Is Castaway Bay Water Park Fun for Teens? 5 Reasons We Say Yes

Is Castaway Bay Water Park Fun for Teens? Here's five reasons why we say yes.

If you think your teenager may have outgrown visiting water parks, think again. A recent visit to Castaway Bay Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio this frigid January was not only a respite from the cold, it was time well spent with my teenage daughter. Is Castaway Bay Water Park Fun for Teens? From the food to the classic arcade, here’s five reasons why we say yes.

We definitely dug the giant water bucket at Castaway Bay water park in Sandusky, Ohio!

Castaway Bay Water Park is one of those spots in Sandusky, Ohio, that is a really good four-season resort. A Cedar Point property, the indoor water park and resort is a spot that, once you’ve arrived, you really don’t have to leave unless you want to. And, while I liked to think that water parks were ideal for young kiddos, it turns out that teens and adults can dig them just as much.

1. Castaway Bay Water Slides

I like to think of myself as a cool mom. Not the oblivious one from “Mean Girls”, but the kind that still likes to hang with her daughter. So, when The Kid wants me to go on waterslides with her, I go.

So let’s talk about the Castaway Bay waterslides, then. Her favorite, by far, was Rondevouz Run, a  35-foot-high, 520-foot-long water roller coaster. Using water jets to propel two-person rafts upward, it twists its way through the waterpark. It also goes outside the resort’s structure for a second in one of the enclosed slide parts then spirals back indoors for the end. On the intensity scale, according to the slide signs, it’s a five.

Truth? It’s not super scary. If you can get past the first drop, you’ll be good to go. It does have plenty of speed but it’s not intense roller coaster speed. If I’m naming my favorite slide at Castaway Bay, it’s undoubtedly Rondevouz Run, too.

In addition to Rondevouz Run, Castaway Bay has the larger, one-person Tropical Tube Slides and several smaller tube slides for younger children. The easier ones are great for a test run to see if you want to brave the larger ones.

Headed to Castaway Bay with a teen? Here's five fun reasons why they'll enjoy visiting!

2. Castaway Bay Wave Pool

Think an indoor, 100,000 gallon wave pool that offers three-feet tall waves. For me, Castaway Bay Wave Pool is my idea of long-tern water park fun. Every few minutes, the waves begin but the calm moments in the pool are just as fun. Lively music is played throughout the water park, so if you want to simply relax in the water or body surf those waves, it’s fun for everyone.

What I found impressive: there were at least three lifeguards near the wave pool at all times. They also were very vigilant about watching the crowd in the pool and were happy to blow their whistles if they felt guests weren’t being safe. LOVE that.

Is Castaway Bay Water Park Fun for Teens? Pretty resort room make us say yes.

3. Castaway Bay Resort Rooms

We had the pleasure of spending the night during our visit and I was elated that our room had plenty of space, even though there were only two of us. We each had our own comfy bed (yes, comfy!) and our view overlooking the marina gave us some really pretty views day and night.

I do have to mention, though, that if you have light sleepers, you may want to ask for a room facing the parking lot. It turns out the local ducks, geese, and seagulls like to hang out on the frozen ice and in the water. They also like to “party” at night and do make a lot of noise. Just saying.

While staying overnight does let you get a great feel for the property, it’s not required to visit the water park. You can hit the resort’s front desk and purchase them for $29.00 each. Keep in mind there are blackout dates for day passes so check the website’s calendar or call the resort for the scoop.

4. Classic Arcade

I love classic arcade games. The Kid: she likes both the new ones and classics. After a few hours at the water park, we got cleaned up and hit Crabbie’s Quarterdeck Arcade. I know what you’re thinking: arcades are expensive. They don’t have to be, especially at this one. We purchased a two-hour game card for $10 that allowed both of us to play the non-ticketed games as much as we wanted. If you want to play to win prizes, there’s different game card purchasing tiers.

Is Castaway Bay Water Park Fun for Teens? Eating fried pickles at Quaker Steak & Lube make us say yes.
Delish fried pickles at Quaker Steak & Lube, an on-property dining spot at Castaway Bay.

5. No Need to Be Hangry

There’s five on-property dining places at Castaway Bay. Whether it’s a quick snack you want or a larger meal, there’s plenty to choose from. Big Daddy’s Snack Shack is inside of the water park so there’s no need to get dressed if you want a pretzel or a drink. Ebb & Eddy’s, located near the check-in desk, has coffee and specialty drinks, as well as pastries and snacks.

But, if you want a really good meal, it’s Quaker Steak & Lube you’ll want to visit. We’ve tried a few locations including the original in Sharon, PA, and this one definitely does the chain justice. Fried pickle spears are a must for a sour, crunchy appetizer. If you don’t want a hearty steak, no problem. There’s also chicken and even fish tacos on the menu. The Kid’s favorite, believe it or not, was the house-made lemonade. It’s made to order and comes with a free refill.

Disclosure: I was graciously hosted by the folks at Castaway Bay Resort to give you fine folks the scoop on if it’s fun for teens. All opinions are my own!

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