Disney Dining Plan Plus: How the 2020 Addition May Be Ideal for Your Trip

Disney Dining Plan Plus: Buffet Meal at Diamond Horseshow in Magic Kingdom

Have you heard about Disney Dining Plan Plus at Walt Disney World? It’s a new Disney Dining Plan 2020 option and might be exactly what everyone is looking for. A new twist on the Disney Dining Plan, it offers guests a little bit of everything. So, what is Disney Dining Plan Plus, how does it work, and what will it cost? Here’s the scoop on why it might make sense for your next visit. 

Yes, you can get plenty of Starbucks on the Disney Dining Plan!

Truthfully, I go back and forth regarding the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) depending on my budget and if I’m visiting to dine a lot. In 2019, there were three options for the DDP and I’ve tried all of them. With this year’s addition of Disney Dining Plan Plus, I’m definitely going to give it try and see if it’s beneficial for my family. Here’s what you need to know. 

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Disney Dining Plan Plus: The Basics

In a nutshell, the Disney Dining Plan Plus is a way to be flexible with your meals. For each person age 3 or older, you’re able to choose whether you want to use your two dining credits per night of stay at a Walt Disney World Resort on Table Service or Quick Service Restaurants. Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Everyone in the party ages 3 and over will receive the following each night of their package stay:

  • 2 Meals Per Night of Stay – This includes any combination of Table Service and Quick Service meals, including buffets, and one nonalcoholic or alcoholic (for guests 21 and over) beverage
  • 2 Snacks or Nonalcoholic Beverages Per Night of Stay
  • 1 Resort Refillable Mug – May be used at all Disney World Resorts for length of stay

With other Disney Dining Plans, you have a fixed number of both Table Service and Quick Service (QS) credits that could be used. For example, the middle tier Disney Dining Plan offers one Quick Service and one Table Service credit per night of stay, while the Quick Service Dining Plan offers two QS credit per night and the Deluxe Dining Plan has three Table Service credits per night of stay. 

With the DDP Plus, you can use any of the credits on any of the restaurants on the DDP at your leisure. Make Sense? You’ll want to keep in mind that Character Dining and Signature Restaurants are two table service credits per person, so two credits on the DDP Plus. 

Disney Dining Plan Symbol
Always look for the purple and white symbol next to snacks and drinks to make sure they’re on the Disney Dining Plan.

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Disney Dining Plan Plus Cost

For reference, here are the prices for all four DDP including Disney Dining Plan Plus:


Quick Service Dining Plan Cost: $55 per night of stay for guests 10 and over, $26 for children 3-9 (must eat from Kid’s Menu when available)

Disney Dining Plan Cost: $78.01 per night of stay for guests 10 and over, $30.51 for children 3-9 (must eat from Kid’s Menu when available)

Dining Plan Plus Cost: $94.60 per night of stay for guests 10 and over, $35 for children 3-9 (must eat from Kid’s Menu when available)

Deluxe Dining Plan Cost: $119 per night of stay for guests 10 and over, $47.50 for children 3-9 (must eat from Kid’s Menu when available)


Also worth noting: If you choose to dine at a table service restaurant, you’ll need to budget for gratuity which is 18-20%. You may charge it to your room (which you’ll have to pay for before you leave), use cash, a credit card, or a Disney Gift Card. 

Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs Holiday turkey
One of my favorite Quick Service restaurants in Walt Disney World: Earl of sandwich. You can beat it’s Holiday Turkey!

Dining Plan Plus: When it Makes Sense

When I first read about the DDP Plus Plan, I was shaking my head because I was like, why pay more for two meals – just get the traditional DDP.  Finally, it clicked in. As a gal that’s used the Deluxe DDP (three Table Service meals per night of stay), I can honestly say, it’s too much food for me and my family. We were stuffed to the brim during our entire vacation, so it’s a nope for me. But, the DDP Plus looks to be an ideal plan. I enjoy eating two table service meals a day (lunch and dinner), but three is way too many. So, for roughly $16.60 a day upgrade from the traditional DDP, I can have exactly what my family likes. 

Free Dining at Disney World

I haven’t seen any free Disney Dining Plans for 2020 yet that includes DDP Plus, so I’m not sure how the new tier will play into it. In the past, it depended on which tier of on-property WDW Resort you were staying at as to which plan you received. 

As soon as I receive word about it, I’ll add it here. But, as a rule, Disney Value and Moderates receive the Quick Service Plan for free, Deluxe resorts receive the traditional DDP for free. 


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