4 Fashion Brands You Need to Know for Spring 2018

fashion brands you need to know for Spring 2018

From the time I learned about fashion as a little girl, I was hooked. I remember playing dress-up in my mother nightgowns and trying on her fancy heels thinking, “I can’t wait to fit into these!” Fast track to my teen years when I read every fashion magazine I could get my hands on. I instantly feel in love with the latest styles. To this day, I feel like that little girl that couldn’t wait to try out new clothes and beauty products. This spring, I’ve fallen in love with four fashion & beauty brands that are all stylish and affordable – bonus! Here’s four fashion brands you need to know for Spring 2018, why I dig each, and where you can find them.

fashion brands you need to know for Spring 2018: STS Blue Amanda Frey hem oversize Denim Jacket
STS Blue Amanda Frey Oversize Denim Jacket.

1. STS Blue

Here’s a fun story about my teen years. Mr. Locke was wearing a denim jacket when I met him in the 90’s. Not kidding. I remember that night so well, hanging out with one of my friends at a football game, on my birthday, and it was freezing. I didn’t even consider taking a jacket with me, even though it was October in the Midwest. He was friends with my friend and so we hung out at the game and he lent me his jacket.


Seriously though, denim jackets have always had a fondness in my heart. So, when I was sent a STS Blue Amanda Frey Hem Oversize Denim Jacket, you can see how I would be instantly in love. It has everything I love in a denim jacket right now: distressed bits, antique copper buttons and hardware, and a boyfriend-style cut. You can also personalize the jacket with embroidery – so on trend right now. Mine’s a size Medium and it fits perfectly.

fashion brands you need to know for Spring 2018: GUNNAR Eyewear
GUNNAR Eye Wear.

2. GUNNAR Eyewear

When I was a teen, sunglasses were for fashion only. There weren’t specifics on how a good pair of sunglasses protect your eyes from sun damage and stave away fine lines and wrinkles. but, now we know. And I know better. If I’m outside and it’s sunny, my sunglasses are on. The Infinite by Publish is hand-crafted. Yeah. and it has a classic look that really never goes out of style, either. I can also adjust the silicone nose pads for a proper fit. and, speaking of proper fit, each pair is properly weight-balanced to there’s no uneven look. LOVE that!

While I’m chatting about protecting my eyes, 8+ hours in front of a computer screen was seriously causing my eyes to twitch. I had headaches from the constant glare and honestly was concerned. But, even if you don’t wear prescription eye wear, there is a solution: computer glasses. Yeah, it’s a good thing. The ones I’m digging right now are the Havok by GUNNAR. A hip, retro style in Tortoise, they offer an anti-reflective coating to ease eye strain. They also block 100% of  UV light, have flexible steel temples, and offer adjustable silicone nose pads for a great fit. My 16-year old is cyber schooled and has been using them as well to keep the eye strain at bay.

fashion brands you need to know for Spring 2018: Speechless Dresses
Speechless Dresses.

3. Speechless

Here’s a story about my teen daughter: she’s a tomboy at heart – until she spies a dress that she likes. And, she’s all about retro styles. So, when these two came in the mail, she was all about trying them on. Truth? She looks so cute! Speechless has super cute, affordable, dress styles that can be found at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. The sleeveless red style ( JA93901HDJ RED) is made of an easy wear fabric that needs a light steam to keep it looking good. The black lace dress (JA92841H688 BLKND) above came out of the package looking fab.

For both styles, I ordered a size up because Speechless has juniors’ sizing. She’s normally a medium so I ordered a large and they fit her very well.

fashion brands you need to know for Spring 2018: Bloom Mineral Beauty
Bloom Mineral Beauty.

4. Bloom Mineral Beauty

Given the option to use facial products that use natural products to get the job done or not, I’m choosing the former. Bloom Mineral Beauty uses Dead Sea minerals to perfect its products including a Hydrating Almond Scrub and Purifying Mud Soap. FYI: Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba used the same mineral elements to keep their skin looking its best.

The Hydrating Almond Scrub offers Dead Sea salt, soybean oil, and almond shells to smooth and lightly exfoliate. After only a couple of uses, I could totally see a difference in the feel and look of my skin. As for the Purifying Mud Soap, it’s filled with all kind of goodies: Dead Sea black mud and minerals. I don’t use both at the same time but alternate. The soap is great for taking away makeup without leaving a sticky residue, too.

Looking for cute, affordable fashion brands for you and your teen? These four have become our new favorites!

Disclosure: I was sent product samples from the above brands but all opinions are my own!

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