Saatva Mattress Review: Why You Should Consider

Saatva Luxury innerspring Mattress Review

As a travel writer, I’m getting really good at judging good mattresses. Heck, spending so much time in hotel rooms has not only let me see places I’ve never, but it’s really given me a “I like this, not that” perspective on sleeping. Should you buy a Saatva Mattress? Here’s the scoop on delivery, quality, and if it makes sense for you. 

Saatva Mattress Review: Saatva Luxury Firm Queen

Disclosure: I was gifted a Saatva Mattress from the company. This post also contains affiliate links. If you chose to click on a link and purchase a Saatva Mattress I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

Saatva Mattress Review: Saatva Luxury Innerspring

I wanted a mattress for my 17-year old daughter that would look great in her room and would be super comfortable (she’d been complaining of her back and neck being stiff lately). I also didn’t want to have to but several sets of new sheets, so we went with the Saatva Luxury Innerspring, (comfort level Luxury Firm) in the 14.5″ size. 

Luxury Firm is Saatva’s Flagship Model and here’s who it’s perfect for:

  • If you prefer to sleep on your side, back or stomach.
  • It’s the perfect mattress for couples with different sleep needs.
  • If you switch sleeping positions often in the night.
  • If you are looking for the luxury hotel experience at home.

My teen has always been one of those sleepers that move about her bed all night, so choosing the Luxury Firm was a no-brainer. Also, we’ve been lucky enough to stay in some swanky hotels and this model offers the same experience. If you like stats, Luxury Firm gets chosen over 81% of the time by customers

Saatva Luxury Innerspring 14.5" mattress and 4.75" foundation.

How Tall Is Our Saatva Mattress?

We had two choices of mattress height (11.5′ or 14.5″. We went with the 14.5″.) and the foundation comes in at 4.75″. Add the two together and the mattress set is just over 19 inches in height. 

Saatva Mattress Review White Glove Delivery
One of two delivery men that set up our Saatva Luxury Innerspring Mattress.

What Goes into a Saatva Mattress Delivery?

When I visited the Saatva website and looked into its delivery method, it listed a “White Glove Delivery” which was very intriguing. I’ve had mattresses delivered to the house before and, once inside, it was all on me to unwrap and setup. 

Enter the Saatva delivery guys. Yes, they arrived super early (I’m a morning person so it was so problem) and I could have changed the delivery time, but I just rolled with it. When both arrived, they were super nice, very mannerly, and even offered to take my old mattress and box spring. As I was donating to a family in need, I declined. 

Saatva Mattress wrapped in plastic.

One worked on the bed frame (super simple and can be adjusted bigger or smaller should I ever go with a different size) while the other brought in the mattress foundation. I filmed it so I’d have a reminder of how it went, but it was so simple and efficient that I added it to my YouTube channel. (Check out the Saatva Luxury Firm delivery here.)

Once the bed frame was set up, my daughter had her base and mattress set up and ready to be made in under 10 minutes. 

Saatva Mattress made from organic cotton.

How Comfortable Is a Saatva Mattress?

Very. My teen’s Saatva Luxury Firm Innerspring mattress has just the right amount of softness while still keeping her spine in alignment – and stopping that head and neck stiffness I talked about earlier. It’s also made from organic cotton and premium foam cushion layers, too. 

Let’s talk about what “Luxury Firm” means again. It’s a true medium firm. Think of it as the Baby Bear mattress in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I had the pleasure of trying it out a few times and it gives me the exact amount of “sink in” that I love when I find a really good hotel bed that I rave about. 

Saatva Mattress Review: corner protectors
Protective plastic foundation corners on my Saatva Luxury Innerspring.

“Luxury Firm” offers the perfect balance of “cushion firm and contouring support”. This assures proper spinal alignment with premium foam cushion layers for the most comfortable sleep experience. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, you will be very happy with this comfort level. It is a true medium firm. A perfect balance of comfort with support. The “Luxury Firm”, is rated the “#1 comfort choice” in the ultra premium mattress classification.

If I’m talking details for a sec, I have to add how well it’s made. The organic cotton is super silky. And you know how the corners of mattress foundations always get banged up over time? There are plastic corner protectors to prevent that. LOVE that!

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How Much Does a Saatva Mattress Cost?

Saatva offers four different styles of mattress:

When pricing out a Saatva, don’t add in delivery or old mattress removal – it’s free. 

As for my Queen Saatva Luxury Innerspring:

With 14.5″ mattress and 4.75″ base it comes in at $1,099. If you need a new bed frame, add $119.  

So let’s think about that price for a second. Yes, it’s four figures. But head to any brick and mortar mattress company and check out the prices for its luxury mattresses. Yeah, Saatva is a bargain. 

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