Chicken Guy! Disney Springs: The Best Quick Service Restaurant?

Chicken Guy! Sandwiches: Bourbon Brown BBQ on left, Big Bite B.L.A.T on right.

Disney Springs at Walt Disney World has a fun, affordable restaurant: Chicken Guy! Not only is it a fresh take on a classic menu, but the food is absolutely delicious. Is Chicken Guy! Disney Springs the best Quick Service Restaurant? Here’s the scoop.

Chicken Guy! Grilled Chicken Tenders with Avocado Crema dipping sauce

Disclosure: I was hosted by the fine folks at Chicken Guy! to give you the scoop on why it’s worth a visit. All opinions (and photos) are my own!


If you’ve ever read one of my restaurant reviews (thank you!), you know I’m all about chicken dishes. Truthfully, poultry is about the only meat that I eat at this point, so I’ve become a connoisseur, if you will. Until recently, Earl of Sandwich was my go-to Quick Service restaurant at Disney Springs (its Holiday Turkey is the business). But, after a recent visit to Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs, it really got me thinking if it was my new favorite Quick Service restaurants

In a word: yep. 

Let’s proverbially dig in to why.

What Makes Chicken Guy! Different 

Chicken Guy! Disney Springs outside dining

In a nutshell, it’s right on the wall when you’re in the indoor dining area. Its “chicken tenders are all natural, never frozen, antibiotic-free, hand-pounded, and fresh everyday”. Does that make a difference? You bet. In regards to texture alone, I could tell from the get-go that they have a softer feel with no need for a knife. 

What else? All of the Chicken Guy! sauces are made from scratch. Its cheese sauce is made from scratch. See where I’m going here?

As for the Chicken Guy! locations, Disney Springs is its flagship location. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating and its store recently closed to make room for more tables. If you’d like a little backstory, Guy Fieri partnered with Robert Earl (founder and CEO of Planet Hollywood) to create Chicken Guy! 


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Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Menu

Chicken Guy! Sauces

Chicken Guy! Disney Springs 22 dipping sauces
All 22 dipping sauces at Chicken Guy!

Sometimes too many sauces can be overwhelming because I have a hard time narrowing down which one I’d like to try. In the case of test-driving Chicken Guy!, all 22 sauces were brought out for us. Guy Fieri has a few favorites and then there are The Classics and Hot ‘N’ Spicy. 

Guy! Favorites

1. Special Sauce – Mayo + Ketchup + Mustard + Pickle Juice + Chicken Guy! Special Spices & Seasonings

2. Donkey Sauce – Mayo + Roasted Garlic + Mustard + Worcestershire + Lemon

4. Ranchero – Roasted Tomato + Bell Peppers + Chilies + Cumin + Garlic + Onion + Cilantro

5. Curry Mayo – Coriander + Cumin + Turmeric + Chili Powder + Garlic + Lime + Mayo

6. Wasabi Honey – Wasabi + Honey + Lime

7. Cumin Lime Mojo – Cumin + Lime + Cilantro + Roasted Garlic

15. Garlic Parmesan – Mayo + Roasted Garlic + Parmesan + Parsley + Black Pepper

17. Avocado Crema – Avocado + Sour Cream + Cilantro + Lime


The Classics

8. Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ – Kentucky Bourbon + Brown Sugar + Molasses + Apple Cider Vinegar

9. Buffalo – Red Chilies + JalapeƱo + Garlic + Onion + Paprika + Vinegar

10. Bleu Cheese – Crumbled Bleu Cheese + Mayo + Lemon + Sour Cream

11. Buttermilk Ranch – Buttermilk + Mayo + Dill + Chives + Garlic + Onion

12. Lemon Pepper – Mayo + Lemon + Honey + Black Pepper

13. Honey Mustard – Yellow Mustard + Mayo + Honey + Lemon

14. Teriyaki – Soy Sauce + Brown Sugar + Sesame + Garlic

16. Sweet ‘N’ Sour – Orange + Pineapple + Honey + Vinegar


Hot ‘N’ Spicy

3. Chipotle Ranch – Chipotle Peppers + Smoked Paprika + Buttermilk Ranch

18. Nashville Hot Honey – Honey + Red Chilies + Cayenne + Garlic + Onion

19. Peri Peri – Roasted Red Bell Peppers + Chilies + Garlic + Onion + Paprika + Oregano + Lemon

20. Habanero Hot Sauce – Fresh Habanero + Vinegar + Onion + Garlic

21. Spicy Mayo – Roasted Red Chilies + Cayenne + Chipotle Peppers + Honey + Mayo

22. Sweet Sriracha BBQ – Roasted Red Chili Puree + Tomato + Onion + Molasses + Brown Sugar

As for sauce standouts for me, I have to go with Special Sauce, Cumin Lime Mojo, and Brown Sugar BBQ. If you like some heat, Peri Peri is a good one. 

Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Menu Standouts

Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Loaded Fries

So, let’s talk about the menu. There aren’t a ton of items (which I don’t hate), but the ones they do offer are very good. VERY good. We tried two Signature Sandwiches: Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ and Big Bite B.L.A.T.

Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ – Delicious with not too much sauce. I thought adding BBQ kettle chips and slaw on top was a fun take. It reminded me of a BBQ version of a Primanti Bros. sandwich in Pittsburgh. 

Big Bite B.L.A.T.  – A BLT with Avocado Crema and Buttermilk Ranch sauces. The bacon was cooked to perfection – crispy. 

If I had to choose one over the other, I’d pick the Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ. I really enjoyed the texture and flavor combination. 


When it comes to sides, I’d choose Loaded Fries and Mac Daddy Mac ‘N’ Cheese. If I had to choose one over the other? The mac and cheese. 

Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Location

As it’s a Robert Earl restaurant, it makes perfect sense that’s it’s next door to Planet Hollywood. If you need its whereabouts at Disney Springs, it’s in Town Center. And if you need a landmark, look for the hot air balloon ride, Characters in Flight – it’s very close to it. 


Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Dining Plan

Chicken Guy! is a Quick Service restaurant. So, if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, you’re able to eat there with no problem. Prices are very affordable as theme park pricing goes, so I wouldn’t use a Table Service credit on it. 

With each Quick Service Order, you’ll receive:

  • One entree
  • One Nonalcoholic Beverage (or one alcoholic beverage for guests 21 and older)

Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs does offer beer and wine. Just sayin’.

Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Milkshakes: Apple Cinnamon Cereal on left, Triple Double Mint on right.

Speaking of beverages at Chicken Guy!, it has two milkshakes definitely worthy of trying: 

Triple Double Mint – Mint chocolate soft serve, chocolate cookies, chocolate mints, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream

Apple Cinnamon Cereal – Vanilla soft serve, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks cereals, and fresh whipped cream. 

The standout for me was Apple Cinnamon Cereal. Again, I’m all about texture, and it was perfect. My teen daughter loves mint, though, and likes Triple Double Mint best. 

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Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Hours

The hours are pretty easy to remember:

  • Sunday – Thursday 11am – 11pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11am – midnight

Chicken Guy! Disney Springs Mexican Street Corn Salad

Of course, the opening and closing times are subject to change, so double check before you go just to make sure. 

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