation is to use it twice a day, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. Have I noticed a change in the fine lines around my eyes. Definitely. The area looks much less dry. Also, it does help with puffiness in the morning. 

CBMe Beauty Probiotic Cleanser $24.95

CBMe Beauty review probiotic cleanser
CBMe Beauty Probiotic Cleanser

If there was a product in the CBMe Beauty line that was the most scented, it’s the Probiotic Cleanser. Definitely not overly-scented, it smells fresh and clean, almost like I’m walking through a garden of green plants. 

One of the best benefits of the cleanser is the fact that it removes makeup gently. It doesn’t make my eyes burn (love that) and all I need is one pump to get the job done. 

In regard to travel, if I had beef with any of the line it would be with the cleanser. There’s no lid for the pump, so I’d have to use a travel bottle if I wanted to take it with me. Not a deal breaker but definitely worth mentioning. 

Neck & Decollete Cream $59.95

CBMe Beauty review neck and decollete treatment
CBMe Beauty Neck & Decollete Treatment


I really enjoy the Neck and Decollete Cream, especially for warmer weather and lower cut shirts and dresses. It claims to be lightweight, but I found it more of a medium weight cream. When I think of lightweight, I tend to think more of a lotion style, but this cream definitely has some heft. I’m not mad at that, though. At all. 

When I use it, I can tell almost instantly that my neck and chest skin looks smoother. It doesn’t have a sheen to it, so it doesn’t enhance any lines or crepey spots, either. 

I also really dig the packaging. It’s a push cap pump-style, so it’s super easy to apply. 

CBMe Beauty Nightly Tri-Retinol Renewal Serum $59.95


CBMe Beauty review nightly tri-retinol renewal serum

The most potent of the line, CBMe Beauty’s nightly Tri-Retinol Renewal Serum does pack a punch. There’s zero scent (thank you!) and I really enjoy that, especially if I’m using it on my face all night. It claims to lighten dark spots but, honestly, I don’t think I’ve used it long enough to see any results. But it does moisturize my face without having a super greasy feeling like I’ve been bobbing for French fries. 

I need very little product for my face as it has a nice slip to it and applies easily. 

CBMe Beauty Review Final Verdict

Do I enjoy CBMe Beauty? Very much. Would I use it even if I wasn’t gifted the line? Sure! At this time, the only place you can purchase CBMe Beauty is online using this link. 

I like the fact that the products are healthier for me and my skin and it really is offering skin improvement, especially around my eyes. I’m not the kind of gal that plans to grow old gracefully, so being proactive about my skin is something I’ve been doing for years. 

There are two additional products in the CBMe Beauty line that I haven’t tried yet: Cream Oil Moisturizer and Melanin Sunscreen. I’m very interested in the sunscreen as you’re able to use in under makeup. If I do end up reviewing it, I’ll add it to this post. 


Thank you so much for reading my CBMe Beauty review! If you’ve used it and have additional comments, please let me know below. 

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