6 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo this Summer

Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo 2018

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has a fun addition this summer, Dinosaurs at the Zoo. We had the pleasure of checking them out recently to give you the story on what to expect when you visit with your kiddos. From must-sees to educational opportunities, here are six fun reasons to visit the Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo exhibit this year!

Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo 2018
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

This might be a bit TMI about me, but I’m writing it anyway. When I was a tween, I’d devour any Choose Your Own Adventure books I could get my hands on. But my favorite one was the Time Machine 2 Search for Dinosaurs edition. I must have read it 100 times and that’s being lenient. The end result was to meet up with a T-Rex and live to tell the tale. I’d sit in my room and dream about what the dinosaurs looked like, how they moved. I even took archaeology classes at my local museum and had the chance to go on an actual dig.

Fast forward to present day and I’m still the same way, minus those cool books. So, when given the opportunity to check out the Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo exhibit, I jumped at the chance. Here’s the scoop and what you need to know before you go.

1. How Many Dinosaurs Are At Pittsburgh Zoo?

18. They range in size from Deinynochus to the massive Tyrannosaurus Rex – squee! You’ll hear rumbles and growls from them and a couple even shoot water. If you’re not into getting wet, keep an eye out for wet spots on the ground.

Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo 2018
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

2. Where Is Dinosaurs at the Zoo Located?

If you’re familiar with Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, you’ll remember the train ride. They’ve removed it and that’s where the dinos reside. It was fun to walk the path that the train took, especially the mini waterfall feature. Definitely brought back some childhood memories.

If you want landmarks to help navigate, it’s up the hill from the Carousel, next to the Education Complex. You’ll see the sign on your right after you’ve taken the escalator or elevator.

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3. How Much Are Tickets for Dinosaurs at the Zoo?

It’s a hard ticket event. Translation: you’ll pay an additional fee. Each ticket is $4.50 and includes an all-day pass, so feel free to visit as many times as you’d like.

Children under 24 months of age get in free. Given the fun and learning, it really is a great deal.

Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo 2018
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

4. How Realistic Is Dinosaurs at the Zoo?

Pretty realistic, in my book. Having written that, I do need to give you the heads up about what the kiddos will see. The dinosaurs move, make noise, and spray water. There are also a couple of mother-nature-survival-of-the-fittest type of scenes. If the kiddos are cool with it, no prob. If not, keep an eye out ahead of time for the hungry dinos. As a wash, there baby T-Rexes balance it out!

5. How Long Will Dinosaurs at the Zoo Be Around?

The 18 animatronic dinosaurs will be at Pittsburgh Zoo through September 3, 2018. After that, they’ll go extinct.

Pittsburgh Zoo Dinosaurs at the Zoo 2018
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

6. What Else Is In Dinosaurs at the Zoo?

Some fun learning activities. There’s a dino dig site (my teen daughter LOVED it!). There’s also a tent where you can test your knowledge. I did okay, but feel the need to brush up on my facts.

Disclosure: My family & I were hosted by Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. All opinions are my own. All photos courtesy of Steven Locke. 

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