What Does the 2019 Disney Annual Pass Increase Mean for Guests?

2018 Disney World Annual Pass Discounts and benefits

I just got the news that Walt Disney World has raised its prices – yet again. Yes, as an AP holder for several, it’s pretty easy to predict that prices will raise at least once per year (lately it’s been at least that, with park tickets, too), but this year’s increase has a lot of folks wondering why the huge uptick. What does the 2019 Annual Pass increase mean for guests of Disney World and what can you expect to pay? Here’s the scoop. 

Is a 2019 Disney World Annual Pass worth it?

I’m a huge proponent of being an AP holder. In fact, I’ve written about the huge perks of a Disney World Annual Pass. I get free parking, discounts on shopping and dining, and resort room discounts. But, today Disney has raised the prices of its annual passes quite a bit and folks can guess why. 

When new lands at Disney World are on the verge of opening, you can bet there will be a price hike. This year, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is getting ready to makes its debut on August 29, 2019. When toy Story Land was set to debut, there was an AP price increase. These increases go hand in hand with park ticket prices, too. 

If you’re keeping up with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge news, you’ll know that WDW announced Annual Passholder previews for the new land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday. Coincidence?

Summer 2019 Disney World Annual Pass Prices

Quickly, let’s run through the prices for a 2019 WDW Annual Pass:

  • Water Parks Annual Pass – $139 plus tax
  • Disney Platinum Pass – $1119 plus tax (was $894)
  • Disney Platinum Plus Pass – $1219 plus tax (was $994)

In a nutshell, the difference between a Platinum and Platinum Plus is the ability to visit both water parks, Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, and ESPN Wide World of Sports. 

Also keep in mind: with all three of the above passes, there are no blackout dates like Florida Resident Annual Passes. 

2019 Florida Resident Annual Pass Prices

Florida Resident 2019 Disney Annual Pass increase also rolled out today:
  • Platinum Plus Annual Pass –  $999.00 (was $849.00)
  • Platinum Annual Pass –  $899.00 (was $749.00)
  • Gold Annual Pass – $699.00 (was $609.00)
  • Silver Annual Pass –$519.00 (was $479.00)
  • Theme Park Select Pass – $439.00 (No Increase)
  • Weekday Select Annual Pass – $349.00 (was $319.00)
  • Epcot After 4 Annual Pass – $309.00 (was $289.00)

DVC 2019 Disney Annual Pass Price Increases

Yep, they rolled out today, too:

  • Platinum Plus Pass: $999.00 (was $150)
  • Platinum Pass: $899.00 (was $150)
  • Gold Pass: $699.00 (was $90)

They are less than non-DVC members, but there’s still a pretty decent increase. 

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3 Thoughts to “What Does the 2019 Disney Annual Pass Increase Mean for Guests?”

  1. Tony Lynam

    We will probably drop my wife to a Gold or Silver (She hates the crowds and heat at WDW in the summer) from Platinum Plus and drop me and my son back down to Platinum or Gold. Oak Trail (which I play in the mornings that we are on property) is only $25 with my military discount and we have been to only Blizzard Beach once so for this year. I guess Disney was banking on Galaxy’s Edge being a big hit so they decided to drive up prices. But at Disneyland, it has been pretty much a flop (critics pan it as nothing more than a Star Wars themed shopping mall with one ride that is nothing more than a glorified Star Tours ride, and no Original Trilogy characters, outside of Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon, or locations as Batu is only in a couple of SW books but never in a movie). Even with the opening of the Rise of the Resistance ride, does it matter? We may even stick to the 5 day park hopper pass for the military.

  2. Bill Bo B

    Yep, they rolled out today, too:

    Platinum Plus Pass: $999.00 (was $150)
    Platinum Pass: $899.00 (was $150)
    Gold Pass: $699.00 (was $90)

    ^I think you meant (up $150)… up, not was.

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