Mean Girls in Pittsburgh Review: So Fetch!

Mean Girls The Musical in Pittsburgh stage

The new age cult classic movie, “Mean Girls” is not only a major Broadway musical, it’s a massively popular one. I had the pleasure of attending opening night in Pittsburgh and found it to be so fetch! Wait, I know. I’m not going to make that happen. Anyway, here’s the scoop on why it was such a fun night. 

Mean Girls The Musical in Pittsburgh Benedum Marquee

Disclosure: I was graciously hosted by the folks at Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to give you the scoop on Mean Girls, The Musical in Pittsburgh. All opinions are my own!

Since “Mean Girls” first arrives on the theater screen, I’ve been hooked. I mean, who can resist such a highly-fashionable, highly quotable movie? To my delight (and the delight of millions of others), Mean Girls, The Musical made its way to the Pittsburgh Broadway Series. Honestly, never having seen it before, I was stoked. What I discovered was a fun spin on the original film with loads of catchy tunes. 

Mean Girls in Pittsburgh: The Cast

Mean Girls The Musical in Pittsburgh playbill

If you’re anything like I am, you’re pretty loyal to any original cast, movie or otherwise. Happily, the cast of  Mean Girls, The Musical did not disappoint. While I spent most of the first songs in the play in pretty major awe of the electronic stage background changes, once I calmed down my inner moth, I actually was pretty impressed over the cast. 

All brought their A game, but there were definitely some standouts. Jonalyn Saxer, AKA Karen Smith, was brilliantly clueless and vapid, exactly what you’d expect from the character. Samuel Gerber (Damian Hubbard), stole the show, in my honest opinion. He sang beautifully, danced even better, and his lines were spoken flawlessly. Plus, he still had the XXXXL pink polo to share with Cadie, as we’d all expect.

Mean Girls The Musical: Different from the Movie?

Mean Girls The Musical in Pittsburgh Merchandise

In a word, yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Compared to the movie, Cadie Herron’s role and backstory was fleshed out more. Her interactions with Aaron Samuels (played by Adante Carter) were more awkward, which I’d expect from a girl that lived her entire life in Kenya. 

But the biggest change from the movie is Regina’s carb bender and its effect on the six-time performance of a Christmas song. In the movie, she didn’t gain weight until after, but in the play, it’s almost immediately, making for a funny (yet PG) scene with a touch of modern tech.

Also, Regina’s hookup with Shane is not in the projection booth, but instead inside of the school’s Lion mascot costume. Yes, it’s played out fully, so distract younger kiddos or be prepared to answer some questions. 

Speaking of lions, here’s my review of The Lion King Musical in Pittsburgh in case you missed it. 

There are a handful of tickets available for Mean Girls in Pittsburgh through through the official Pittsburgh Cultural Trust link

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