2020 Ohio Lover Gift Guide: 25 Creative Gift Ideas

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

Have a Buckeye State lover in your life – or want to share your love of Ohio with your family and friends? Here are the coolest, cutest, ideal gifts for anyone that needs a little Ohio in their life! Check out these 25 gift ideas for this year’s 2020 Ohio Lover Gift Guide. 

Looking for gifts for the Ohio lover in your life? From vintage prints to must-read books, here are 25 fun and creative Ohio gifts for the 2019 holiday season! #Ohio #OhioGifts #OhioHolidays #OhioGiftGuide


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Homesick for Ohio?

Ohio Gift Guide for Ohio Lovers: Homesick for Ohio Candle

Know someone that’s missing his or her home state so badly they want the essence of it in their home? This Homesick for Ohio candle has a combination of carnations, honeysuckle and orange zest, balanced with powdery musk and an herbaceous blend. So, maybe they won’t be home for the holidays (or are coming home and want to take the scent of it back with them), but they can certainly smell like they’re home.

Got Ohio Cheese?

I love Ohio cheeses and this all bamboo cheese board featuring the state of Ohio would be perfect for folks that love to host parties. Just think, grab some wine, cut up some cheese and artisan bread, and it can be a party for 1 or 100. 

Speaking of wine…

A Little Wine with Your Holiday?

Whether you have an Ohio lover that likes wine, coffee, or water, this 12-ounce Ohio to-go tumbler by Tough Girls will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks, well, you guessed it. 

Bite Down on a Buckeye

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Anthony Thomas Chocolates in Columbus and I can tell you, its giant, 200+ pound buckeye looks delicious every time I walk by, but I couldn’t imagine carting it home. Happily, the chocolate company makes traditional size versions and they are delicious! With 24 bite-sized buckeyes in a 14.5 ounce box, right now’s the perfect time to ship them without worry of melting. 

You Better Do These Things in Columbus

Ohio Lovers Gift guide

I love knowing the go-to spots in any city, and Anietra Hamper has the scoop on Columbus. All 100 of them, in fact. The first edition was so popular it’s now a second, and order “100 Things to Do in Columbus Before You Die” through this link and she’ll even sign it for you. 

Hang Ohio on the Wall

I remember old-school shadow boxes. These days, cute (and affordable) shadow hangings depict everything from A to Z – with Ohio in the middle. This super cute 6.76 x 7.5 inch Ohio shadow hanging has populated cities in the background, but the coolest touch is the ability to add a red heart to a hometown or favorite Ohio spot. 

Wearable Ohio Art

Wearing a little piece of home, no matter where you are, is a fun way to still feel connected. I adore this dainty, yet detailed, Ohio Map Necklace in silver tone. 

Not Monopoly, Buckopoly

I have to be honest, I’ve never finished a game of classic Monopoly, but Buckopoly – I might be able to with a one-hour version of the classic game. Filled with notable OSU locations, the game has board spaces specific to the university. 


Is that What Ohio Smells Like?

Ohio Gift guide

Buckeyes are probably one of my top candy flavors, so this 9-ounce State of Ohio Ohio soy candle, featuring the scents of decadent chocolate and peanut butter, would be perfect for gift giving, especially to those with a sweet tooth. 

Remember those OSU Drinking Days?

Ohio Gift Guide

They may have swapped out Coors Light for Basil Hayden, so these whiskey glasses featuring the Ohio State University campus will be perfect for reliving the old days. Heck, they can still give it the old college try, too. 

Upcycled Ohio

Ohio Gift Guide

Hey, recycling and upcycling is a good thing, so why not show a love of the Buckeye State with repurposed dictionary pages. This 8×10 inch Ohio art print gives everyone who sees it knowledge that you might not live in Ohio, but your roots still remain there. 

Tuck in Your Roots. Or Not. 

Ohio Gift Guide

Another way to show not where you are, but where you came from, is with this super soft Home Roots State of Ohio t-shirt. With 200% preshrunk cotton and a modern cut, it comes in several understated colors. 

Ohio Coffee Lover

Ohio Gift Guide

Ohio may not be where they came from, but it’s where they hang their hat now, so why not give them an adorable, aqua and white Ohio coffee mug. The mug holds 11 ounces, is UV protected, and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Jingle Jangle Ohio Bangle

Ohio Gift Guide Charm Bracelet

Long distance relationships can last, definitely. So why not show that it’s only a plane ride between the two of you with an adorable Ohio charm bracelet. Not only is the stainless steel bracelet expandable, additional charms may be added. 

We’re so Much More than the Miles Between Us

Ohio Gift Guide Miles between us keychain

No matter who still lives in Ohio, this Ohio keyring is a statement to the longevity of long distance relationships. Made from stainless steel and alloy, the keychain offers a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love it. 

Ohio Hooligans?

Ohio Gift Guide

Did you know there were fiends and hooligans in old-school Ohio? Authors David Meyers and Elise Meyers Walker retell the tales of capital city corruption and its con men in Wicked Columbus, Ohio. Personally, I think this book would make a fun bedtime read for folks that love American (and Ohio) history. 

Reclaim Your State Pride

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

The term ship lap may have taken a fall in popularity, but pallet art is still popular. Enter the Kindred Hearts 12x 13.5 inch Ohio State Slogan Pallet Board Wall Art. Made with reclaimed and natural wood, it can be hung or set on a flat surface. 

Cuff Love

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide Cuff Bracelet

Whether it’s Ohio Pride or a piece of missed home state (or for a college upcomer!) this one’s a really cute idea. This Ohio Home Cuff Bracelet is made from gauge silver aluminum and will fit most wrists. 

Go Ahead, Walk All Over My Team


Ohio Lover gift Guide

Hey, any other time, there’s no way you’d let someone walk all over or talk smack about OSU. But this NCAA OSU Mens Medallion door mat is the perfect way to show off your college pride and always have a snarky comment when you greet someone at your door. 

Coordinate Your Locations

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

I’ve considered getting my daughter’s birth location tattooed, but until I’m ready to make that a permanent decision, I love the idea of a GPS Coordinate Necklace. Available in three colors, the coordinates can be limitless, but I like birth, proposals, weddings, and holiday locations myself. 

Because Vinyl Is So Hot Right Now

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

I’ve been collecting vinyl my entire life, so hanging this Columbus, Ohio vinyl wall clock from VinylShopUS is a no brainer. Offering a small view of the C-Bus skyline, you can personalize it to reflect more than just the state capital.

A Whiff of The Oval

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

This candle’s specifically for OSU lovers, and I don’t hate it. If you have someone in mind that would love to reminisce about their college happy times, an OSU-scented candle (aka, chocolate and peanut butter) is the perfect gift. 

A Salute to C-Bus on Your Back

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

Okay, technically it’s on your front, but it sounds much nicer the other way. Made with a vintage style, this C-Bus tee will be a great way to give tribute to their fave city. It’s got a classic fit, comes in plenty of colors, and is both lightweight and bank account friendly. 


Aww, Cookie, You Shouldn’t Have

Ohio Lovers gift Guide

Enough with the terms of endearment. A super cute stocking stuffer for those that love to bake, or those that want to learn, this is a super cute, 4 1/8-inch state of Ohio cookie cutter made from tin plated steel. Even if you can’t see your special someone using it, consider buying one for yourself to make them cookies to take home. 

Ahh, the Good Old Days

Ohio Lovers Gift Guide

If you know someone that loves the Ohio days of yore, or just likes looking at old maps, this 1862 Ohio Vintage Map will look great on their wall. FYI: It doesn’t come framed, but do the honors and gift it behind glass and you’ll get bonus points. 

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