Does Orlando CityPASS Save Money on Theme Park Tickets?

Orlando CityPASS logo Orlando theme park ticket prices

With the recent announcement of the new official Orlando CityPASS that includes four Orlando theme parks, I had to ask myself it really will save me money. Including Orlando theme park tickets for Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and LEGOLAND Florida, the concept seems like a great idea – but is it a money saver? The answer is very surprising. 

Orlando CityPASS logo theme park tickets

At this point, I visit the Orlando, FL, area at least twice a year. But, of the four major Orlando theme parks, I only have a Walt Disney World Annual Pass. So, yes, I actively hunt for great deals on theme park tickets for the other three parks. With the release of Orlando CityPass, the option of purchasing tickets to all four theme parks at once does sound appealing. But the real question is: will using Orlando CityPASS save me some serious cash? Here’s the scoop. 

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Orlando CityPASS  VS. Walt Disney World Website Tickets

I started with Walt Disney World as it’s the first on the Orlando CityPASS website options. I also compared a three day base ticket on both the Orlando CityPASS and official Walt Disney World website, choosing the option of one adult, one child to get both prices. 

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Orlando CityPASS Disney World ticket pricing

If you didn’t hear, WDW has changed its ticket pricing, literally by the day. I had to select a starting date, so I chose January 28, 2019. I used the same date and same amount of days, and same ticket style on the WDW website:

Orlando CityPASS Disney tickets

Next, I headed to the checkout on the Disney World website for the total price:

Orlando CityPASS Disney tickets adult and child

Orlando CityPASS Walt Disney World tickets: $590.02

Walt Disney World website tickets: $607.93

Orlando CityPASS Savings: $17.91

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Orlando CityPASS VS. Universal Orlando Resort Tickets

Again, I chose the exact same tickets for both Orlando CityPASS and Universal Orlando Resort. I also chose one adult and one child to get price differentials. For this comparison, I chose a four day, park-to-park tickets for all three parks. 

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Next, to the official Universal Orlando Resort website for the total price:

Orlando CityPASS Universal Orlando tickets

 Orlando CityPASS Universal Orlando Resort Tickets: $637.94

Universal Orlando Resort: $692.23

Orlando CityPASS Savings: $54.29


Orlando CityPASS VS. Seaworld Orlando Tickets

Starting with Orlando CityPASS pricing first, I chose two-day tickets for one adult, one child.


Orlando CityPASS SeaWorld ticket prices

Next, same style of tickets on the official SeaWorld Orlando website:

Orlando CityPASS SeaWorld tickets

Orlando CityPASS SeaWorld tickets: $210.70

SeaWorld Orlando Ticket prices: $223.97

Orlando CityPASS Savings: $13.27

Orlando CityPASS VS. LEGOLAND Florida Tickets

Same method. I chose LEGOLAND Florida two-day tickets. Again I chose one adult, one child for price differences. 


Orlando CityPASS LEGOLAND Florida ticket prices

And again, to the official LEGOLAND Florida website for the same tickets:

Orlando CityPASS Legoland tickets

Orlando CityPASS LEGOLAND Florida ticket prices: $171.20

LEGOLAND Florida ticket prices: $221.47

Orlando CityPASS Savings: $50.27

CityPASS Orlando theme park tickets


Should You Use Orlando CityPASS for Orlando Theme Park Tickets?

According to my calculations, absolutely! Please keep in mind that these are basic tickets without on-property resort stays. Often, if you purchase a theme park package, there are additional discounts available, so do the math before you make a decision. 

Orlando CityPASS ticket prices and savings vary, depending on which parks are chosen and for how many days. For details, visit

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