Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Review: The Mall at Robinson

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Robinson: Menu

Wahlburgers just opened its second restaurant in the Pittsburgh area and we couldn’t wait to test it out. From menu, to staff, to location, here’s a full review of Wahlburgers Pittsburgh: The Mall at Robinson.

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Robinson: Our Burger
The famous, and the most popular burger on the menu, Our Burger. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Disclosure: I was graciously hosted by the folks at Wahlburgers Pittsburgh. All opinions and photos are my own.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I’ve never been to a Wahlburgers. And while I know all about the family behind it, (I was a huge NKOTB fan and Mark Wahlburg is one of my favorite actors) I never stepped foot in a restaurant. Happily, that changed last week. With its newest location at The Mall in Robinson, it’s super close to home for me. So, there is no way I was passing up the opportunity to check it out here’s my take on the latest Wahlburgers location.

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh: An Overview

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Robinson: Interior
The cool inside of Walhburgers Pittsburgh at the Mall at Robinson.

There are two Wahlburgers locations in Pittsburgh, but I will be focusing on the mall at Robinson location. You’ll find it direction beside the food court on the upper level. It has two entrances as well: a dedicated entrance outside the mall and one in the food court.

So let’s talk about the Wahlburgers restaurant chain for a minute. You’ve probably heard of both Mark and Donnie Wahlburg, but it’s their third brother that started the chain, Paul. So, from menu items to decor, everything about the restaurant has to do with Paul’s childhood and family memories. 

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh: Best Menu Choices

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Robinson Thanksgiving Turkey burger
My favorite burger on the menu: Thanksgiving Turkey Burger.

If you’ve been to other Wahlburgers locations you know there are common standouts on every menu. Items like “Our Burger” and sweet potato tots dipped in Wahl sauce are super popular. And then there’s my favorite: the “Thanksgiving Turkey Burger”. It’s like a Thanksgiving leftover dinner between a super soft bun. But Pittsburgh locations have two menu items that you’ll find nowhere else: the “Smashed Pierogi Burger” and Pittsburgh ranch dressing.

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Robinson: The Impossible burger
If you didn’t know it was a meatless burger, you’d never know.

If you’re a fan of Mrs. T’s pierogies, trying the Smashed Pierogi Burger is a must. According to Mr. Locke, the burger is juicy and delicious and the pierogies give a fun addition with a Pittsburgh twist. As for the ranch, it turns out that Pittsburgh folks were not satisfied with regular ranch so Wahlburgers made a special dressing just for us. Truth? It really is good. And as for vegetarians, The Impossible Burger is just that: impossible to tell it’s not beef. The Kid devoured hers and she couldn’t believe it. 


Wahlburgers Pittsburgh: Staff

Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Robinson: Sweet Potato tots
Sweet Potato Tots at Wahlburgers.

We visited during opening week, and yes it was very very busy, which I expected. I also expected an extended wait time because it was so busy. But for me, honestly the wait time was bad at all! Our waitress was very kind, knowledgeable, and knew a ton about the menu, which I appreciated since it was my first time at a Wahlburgers.



Wahlburgers Pittsburgh: Dessert Menu

Strawberry and Boston Cream Cupcakes at Wahlburgers Pittsburgh Robinson.
Definitely try the cupcakes when you visit -so decadent!

There’s no way we could visit Wahlburgers without test driving a few things off the dessert menu. Mr. Locke test drove the boozy version of its frappe and really loved it. As for The Kid and I, we ordered a couple of seasonal cupcakes off the menu: Strawberry and Boston cream. If I had to choose one over the other I would pick the Strawberry – and The Kid agrees.

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