12 Creative Disney World Romantic Ideas

Disney World romantic ideas:

Fun fact: Walt Disney World is not just for kids. In fact, it can be downright romantic if you know where to go and what to do. But, how do you start planning for a romantic trip to the “Most Magical Place on Earth”? From in-room celebrations to decadent dining, here are 12 Disney World romantic ideas. 

Disney World romantic ideas: Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
Sunrise over Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – breathtaking!

If you think Disney World is all about families enjoying vacation, you’re totally right. But, it’s also about celebrating special occasions and life milestones – and that includes all the romantic ones. During my visits, I’ve seen everything from anniversary celebrations to marriage proposals to first dates. And truly, you can make anywhere at Disney World romantic with just the right touches. But, I thought, why not narrow down the extra-special places for romantic celebrations and fun? Here are my favorites. 


World Showcase at Epcot

World Showcase at Epcot has 11 pavilions, each in honor of a specific country. Each is also decorated true to its heritage, making it feel like you’ve gone to that country. In my humble opinion, there are a few that are more romantic than the others, though. Here are my top picks for romantic spots in World Showcase at Disney World:

Italy Pavilion Bridges

If you’re looking at World Showcase from Future World, Italy Pavilion is across the water and to your left. When you arrive, you’ll first notice the lovely architecture and romantic music playing. But, turn around and face the water and there are adorable bridges made for gazing and taking photos. So, take a stroll on the bridges and wait for the sun to set. THAT’S a view!

Tea Garden

In UK Pavilion, there’s the sweetest tea garden that you can stroll around. Time it right, and you’ll catch Alice or Mary Poppins signing autographs. But, even without the character meet and greets, the garden is shaded from the sun and offers a pretty walking path. 

Morocco Pavilion

Disney World romantic ideas: Morocco Pavilion

From the front, Morocco Pavilion looks pretty small. But, start wandering through its markets and you may find yourself lost in its architectural beauty – and that’s a good thing. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for an indoor respite from the heat, Mexico Pavilion (first pavilion on your left when hitting the World Showcase) is cool and dark. It also has a pretty boat ride attraction, Gran Fiesta Tour. 


Make Some Fireworks of Your Own – or Watch Walt Disney World’s

Disney World romantic ideas: Magic Kingdom fireworks

So, let’s talk about the ultimate Disney World fireworks. Again, my opinion, but it’s Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After. Combine those heart-warming Disney tunes with a gorgeous sky filled with flashing lights, and it’s an instant magical moment. 

If you’ve never seen the castle show or fireworks before, definitely grab a spot in front of Cinderella Castle for the full experience. If you already have, we find behind the castle much less crowded and it offers a 360 view of fireworks. And, if you really want a cozy spot, New Fantasyland near Gaston’s Tavern is lovely. 

If you’d like some decadence with your romance, think about a fireworks dessert party. Yes, it’s an upcharge, but you’ll ave a premium view of the fireworks, all the dessert and drinks you can eat, and plenty of space to move about. To book a dessert party, you’ll need to head to the fireworks dessert party website and book there. 


You’re as Cute as a (Celebration) Button

Disney World romantic ideas: celebration buttons

Showing how happy you are at Walt Disney World is a no brainer, but there’s an easy way to let castmembers know it’s a special day for you, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or engagement: celebration buttons! Just one of a ton of free things at Disney World, feel free to ask a castmember at any park or Disney Springs for a customized one. If you like, you can leave it as is, but castmembers have a way of putting on special touches. So much so, feel free to keep yours as a souvenir. 

Speaking of free, there are plenty of free things to do at Disney Springs, too. 

In Room Celebration

Did you know that Disney World can amp up the romance in your resort room if staying on property? Yep! Disney Floral & Gifts offers celebration packages that are dropped off in your room on a day of your choosing. For an additional charge, you can purchase “A Wish Come True” package with a dozen vased roses, candles, and rose petals. Add in sparkling juice, champagne flutes, and chocolates and it’s classic romance. 

Are you ready to make your next Walt Disney World vacation a romantic one? From quiet walks in the sand to decadent dining, here are my top picks for Disney World romantic ideas! #Disney #WDW #RomanticTravel #CouplesTravel #Disneyanniversary #Orlando #Florida #romanticgetaways

Decadent Dining

I’m such a lover of great dining experiences, especially when it’s a romantic occasion. There are two Walt Disney World signature restaurants that really amp up the romance:

Choosing the best-of-the-best restaurant at Walt Disney World is very easy:  Victoria & Albert’s. Not only does it pay homage to the British royal couple, it’s fine dining at it’s, well, finest. There are three styles of dining and add-ons, but the once-in-a-lifetime experience is so worth it. Located in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, dining is in demand here, so you’ll need check for reservations here. Also, booking months in advance is not uncommon.

Keep in mind, V&A’s does have a dress code, so you’ll need a jacket and tie for the men, dress or pant suit for the ladies. 

California Grill is less dressy, for sure, but it offers fine dining and an amazing view of Magic Kingdom’s fireworks. Located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort, if you can time your meal with Happily Ever After it’s ideal. 

A Grand (Floridian) Celebration

Disney World romantic ideas: waltz with Cinderella and Prince Charming at Grand Floridian Resort

Finding romance at Walt Disney World doesn’t have to cost a fortune, trust me. If you want a romantic moment that’s free of charge, head to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and catch Cinderella and Prince Charming waltzing in the lobby. They make their grand entrance via staircase then head to the lobby for a gorgeous dance. The best part? you can join in on the fun and take a spin around the room yourself. Ask the front desk for waltz times. 

Another way to see the beauty of the Monorail Resorts is to take a boat ride across the Seven Seas Lagoon. You can charter a boat or hop on one of WDW’s free modes of transportation and get the perfect windblown super model hair!

Take a Walk on a Beach

A cool fact about WDW Resorts is there are plenty with sandy beaches to stroll along. My personal favorites are Disney’s Polynesian Village, Beach and Yacht Clubs, and Caribbean Beach for the vies and sand quality. Yeah, I wrote sand quality. Keep in mind you’ll probably not be able to get to water’s edge, but the sand on your toes is ideally romantic.

Take a Sky High Balloon Ride

Disney World romantic ideas: Flights of Wonder hot air balloon ride

Last, but definitely not least on my list of romantic Disney World ideas, is Flights of Wonder at Disney Springs. As long the weather is cooperating (not too windy), soaring into the air on a tethered hot air balloon is so romantic. Prices are affordable, but if you really want a view on a budget, go for the sunrise balloon ride. Of course, you’ll have to get up early, but seeing Disney World with a peek of the morning sun is all the romance. 

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