Nectar Mattress Review: Honest Opinions and Full Review

Nectar Mattress review

For me and my husband, it was easy for us to forget the fact that our mattress wasn’t working out for us anymore. I mean, road tripping and traveling as much as we do, we put our own king mattress and box spring set on the back burner and kept telling ourselves we’d invest in a new one soon. Well, soon turned out to be sooner than we thought and, this month, we’ve been sleeping better, felt more rested when we woke, and have been feeling less stiff when getting out of bed in the morning. Why? It’s all thanks to our Nectar Mattress. Here’s why I’m loving it, and why he’s thanking me for reviewing.

Nectar king mattress review quilted top

The best way for me to review my king Nectar Mattress was to look into the benefits the company claims to offer and to see if they ring true. Nectar is promoting the facts that delivery is a breeze, it’s the most comfortable mattress ever made, and it works with all bed types. Ready for an honest review of Nectar?

Convenient Delivery

According to its website, Nectar offers “convenient delivery” of having your chosen mattress delivered straight to your door. It will arrive compressed and in its own bag, complete with handles, for easy transport.

Score one for Nectar on this one. I love the sleep space a king mattress provides so there was no way I was going to downsize our current mattress size, massive delivery or not. Our mattress arrived just as it said it would, conveniently rolled and compressed.

When our delivery man offered to bring the mattress through our front door I was very grateful as I didn’t see anywhere to grab or maneuver it easily – or handles as claimed. So it sat on my living room floor until Mr. Locke came home from work and helped me maneuver it into the bedroom.

Turns out that was just the shipping case. Once that was removed, the actual sack that the company references was inside. The handles, along with the case, are very durable and I was truly appreciative of the sturdiness and extra packaging. Had we had removed the outer shipping case first, we wouldn’t have needed to roll in into the bedroom, but that was totally my fault for not unpacking it.

So, convenient delivery? Absolutely.

A king size Nectar Mattress corner after being unboxed for five days.
A king size Nectar Mattress corner after being unboxed for five days.

Unboxing a Nectar Mattress

I knew this part would be cool, so I asked our teen daughter to get in on the fun with an unboxing video. Using a simple bed frame, we laid the mattress, still in the handled case, on the frame and removed the protective bag. What we found looked like a giant cake roll wrapped in heavy plastic wrap. If you want to check out a time lapse of our unboxing, please check out my YouTube video above.

Our mattress came with a special plastic cutter (think CD case opener but larger) and it was a breeze to break open the plastic. Please, do yourself a favor and use the cutter provided. Scissors or a knife would only cut the mattress and no one wants that. We helped the mattress unroll and centered it on the bed frame – and let it do its thing. Honestly, it inflated much faster than what I thought it would. I assumed it would be like watching water boil. Nope.

Most of the mattress inflated in an hour or so. According to the company, it can take anywhere from one to three days to fully inflate. Honestly? We unboxed after dinner and slept on the mattress that night. Sure, I did notice additional inflation for a couple of days by checking its corners for fullness, but we enjoyed our first night very much.

An added bonus was two king-size memory foam pillows to go along with our new mattress. The pillows inflated in much the same way as the mattress and offer the same medium-firm comfort.

Nectar Mattress quilted top cover.
Nectar Mattress quilted top cover.

A Noticeable Scent

When reading through our instructions, I did read that the mattress can give off a scent at first. Did I notice one? Absolutely. Was it unpleasant? Not at all. Was I concerned about what I was breathing in? Nope.

Here’s why. Nectar Mattress are CertiPUR-US® Certified. Translation? Each is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead. That makes me very happy.

Designed for a Better Night’s Sleep

Here are the claims from Nectar:

  • Temperature control technology to prevent overheating
  • Medium-firm memory foam to provide the perfect support
  • Specially designed to keep out dust mites

Let’s start with temperature control. I’m, what I like to call,  a hot sleeper. I throw the covers off myself several times a night. Nectar’s Tencel Cooling Cover claims to promote air circulation and is heat-wicking. Do I agree with the claims? Yes. I noticed on the first night that I wasn’t throwing the covers off.

When it comes to what gives a mattress perfect support, Mr. Locke and I have varying likes. He wants a mattress that’s firm enough to keep his back from hurting. I want the feel of my body being hugged. What Nectar provides is medium-firm memory foam that we both agreed is good for our sleeping needs. There’s three layers of memory foam, actually, surrounded by a base layer and quilted top.

Here’s what I else I noticed. When I first lay down, there’s not a lot of squish so I got the feeling of a really firm mattress. But, after a few seconds, I feel my body kind of curving into the mattress. What I then feel is, well, nothing. The mattress definitely contours to me and gives the right amount of squish.

I have a husband that has allergies. Seasonal allergies, pet allergies, mold allergies, and dust mite allergies. You name it, he’s got them. So, reading the claim that a Nectar Mattress is bed bug and dust mite repellant is a really good thing. As of now, from the first night we slept on our new mattress there was nary a sneeze or sniffle. We’re both breathing happy sighs of relief.

In a Nutshell

Overall, I’m very pleased with our Nectar Mattress. Delivery was so convenient, the comfort factor is there, and I love that we don’t need a separate box spring. Given the fact that we’ve been pricing mattress for months and trying to commit to one, the affordability of Nectar is another reason we chose to test drive the brand. As for comfort, Mr. Locke suffers from lower back pain and we were blaming it on our old mattress. As of the date this review published, I haven’t heard one back complaint. As for me, I’m sleeping comfortably, too.

Is it the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on? Honestly, it’s right there at the top of the list. As a gal that travels a ton, I sleep on a ton of different mattresses in hotels and resorts. This mattress has to be in my top three for comfort – and that includes three-thousand dollar mattresses.

Nectar offers free shipping and returns, a 365 night home trial, and Forever Warranty. Yep, they guarantee a replacement mattress for free or shipping costs only for as long as I own my mattress. Of course, it covers normal wear and tear, so don’t take a chainsaw to it and expect to get a replacement mattress, dig?

Is a Nectar Mattress the most comfortable mattress on the market? A full review on all of the mattress company's claims and why I'm smiling when I wake!

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary Nectar Mattress for the purpose of this review. Would I spend the money to purchase a Nectar Mattress outright? You betcha. All opinions are my own!

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15 Thoughts to “Nectar Mattress Review: Honest Opinions and Full Review”

  1. That mattress looks absolutely divine. A good mattress is essential for good quality sleep and with so many of us working so hard, we need to relax and get as much sleep as possible. Great review 🙂

  2. This mattress looks fabulous! I actually need a new one so I might have to pick one of these up. I like that there’s free shipping!

  3. Sometimes you don’t realise how uncomfortable a mattress is until you get a new one – this mattress looks lovely – really soft!

  4. Maria

    Glad to hear that this mattress was very comfortable, I was so glad to hear that the shipping was free in that door so many great benefits. I tend to sleep cold so the temperature controll really appeals to me as well. I’ll have to check it out and do a little more research but this sounds great. thanks for the review!

  5. Shell

    This is definitely something for me to think about and consider the next time I am needing to make a purchase like this.

  6. This mattress looks just awesome, we have been looking out for new mattress so I would look into these. A good mattress is so important for a quality sleep.

  7. People often underestimate the importance of a good quality mattress. Nectar seems to have created a wonderful mattress that will ensure that we wake up completely refreshed in the morning 🙂

  8. It looks like a great mattress. I love how thick it is! Sounds super comfy.

  9. Ohhh that mattress seems like a puff of cloud in heaven! For the same reason as you guys we havent been buying a new mattress for ages. Unfortunally we will npt anytime soon because we are packing our bags again for an eound the world trip. But how great wouldnt that be to have that mattress install in the camper van for our first adventure, road trip Europe!

  10. Blair villanueva

    Having a perfect and comfortable mattress is very important and worth investing because you’ll be using it all your life.
    I heard from a high society friend that mattress affect your relationship to your self and to your partner. Which makes sense for me.

  11. We are redecorating our bedroom so I am looking for a new mattress. This is an honest review and I will take it into consideration.

  12. Joe

    Do you like it just as much now as when you first got it?

    1. Karyn Locke

      No, I like it more, actually.

  13. Anonymous

    Ordered the mattress on 11/04/17, informed it would ship on or before 11/16/2017. On 11/17, having no shipping information available, I called. The person who answered said it would now not be shipped until 12/02/2017. I cancelled the order. At least in the cancelation, they were quick.

  14. Larry

    I ordered my queen-size Nectar mattress last Sunday (2/25/18) and was told it would arrive the following Friday and it did. I couldn’t be happier with the tracking system that always kept me apprised of its journey to my house. In five days (3/2/18) it was on my front porch. Perhaps there were some delivery problems in the past , but if I’m any example, Nectar has fine-tuned it’s delivery system and eliminated the glitches.

    Unpacking the mattress was a breeze and in ten minutes it was bed-ready.

    The Nectar mattress is the best mattress I have ever owned!

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