Norway Cruises: A Guarantee to See The Northern Lights with Hurtigruten Cruise

Gorgeous Aurora Borealis in Norway.

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Have you been wanting to check out the Northern Lights in Norway but were concerned your visit would leave you coming up short? There’s a guaranteed way to see the Northern Lights on a Hurtigruten cruise. Read on for the scoop on how you’ll be guaranteed to see them – and how you can save $250 per person when you book!

Nordlys over Arnøya, Skjervøy on a Hurtigruten Cruise.
Nordlys over Arnøya, Skjervøy. Photo Credit:

The Northern Lights in Norway

Oh, man. I remember seeing the Northern Lights as a child. Living in Aroostock County, Maine, I had the occasional chance to see them and they were gorgeous! The way  the light danced in the sky, combined with the gorgeous colors, was inspiring and downright magical. And, while I haven’t seen them in decades, having the opportunity to see them again has always been on my bucket list.

So, just how do the Northern Lights occur? In a nutshell, it’s when the solar wind is stronger than usual & electrically charged particles from the sun hurl towards Earth. These particles, combined with electrons and protons, form that beautiful, magical light when they collide with gases in Earth’s atmosphere.

These days, cruising is the way to go when it comes to seeing the Northern Lights – and Norway is always at the top of the list for places to visit. Of course, combine cruising and Norway together and there’s a name that makes everyone’s shortlist: Hurtigruten. Did you know Northern Norway is one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis? Yep! Sitting right under the Auroral Oval, its location is ideal. So, what time of year is the best time to catch the Northern Lights? Winter.

Hurtigruten Winter expedition.
Hurtigruten Winter expedition. Photo Credit: Ørjan Bertelsen

The Hurtigruten Guarantee and How You Can Save $250 Per Person

Hurtigruten has been cruising Norway’s coastline for over 125 years. Think about that for a second; that’s over a century! What separated Hurtigruten from other cruise lines? Its knowledge of the Norwegian coastline has allowed them to discover small villages and fjords that are tucked away – places rarely seen by fellow cruise ship lines.

Not only will you get to see the Northern Lights in one of the most beautiful places in the world, you can bring out your inner explorer. You can immerse yourself completely in Norwegian culture and food, and add to your experience with excursions while you cruise. Hurtigruten offers plenty of opportunities to explore including Northern Lights safaris, dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer sledding, and more.

Looking to really delve into nature and science? There are several lectures available to Hurtigruten cruisers. Themed around nature, they include the science behind the Northern Lights, wildlife, the Arctic and the country of Norway. It’s a great way to learn and discover Norway while learning a bit about self-discovery, too.

Dining on a Hurtigruten Cruise is always delicious!
Dining on a Hurtigruten Cruise is always delicious! Photo Credit: Ørjan Bertelsen

The story on the Hurtigruten Guarantee:

Here’s the Hurtigruten Promise: For guests who join a 12-day coastal Norway cruise between October 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019 – Hurtigruten guarantees you will see the Northern Lights during your journey, and if the Northern Lights do not appear, they will offer a 6- or 7-day coastal Norway cruise completely free of charge (not including airfare/extras)! How’s that for a guarantee?

So, what do you get in addition to beautiful accommodations, amazing dining options, and a guarantee to see the Northern Lights? A 12-day adventure that is unmistakably Norwegian, and offers almost 2,500 nautical miles of spectacular coastal scenery. During the cruise, you can choose to participate in over 90 excursions, some which will be led by Hurtigruten’s onboard expedition team.

As for the savings, it’s a good one as well:

Join a 12-day Roundtrip Cruise in Coastal Norway with Hurtigruten, from January 1 – March 31, 2019, and you’ll get  $250 off per person. Of course, you’ll need to book by September 30, 2018, so contact them today!

Ready to visit Norway and see the Northern Lights? Here's how Hurtugruten Cruise ships are guaranteeing you'll see the Northern Lights in Norway or you'll get another cruise for free! #Hurtigruten #VisitNorway #NorwegianCruise #AuroraBorealis #Norway #Cruise #NorthernLights

Photo Credit: Visit Norway

Are you ready to hop on board a Hurtigruten cruise and see the Northern Lights? Please let me know in the comment section if you’ve ever seen them before and how they inspired you!

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