DIY Disney Wreath: Adorable Spring Minnie Mesh Wreath

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: Super easy and affordable

Looking for a fun and easy DIY Disney wreath? Even better, looking for a Minnie Easter wreath that ‘s cute AND inexpensive? I’ve got you covered! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for the cutest Minnie Easter wreath that’s a snap to make – and under $11 total. Ready to jazz up your front door? Let’s go! 

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: easy and affordable

I’m all about adding Disney touches to my home for every holiday. But I’m also all about saving money – especially when I can make it myself. This Minnie Easter Wreath is not only cute and colorful, it’s cost-effective. I purchased all of the items needed to make the wreath at Dollar Tree, too. 

 Looking for a DIY Disney Minnie Easter wreath that 's cute AND inexpensive? I've got you covered! Here's a step-by-step tutorial for the cutest Minnie Easter wreath that's a snap to make - and under $11 total. #Disney #DisneyCraft #MinnieWreath #DisneyDIY #EasterWreath #DisneyEasterWreath

DIY Disney Wreath: What to Buy

Here’s what you’ll need from Dollar Tree to make this 24″ by 24″ wreath for this Easter:

  • Five Rolls of Deco Mesh Ribbon (6 in. by 5 yds.). I purchased two rolls of white and one each of light blue, lavender, and pink.
  • Two 8-inch grape vine wreaths
  • One 12-inch grape vine wreath
  • Two rolls of complimentary wired ribbon. I used pink burlap and pink polka dot satin ribbons. Try to get one slightly wider than the other for a good contrast. 
  • One 50-count package of chenille stems, aka pipe cleaners. Make sure to get either complimentary mesh ribbon colors or all brown so they blend in. 

You’ll also need garbage bag ties/thin wire and a hot glue gun. It took about an hour to make the wreath and two minutes to make the bow. 

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Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: Wreath form

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: Making the the Wreath Form

The first step is super easy as you are able to eye it. Take all three grape vine wreaths and place them in the proper way with both “ear” wreaths how you like them. For my wreath, I put them about 6 1/2 inches apart. Next, using your hot glue gun, glue roughly into place. Once the glue is dried, use either thin, metal craft wire or even garbage bag ties to wrap around the ears to give them more security. Let glue dry completely. 

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: Mesh Ribbon bundles

Minnie Easter DIY Disney Wreath: Making the Mesh Ribbon Bundles

This part is tedious, so put on a television show or Netflix and commit. Cut all five rolls of mesh ribbon into roughly 5-inch pieces. Again, I eyeballed it after a few and it turned out beautifully. I sat on my living room floor and just threw them into a large pile.  

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: wrapping the decorative mesh

Next, cut about 30 chenille stems in half. Put them into a pile that you can easily reach. Then, take one of the pieces, gather at the center and pinch with your finger. Do the same thing with one or two more pieces (I made probably a dozen with three mesh pieces) and tie with the chenille stem tightly. Since I used two rolls of white mesh, I tended to have at least one piece in each bundle be white. 

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: Add mesh ribbon bundles to wreath frame.

Once I had at least 30 mesh bundles completed, I started adding them to the head part of the wreath. Wrap each chenille stem around the wreath and twist securely at the back. I varied the mesh bundle colors to give it a whimsical look and feel. But trust me, there was no color template. 

Continue to add the mesh bundles to the wreath head part until finished. If you want a count, I used roughly 30 bundles on the head part and 12 each on the ears. 

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: making the bow

Minnie DIY Disney Wreath: Making the Bow

For the bow, I used two style of pink ribbon, a mesh and a satin polka dot. Please make sure both ribbons you pick are the wired style. To give some contrast, Use one that’s slightly larger than the other and put together. 

Minnie DIY Disney Easter Wreath: ribbon

Make two, 9-inch loops of ribbon and pinch together in the center. Taking the same two ribbons, loop around the center and tie at the back to secure the loops. Add to wreath with a chenille stem and twist to tighten. 

To hang on the door, either use a wreath hanger or a chenille stem that’s twisted on the larger grape vine wreath. Easy peasy. I loved how this wreath turned out. I also love the fact that it can be customized for so many holidays. I’m thinking my next one will be Fourth of July!

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