7 Important Tips for Bloggy Con at Cedar Point: Know Before You Go

Tips for Bloggy Con: Hotel Breakers Exterior

Bloggy Con is a fun event in the Midwest for both new and seasoned writers alike. It’s filled with tons of information and useful takeaways, too. Ready to make the most out of your experience? From location to what to expect, here are my best tips for Bloggy Con at Cedar Point.

A conference room at Bloggy Con 2017.

I always enjoy my trip up to the Lake Erie Shores & Islands area at Sandusky, OH, for Bloggy Con. Not only does it take place at the PERFECT time of year (AKA opening weekend at HalloWeekends!), it’s a way to connect with other writers and bloggers that want to enhance their knowledge and websites.

Add in the fact that it’s an affordable blogging retreat and it’s the perfect mix for all of us. This year, I’ll be a Featured Speaker talking about making the most of your smartphone photography, so I wanted to share what you can expect if it’s your first time – I was there, too. 


1. The Connections Are Endless


Concerned about not knowing everyone at Bloggy Con? So was I at my first conference. But, it turns out, I had absolutely nothing to fear. At all. Everyone was genuinely nice, super friendly, and very willing to share experiences. 

So, feel free to introduce yourself, do a little or a lot of networking, and get ready to make some new friends. It might feel terrifying to put yourself out there, but just think: everyone else will be doing it, too.

Myself included. So, please introduce yourself to me. I adore making new friends. 


2. Sessions Are Located in Two Areas

Tips for Bloggy Con: Hotel Breakers
The beautiful carousel horse in the lobby of Hotel Breakers.

This year, there are two locations for sessions: The Convention Center and Erie Isles in Hotel Breakers. Both will offer great opportunities to enhance your writing, photography, and social media. So, my advice is to get familiar with the agenda and make a list of which sessions are your ride or dies. Then, feel free to hop back and forth, stay in one, or change your mind. It all depends on what you’re feeling. 


3. Tips for Bloggy Con: Cedar Point Tickets Included

Tips for Bloggy Con: Cedar Point passes
Windseeker at Cedar Point. With your passes, you can absolutely ride it – and the view is gorgeous!

As in the past, the folks at Cedar Point have been very generous and are allowing each registrant up to six, three-day passes to its theme park if staying on property. Definitely take advantage of your downtime at the conference to head into the park, especially if it’s your first time.

If you’re not staying onsite, you’ll get up to two one-day Cedar Point tickets. 

Cedar Point is much less crowded in the daytime, so if you’re able and want to, pop in and out at your leisure. Also, the temperatures are varied this time of year, so bring a light jacket and a heavy one if you can pack it in your suitcase. In a single day, I’ve gone from a t-shirt and shorts in the morning to full-on jacket, hoodie, and jeans at night. 

Also to note, HalloWeekends offers two distinct atmospheres: a not-scary version during the day and a scary, creepy one at night. Here’s a YouTube video from my channel sharing all the fun if you’ve never been:

And remember to pick up your tickets at the Hotel Breakers check-in counter when you arrive. 


4. Take Advantage of the Bloggy Con App


This year, there will be no paper printout of the agenda, so my advice is to take a screenshot of it via your phone or computer. Another super easy way to keep organized is via the Bloggy Con official app. It’s a third party app so you’ll have to download it – you won’t find it in the app stores. 


5. Bring Business Cards if You Have Them


For me, it’s so much easier to swap business cards than to write down emails and websites from newly-made friends. So, pack more than you’ll think you’ll need just in case. And, if you don’t use them, at least you won’t have a woulda/shoulda/coulda situation when you leave.


6. Tips for Bloggy Con: Take All the Notes


Bloggy Con has so many sessions that it’s very easy to forget important takeaways. So, do yourself a favor and bring a notepad if you prefer to write things down. That’s my method of note taking, but I also take advantage of my smartphones notepad – and even take my MacBook to keep notes. My suggestion? If you’re planning on using several mediums for online note taking, use Google Drive so your notes will sync across your tech. 

And, with the note taking comes a quick don’t forget: Bring your chargers with you to the sessions. It’ll save you from running back to your car or hotel room. 


7. Connect with Other Attendees on Social Media

Tips for Bloggy Con: Twitter feed

I always feel more connected to all the Bloggy Con attendees through live social media. This year should be no different, happily. The hashtag for the conference is #BloggyCon, so feel free to use it across all your social platforms. I love creeping on the hashtag and to check out photos and posts from other attendees. 

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